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New York Cheesecake Capella – Review & Recipe [A great cheesecake base]

New York Cheesecake Capella – Review & Recipe [A great cheesecake base]

Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john and I hope you are having a good day wherever you are right now. Today Im going to take a look at subjectively one of the most popular flavors in vaping. So this is New York cheesecake from capella flavors.

Now if you never tried this flavor before you need to know that this is actually the base for a cheesecake. It’s not really a complete flavor but rather the crust of a cheesecake and a little bit of the cream.

I’m not sure if it was intended to be created that way but nonetheless is one of the most complete cheesecake bases available. You can use it together with a strong cream and maybe a fruit flavor and you will get a basic cheese cake eliquid very easily.

Other than the cheesecake crust there is also a little bit of cream cheese flavor but depending on the ratio you use it you might not even taste it. In general it is a very good flavor to start your cheesecake recipes with.

I tried it alone at 2 different ratios at 5% and 10%. While vaping the 5% mix I could taste mostly a buttery crust with a slight amount of light cream. At 10% the taste was much richer with a lot more of the cream coming out and the crust tasting very similar just stronger.

I also have to note that this was the V1 or the original new York cheesecake that I tried. The v2 of this flavor is even less creamier especially when vaped alone at lower ratios. Now let me show you some ratios that you can use this flavor in your mixing.

If you want to make a solo, or a mainly new york cheesecake mix then use it from 5 up to 8% for a mild eliquid and from 10 up to 14% for a richer and stronger recipe. Now if you are using a low watt device or if you are using the V2 version you might find this ratios a little weak so add another 1% on top of each number.

Now if you want to use this flavor inside a recipe, it works very well from 4% up to 8% as a base and from 1 up to 3% as a side accent or cookie booster. Again you might have to add a little extra for the V2 edition.

In general this is a very easy and forgiving flavor that can make very nice cheesecake or similar flavor recipes. To show you an example I prepared an eliquid that has this flavor included to give you an idea.

This is actually a complete recipe that I made for a video on its own, but since this flavor today is very special I decided to use it here. This is a basic rich tasting cheesecake eliquid with no fruits, just a crunchy base and a thick cream on top.

SO here is the whole recipe. The base is a combination of the new York cheesecake and acetyl Pyrazine together at 6% with the French vanilla from capella and vanilla bean ice cream as a side accent from tfa creating the cream taste.

The sweetener is recommended since it helps a lot with the taste in this recipe. In the end a 14% of total flavor at 80% vegetable glycerin creates a very nice and balanced cheesecake recipe, that can be vaped alone or used together with one or more fruits to create your own eliquid even further.

A steeping period of 5 days is recommended for this eliquid. But as you can see, as long as you help this flavor a little bit on the cream side it can make very nice and rich cheesecake eliquids just with few other additional flavors.

If you are thinking of getting this flavor for the first time, then I would recommend getting the V1 version if you can, since it tastes much fuller and realistic but if you can find only the v2 version it is still worth a try.

In general if you are new to diy, you will find the capella new York cheesecake as one of the staple flavors in mixing, especially in older 2012 to 2016 recipes where it was used almost in everything.

But still until today is one of the better cheesecake bases to use. Now This was a flavor I wanted to touch on for a while now and I will try to review common flavors like this more often because I feel in front of all the new releases and trends some good staple flavors get forgotten.

In any case, I’m glad you made it until the end. If you have anything to share with us about this flavor as always leave it in the comments below. Thank you for watching these videos, I appreciate it.

And I will see you soon again on the next one.


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