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New York Tobacco – DIY Eliquid Recipe [Mellow Bakery Tobacco E liquid]

New York Tobacco – DIY Eliquid Recipe [Mellow Bakery Tobacco E liquid]

Hello and Welcome, im john from diy eliquid recipes and I hope you are having a good day so far. Today Im back with a fresh and interesting recipe to show you. So this is the Newyork Tobacco eliquid. I don’t make a lot of tobacco videos and that is because I find most tobacco flavors too bold for my taste even though I sometimes still smoke regular cigarettes, Im yet to find my favorite tobacco concentrate even though RY4 comes close, by then you would have people that would argue that RY4 is not a real tobacco flavor.

In anycase for todays recipe I picked another mellow tasting and refined tobacco concentrate to use as the base of this eliquid. And this will be Soho from flavourart being used today as the primary flavor in this recipe.

In a few work description, this is a soft tobacco with a lot of cookie and bakery flavor. I have an earlier review about just SOHO but for today this will be a full tasting finalized recipe to show you .

So this here is the eliquid. It has a total of 12% of flavor excluding the sweetener and most flavors are from Flavour art. The INW cookie works really well here with its full body helping a lot with the vapefeel of the tobacco.

If you don’t have currently INW biscuit in your collection you could also use 1.5% of flavorart cookie, or 2.5% of capella newyork cheesecake, or tfa graham crust at 1.5% together with acetyl Pyrazine at 0.

5%. This recipe all together this is a mellow and light tasting tobacco eliquid. It doesn’t have that bold and smokey taste of bolder tobacco recipes but instead it mellow and smooth vaping with a hint of tobacco notes in the back.

It still has a rich tobacco taste but with a lot of bakery flavor to go along with it. The vanilla and marshmallow in the end of the recipe are mute flavors and here only used mainly for the vape body.

You might still taste some of the vanilla but it will be mostly mixed in together with the tobacco and not so much alone as an individual flavor. For steeping I would recommend from 7 up to 10 days with frequent shaking of the bottle.

The Vegetable glycerin is a little lower than usual at 75% this time but I find this the best ratio to bring out the maximum flavor from all these concentrates. Also one last thing about the recipe is that it will take high nicotine very well.

It will mask the bitterness nicely even up to 18mg/ml. In general this is a mild tobacco recipe, not as bold as you would expect and with a nice depth of flavors. If you make this recipe I would not recommend trying it as a shake and vape so give it atleast overnight to steep and if you can leave us your thoughts about it too.

Again I come to the end of another video, Thank you for being here and Ill see you again in few days.


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