Home Product Reviews MyMojoVape Eliquid Review & Code Buy 2 Get 1 FREE CODE

MyMojoVape Eliquid Review & Code Buy 2 Get 1 FREE CODE

MyMojoVape  Eliquid Review & Code Buy 2 Get 1 FREE CODE

what’s going on YouTube juice was it here with the juice review I got some juice for my phone Michael down in Miami from my mojo vate that’s right my mojo I got some bling bling light up bottles in the house I got some zombie Barry check it out you like that don’t you hell no like you can’t have that and I got some candy relat you’re a boy i got these loaded up my mods ready blast it got something can you relic open here tastes like bubblegum oh yeah this [ __ ] tastes like bubblegum get all the warnings all natural flavorings on here everything you want to see you’ve got a poison control number on hand kiss you drink this [ __ ] those zero nicotine it’s got a USP kosher grade propylene glycol us picosa grade vegetable glycerin USP premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine all just because you’re gray natural flavors that’s what I’m talking about y’all can you rel it that is some juicy ass bubble gum you like bubble gum get you some candy relic since 1999 a bottle for 30 ml I got ten percent off code and a buy two bottles get one free I means you get 90 Mills three bottles the bling-bling light up juice for thirty-six bucks can’t beat that now see here Amos any mod stickers car stickers now I got some zombie berry loaded up in here see what this is mmm i went out pick strawberries taste like I went on pick some strawberries took them home wash them [ __ ] off and dip them shits and candy cane sugar cane sugar that’s subdue see stuff great duction Greg vapor production you got childproof caps tamper-proof seals blast drippers the whole nine yards on these they also send me two little samples I got rocks pinned see what rocks Ben tastes like gummy bear gummy bears with days it tastes like a great sweet and sour gummy bear this is height you like gummy bears the stuff is good I only got three little bottle that [ __ ] that’s what sucks rocks Ben is height I students dope ass [ __ ] i also got toxicity and take on their throws toxicity on here’s what I get oh boy I don’t want to cooperate with in DNA the throw it on the e leaf until control Jack it up about 40 watts I’m getting sweetheart baby let’s taste this stuff it’s like a sweet tart or a pixie stick whatever it is it’s good just like candy what’s great for a diabetic like myself I can’t have candy so I get rape on it so it tastes like that fun dip powder that we used to have when you are a kid you take the sticks and you dip them in the power and you to eat them that’s why I’m getting from this babe I don’t believe this one’s out yet toxicity that’s to go pass to but uh down below I’m gonna put the my mojo bait link and my ten percent off code and if you buy two bottles when you flavor on their site you get one free plus ten percent off so make sure you use that link down below and use my code its juice wizard with a my mojo vidcom juice review


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