Home Product Reviews Nomnomz Grims Nectar E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

Nomnomz Grims Nectar E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

Nomnomz Grims Nectar E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

hello and welcome back to salvage of use bringing you another deuce review ah today we are back on tune on the harms of excited this has been sat in my drawer for so long um haven’t got around to reviewing it’s finally getting it done now um excited about this well hello don’t resist it I’ve got smelt it I’m not tasted it nothing okay um let’s dig it said to me for evil purposes of review from Richard a Rick nom noms eliquid thanks very much okay um so we are reviewing a Grimm’s nectar Rams nectar okay um come to write rubber nose bottle cracking label I think in my opinion fantastic does come with a child safety prove cap and a little nib alright folks either get all your warnings etc your batch expiry date your milligrams acceptor etc okay um now if I remember the yes 25 PG 75 VG okay so these r VG heavy juices ideal they actually taste amazing in sub tanks as any kind of sub ohm tank it’s the absolutely credible and i have found with all of our nom noms or richard e liquids the more the higher the power you put through them the hilar wats the whole of the voltage tends to bring our lot more the flavors in now Kate’s just bear that in mind alright folks so Grimm’s nectar succulent apple pie in gorge with creamy custard and a caramel drizzle finished off with a sprinkle of cinnamon nom nom right not massive custard far as you all know I always say Richard’s nom noms custard turn the other way it’s the only custo vape um so I have high expectations for this one apple pie cinnamon custard right here we go here we go usual satyr magma dripper a 1.

4 m coil we’re in a 13 watt to the minute Bo will bump it up after just because I know how the flavors change on these all right folks here we go as you can see you babe duction ready go to high VG apple pie is amazing the cinnamons really good um not much custard on the other no side but the cinnamon you get a little head to caramel as well the apple pies there apple pie on the way in with the caramel on the way out the caramel already starts come out a bit more a touch of apple one then you get that nice little touch of cinnamon as well not really getting much constant um so we just turn this up because I know what Richards juice do so crank this out 20 watts here we go Oh get a lot more custard now a lot more custard the apple pie flavor is a lot more prominent Clarimonde the cinnamon really do take a back seat now I’ve really change that juice ha dry hit drop her head oh hi wattages the apple pie really comes out really nice the cutting out on the customer already comes up as well cinnamon occur my tech bit of a bike seat no wattages your head to the apple pie but a caramel the sort of already do take the prominent front seat with the flavors and the cousins Rory a background flavor there and to just completely change the pin on the power alright but a very very nice dude I like it I like it I better go put that in in a take take and vape it famous now write these come in 3 milligrams or six milligrams because they’re designed for dripping or sub I’m tanks alright 10 ml was for pound 25 absently by n um some of the cheapest to do snowboarder is some of the best you’ve ever tasted um it really is I notice sounds like I’m bigging it up but there’s honestly Richard juices absolutely I this world absolutely fantastic so turn goes for 25-30 Mills a tenner 10.

4 30 ml and you can also buy 90ml for 25 pounds absolute still up in my oath so there you go grimm’s nectar which be about the pardoner what time to put it in now maybe the always serve I gatos of this empty there may be that may be that may be that may be that s right won’t eat that our folks Grimm’s nectar from nom noms absolutely fantastic links will be in the description to nom noms site alright folks if you enjoyed the video please to hit thumbs up bun does make a difference to the channel and subscribe please deccan if you enjoyed the video please do and it does make a difference ab i will leave the links in description to all my social media outlets also to e cig directory kudal UK and also to AAA easy for all right folks um that’s it i think that’s it for me today 3gs pues si si is gonna be home pretty soon I got some other stuff to do on our other channel setting it up and blog and stuff so I think that’s it for me 3g series thanks folks see you get x 0 x y for now


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