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Now that’s a Tasty Vape- Coil & Ctrl Ep. 56

Now that’s a Tasty Vape- Coil & Ctrl Ep. 56

hey guys I’m sambito and this is coil and control and today I have for you a couple of flavors from a company called tasty bait a tasty vape is a company from Athens Georgia there I don’t know how long they’ve been around exactly um but I know I’ve seen them around for a year ish i think the owner is one of the administrators on a facebook group that i’m part of he’s a pretty cool dude i’ve talked to him a few times um but oh and today i am vaping on these in zero milligram max VG and I did not get these I did not get these specifically for review I just got my hands on these and so I’m gonna review them because screw it why not but I’m starting off today with a flavor called plasma it is described as a full-bodied creamy custard laced with dragon fruit so custard been a dragon fruit a little bit of a tropical thing a little bit not quite citrusy but something along those lines let’s see how it goes oh and by the way i am using my cloud 48 with my Mephisto but i am using a different build today i’m actually using a single Clapton coil it is 32 / 24 and it is coming out 2.

55 and I’m learning at a 55 watts right now figured I’d give some different a shot I haven’t I haven’t done a different building a little while I’m definitely getting a really nice smooth creamy custard it’s got a much stronger flavor on the inhale than the exhale I feel like this is one that might appreciate a little bit more heat I might try cranking it up a little bit in a few moments I am getting sort of a faint a dragon fruit flavor I should mention um these flavors have been steeping pearl in a while I got them a little while ago um you know just and I decided when I got them that I would do a review on them but I was waiting for you know a little break in my review schedule so I’m doing them now but yeah so it might be a little bit different than you know fresh out of the mail kind of thing I would say yeah it’s steep for probably about two months maybe somewhere on there so it should be pretty well steeped but the custard is really nice it’s slightly sweeter than some other uh custards that I’ve had lately it doesn’t have quite as much body it’s a little bit creamier mmm soon it in my mind I’m thinking like while some other custards I’ve had lately have been more along the lines of like a flawed this is more along the lines of like I don’t know ice cream before going into a freezer if that makes sense you know it’s much more of a smoother less solidified less body that it makes sense in my mind at least hopefully does some of you as well I’m yeah i think i’m going to go into testing on this one because i want to play run with the wattage a little bit see if i can bring out some of that dragon fruit note so I will be right back with that alright I’m back I’ve been vaping plasma for a little while now and I tested it through a variety of wattages between about 40 and about 75 and I think the sweet spot for me with this build is somewhere between 55 and 60 watts that’s where I’m getting a nice smooth creamy custard and a bit of the dragon fruit freshness kind of thing without being a little too hot for my liking but the flavor itself is very nice like I said the custard is smooth and creamy and sweet the dragon fruit though a little bit light for my liking is it’s there and it’s got this nice fresh fruity note I guess it’s a little bit light though but that could come with steeping I don’t know but I do think this one’s pretty tasty personally and it is once again zero milligram and Max vgs so there’s pretty much no throat hit different companies do have different definitions of max VG I’m guessing from how this one is you know dripping and how its performing that’s probably somewhere around an ATV gee that’s my guess I looked on the site and I couldn’t find that information so if I find it out between the time that i’m recording this and the time that it is online i will try to you know put that information over here but in the meantime i do think it’s just a tasty vapor I’m not seeing anything really wrong with it um you know I I would like a little bit more dragon fruit but it’s you know I’ve said this before it taste is subjective what I may love you may hate what you know and vice versa I don’t hate this I just think it would be a tiny bit better with a little bit more dragon fruit so but yeah I will be moving on momentarily to the second and final flavor of today which is called laser sword so I will be right back with that all right i am back and i have gotten some laser sword and my rd a laser sword is described by tasty vape as a creamy vanilla custard blended with ripe juicy strawberry so strawberry custard fairly commonplace these days but let’s see if it’s a little bit different from some of the others out there very similar custard to plasma I think it’s maybe a little bit lighter on the proportion though it’s definitely got a very nice sweet vanilla note the strawberry uh tastes may be slightly under ripe to me don’t get me wrong it’s very nice it’s quite relaxing actually but the strawberry does taste slightly under right I think it is it might be because of the vanilla for some reason those more floral notes always seem to make strawberry taste under-ripe to me in my experience at least I don’t know if that’s like an actual thing or that’s just me but even so I actually like this one a lot it is fairly straightforward the custard like i said is similar to plasma but i think there’s a bit less of it the vanilla works really well with the custard the strawberry is you know slightly under ripe but still sweet still there I’m actually liking it a fair amount but I think it’s about time to go into some testing on these or on this one rather and I will be right back all right I am back i’ve been testing out sorry laser sword uh for a little while now and i have to say as it got into my cotton more as it kind of matured a bit the strawberry did come out more it’s still a little bit under ripe for me at least but it’s definitely there more the vanilla is still nice and sweet and floral the custard is still creamy and doesn’t seem to have quite as much body to it as plasma but that could just be me and my setup and all that kind of stuff i do still think it’s pretty damn tasty hence the name i suppose speaking of which tasty bait I before I did this you know before I started recording I took a look on Google when I like and stuff there seems to be a few different companies that have very similar names so I will of course be having the website in the description from there you can find whatever else you might need but that is their website that is where you can buy their juice and if you get confused and you decide to look it up on Google anyway just make sure that you see but come on there we got that logo just make sure you see that and all is good uh yeah just remember it’s not tasty vapor it’s not you know tasty liquid it’s tasty vape that is the company the website is tasty vape liquid calm but yeah so keep that in mind if you want to check it out the easiest way is to just go into the description and click the link there you go um but speaking of the website I have prices right here and the prices aren’t too bad a 30ml bottle sorry a 30 milk glass bottle is sixteen dollars a 30 mil pump bottle is sixteen dollars a 120mm glass bottle is sixty dollars and they have a couple different sample packs what one of them is twenty-five dollars the other is one hundred twenty dollars and the difference is the size so there you go but the prices aren’t awful they’re not they’re not as low as some other companies but they’re well within reasonable range as far as I’m concerned and they taste good they’ve a quelle and the quality seems to be pretty high so i have to say i’m relatively impressed for you know a company that’s been around for I’ve at least known about them for a little over a year um they definitely seem to have their [ __ ] figured out so I think that’s about all i have to say for this thank you guys for watching please do make sure if you like the video to give it a like and subscribe to the channel it helps out a lot I be sure to share the video around to your friends if you want but I am 7 vida this is Bing coil and control vape on


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