Home Product Reviews Omega Vape – Chronos 3MG “E-Liquid Review”

Omega Vape – Chronos 3MG “E-Liquid Review”

Omega Vape – Chronos 3MG “E-Liquid Review”

they’re going welcome back to facto reviews got an e liquid review for you today this is going to be the omega babe Kronos in three milligram there are a high VG blend and first things first if you guys r omega vapor watching this you guys hit a home run with this juice this is absolutely fantastic you guys like dessert flavors you’re going to love this juice because it is dessert at its finest let’s go on ahead take am a pop of it so you’ve got flavors we get fabulous it’s almost like you can eat the juice it’s so good all right let’s go and take it down deep sea beginning fins of deals buttery smooth going down no harshness nice smooth mellow throat hit it’s not a kick in the face this juice is perfectly engineered want to take it out to the note C be any of the types of flavors a little bit of a tango coming to this is a white chocolate all sorts of good dessert flavors that are so good so succulent I highly recommend this Jews you guys got to give this stuff a try the kronos biomega think it’s I think it’s a white chocolate cookie or something else like that in there I don’t know what it is I didn’t look up the flavor profile all I know is this juice is absolutely fantastic the flavors are perfectly blended inside eating the cookie with like a like a white chocolate mocha or something like that it really really good so I’m gonna wrap this up batteries dying on the camera but yeah kronos biomega update check it out well worth every penny for that juice fabulous baby will read it as always guys don’t forget to give thumbs up subscribe next time we’ll see you all the next


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