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Myst Salt Disposable Vaporizer Teardown

Myst Salt Disposable Vaporizer Teardown

And welcome! So today (mumbles) Looks like today we have this Myst Salt disposable vaporizer and we’re going to  tear into her and see what secrets she hides   okay so i have had this one apart already so   i kind of cheated but uh this little  cap here comes off pretty easily just like so and yeah it’s just a little  plastic piece with a hole in it for airflow   so right away we can see the  indicator led slash airflow sensor   that’s what actually does the thinking focus  you [ __ ] there we go you can see that so pick here okay one thing i have since i have had this  apart um if this was the first time opening   it you would see a little strip of rubberized  looks like teflon tape or something similar   in there anyway has been since removed and you  need to just pop this rubber stopper out and the   entire inner assembly comes out and that’s really  everything these devices are not that complicated   um the switch slash led is housed in this little  rubberized piece it’s one self-contained unit uh connected to a 400 milliamp 3.

7 volt i think  yeah 3.7 volt 400 milliamp batter lipo battery   lift that’s lithium polymer so the savvy among  you will know what that means um i won’t explain   to you how to burn your house down um i yeah you  should know what you’re doing before you try to   do anything and we have the it’s a simple metal  coil slash uh what’s this i don’t know i don’t   know what they make the um foam that holds the e  juice uh out of or something like that it’s just   very simple very cost effective um and yeah  i’m not going to take this one apart completely   because there is still some precious precious  nicotine left inside but just wanted to make this   quick little video in case for some reason you  want to know what’s inside one of these bad boys   one more thing that i should mention about  these things is that they’re terrible   for the [ __ ] environment thank you to  local laws and regulations that prevent pod based systems from having tasty flavorings  its force the industry to move towards these   disposable blights on the environment  they produce tremendous amounts of trash   and e-waste and um i feel guilt every  time i use one but mother nicotine has   a harsh and solid grip upon my lungs  so um I should probably stop doing that


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