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My First Vape Trick Competition! (2018)

My First Vape Trick Competition! (2018)

Well guys this is it this is this is what? May 26th, Saturday i’m about to go to my first trick competition Never have I ever been to a trick competition I don’t even know how they work, but this is going to be a really good experience for me, so im ready to do this, lets go First off, sorry for the delay on the shark split tutorial guys, I started messing with scribble edits and I started working a bit more as well to save up for this camera that I really like umm, ill be pumping out that shark split tutorial, probably Tuesday, so stay tuned for that.

If you guys like the content I’m putting out please give this a thumbs up and also subscribe! I’ve always wanted to give a vape competition a shot because I wanted to see where i’m at and I wanted to see what I could learn from the others and it would also be cool to vape with other people, like that’s the freaking dream right there but someone on Instagram sent me a flyer for a sponsored vape trick competition that was held in Abilene Texas, so I was like im going to give it a try so me a my buddy took off to Abilene Texas Dude I really love this song Jungle yeah *Jon Bellion Jungle starts playing* Oh silver one Oooooo You fucker he got me on a slug bug haha So we get to the vape shop where the competition is going to be held and im a little bit nervous, but im ready to do this cause it’s my first competition as me and my buddy are walking through, there is only three people in there and I was like oh man, there is something up turns out the competition is postponed to until next month and I was probably the only person that showed up there.

On another note one of the people that were there turns out to be an OG trickster named @misfit.fujin_tcl and this guy he is a very chill guy he is really amazing like I really like this guy I am so glad I went to this competition like even though it didn’t happen this guy really made everything for me I was able to meet another trickster hes an OG trickster and it was just wonderful like I was honored to be vaping next to an OG trickster like this moment for me was great and he even gave me some knowledge on how to do some tricks and I can’t wait to start working on these tricks more and bring this content out to you guys like you guys won’t understand this for me was really good and I hope it’s going to be good for you guys as well since it was just me Ethan and Misfit just chilling and talking, doing some vape tricks at the shop, I didn’t really get that much content.

I wish I got more footage for you guys, because tricking in there was awesome, but I going to be dropping a little bit of footage right here, so check it out. If the competition is still going on, i’ll probably give it a try, but if anything it was an honor meeting misfit and I will probably go like, visit him again because he was a cool guy.

so till next time, we will see what happens, stay tuned for that shark split tutorial. I’ll be bringing out more content for you guys. Peace


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