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My Ice by My E-Liquids – E-Liquid Review – Vape Fellowship Episode 31

My Ice by My E-Liquids – E-Liquid Review – Vape Fellowship Episode 31

fuck off with your fireworks man I’ll shove those fireworks up your fucking ass yeah what’s happening it’s your boy Tino Attila back once again with the vape fellowship here on another juice review and today in the spotlight we have my ice from my e-liquids.

Yeah so after the launch of the 50 mil bottles they started doing hundred mil bottles so I have two hundred mil bottles of um the to the newest flavors from the my ice and I have the original four in the 50 mils there is a new flavor in the blue paan and I don’t have that one.

So first up into my ice range that I’m going to be reviewing today is the mango bubble mint. So finger test wise see the mango is very prominent, it’s sweet, there was bit of bitterness there and we also got back notes of Spearmint.

So Vape Wise it is a spearmint dream any liquids that use Spearmint in it most of the time is banging you know. So you’re on exhale you got some nice mango so then inhale you get the spearmint on the exhale you get the mango.

Top! See I’ve got to say that this one was one of my favorites definitely when I first tried this and I was like yeah everyone knows I like mango everyone knows like spearmint and you put the shit together, damn you got that, you get me? Yeah to me it just felt like an exotic spearmint class class sweetness wise we gave this a yeah man you know I’m saying because this yeah man, you know what i’m saying, you know I’m saying, know what I’m saying.

One of them ones. What! What! What! right so next up into my ice range for my e-liquids is heizen and I’m sorry I have to say like that because just like when I read it I was just like heizen raahh it sounds like I’m something one of the characters would shout in street fighter you know heizen heizen tings you know what I’m saying tings name but I get it Heisenberg yeah but still heizen somewhat.

So finger test wise with the heizen basically airwaves gum have you ever had air waves gum then you know what that tastes like on the finger test simple simple and straight cooling just like the.. boosshh blast and just aww yeah one of them ones it’s just engulfs your whole frickin’ pallet right vape wise with the heizen we’ve got an aniseed aftertaste there was menthol tones in there definitely but we found it was three fruits in there which was grape raspberry and blueberry but we found that the blueberry was more prominent than the grape was and with the raspberry it added just a bit of a twist to it we found the vapor very cold because of the menthol so even though he had an aniseed in it it wasn’t in your face unlike say something like nasty’s broski berry that has an aniseed in it as well broski berry the aniseed was in your face you know I mean that was one of the standout flavors in that juice you know but here it was just it was there but not I wasn’t really taking over you know which is a good thing but sometimes aniseed can just completely take over sweetness wise we gave this a smidge right so number three in the my ice range that I’m reviewing today is the green paan yes so what is paan people don’t know so let me explain so paan is taken from the Sanskrit parner which means leaf and it’s basically betel leaf and they mix clove, tobacco which is optional thing and areca nut or erika nuts that’s basically fresh or dried now put that all in there fold it up chew it and that’s how they get their, that’s get their buzz that’s how they get their sensations and stuff like that you know all right finger test wives with the green paan we were getting lavender clove it was very very very bitter but then we were confronted with peppermint I noted that the clove was making it very very earthy in flavor I couldn’t taste any of the berries all I tasted was just a massive huge huge earthiness and bitterness and it was like whoa so vape wise the earthiness came through as well you know there was menthol and like kind of like tobacco-y type edges to it you know the earthiness was still there it was kind of like a menthol tobacco like flavor and yeah it wasn’t too bad I think the only drawback that you would get with the green paan is that it repeats on your coils in a sense of like if you’re using stock coils or whatever regardless of how many juices you’re putting after you put this in you can still taste the clove and stuff like that so you can still taste that earthiness it still comes through so yeah it really proper saturates your coil properly you’re not mean it’s like don’t know if that’s a good thing don’t know if it’s a bad thing to be fair so right next up in my ice range is the watermelon mint yeah so finger test wise spearmint once again you know what to say right that was Tings so yeah we’ve got a sweet mix on it and you know hints of watermelon and there was no bitterness whatsoever yeah so vape wise with the watermelon mint we got a clean spearmint hit very clean and then right behind that we had the watermelon shooting through you know I mean due to the spearmint there was a slight only a slight menthol hit I mean to me I found it refreshing I found it tasty and I found it really really Moorish you know this is definitely perfect for those sunny days you know when you’re cotching back and you just want something cool late summer yes man yes man sweetness wise we gave this a yeah man you know what i’m saying definitely so the 5th juice I’m reviewing for my ice today is the tutti frutti and as you can see this is the hundred mil bottle yeah so this is one of new ones so finger test wise we got huge bitterness although saying that there was sweetness there I could taste pineapple orange some type of berry or a grape it definitely tasted like like a tropical dilute drink you know so vape wise it was just a fruit sensation for real you know it was a really nice of fruity blend on there you know I was getting hints of like orange Kiwi bit of grape hints of pineapple as well I found it more like a skittles flavor but a little bit more refined than that but definitely got a nice nice dense cloud with this and sweetness wise we gave us a smidge right so last and definitely not least into my ice range is the grappy and let me tell you about this yeah finger test wise very sweet getting traces of that apple flavor there was a slight cooling and a minut bit of bitterness in there now vape wise with the grappy see initially when I first tasted this I tasted this that vaper expo last October I was with my boy vape scope then we went down there and I was looking for the my eliquid stand for ages couldn’t find it and realized that they were attached to like a stand with other juice lines like juice and power so juice and power were right next to em and I had no idea because faz told me he was at the front I went to the front was I can’t I can’t see them I can’t see them and you know a second see juice and power but I can’t see my e-liquids and I’m like where are they where are they eventually towards the end I found them and yeah we’ve got these two little babies you know the tutti fruity and the grappy I already had the four already and I had that from the last vaper expo which was in May was it may or March nah think it was may but yeah coming back to my story on when I tried this a vapor expo to me it at the time I thought I was tasting an aloe vera based juice it wasn’t the case what it was it was a mix of apple but not green apple likely suggests on the front it was more of a red apple a sweet red apple mixed with grape now so when I finally distinguished what I was tasting with you know the red apple base and with a grape twist to it it reminded me of a flavor that I already loved and it was the Reds grape and it was uncanny the flavors were uncanny definitely this is one of my favorites for real I mean this is one of my favorites also because it basically near enough exactly the same sweetness wise we gave this a yeah man yuh know what I’m saying because this was banging banging I done said it at the expo that this was banging done told Faz I was like bruv you smacked it with this ting man blatant it’s like I took this home, blazed some more and was like yo some serious serious juice no but yeah that was the my ice range from my eliquids I’ve been your boy Tino Attila this is the vape Fellowship and yes you know what to do you know subscribe like comment do whatever you do and yeah we’ll catch you on the next one for real peace out


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