Home Product Reviews Orange TicTac E-Liquid Review – Totally Wicked E-Liquid

Orange TicTac E-Liquid Review – Totally Wicked E-Liquid

Orange TicTac E-Liquid Review – Totally Wicked E-Liquid

hey what’s up everyone it’s vaping crazy or Shannen whatever you want to call me here with another ejuice review today we’re reviewing a juice from totally wicked e-liquid and the flavor we’re going to be reviewing is orange tic-tac let’s see if you can see that orange tic tac six milligrams and I got a 10 ml bottle um here’s what the liquid looks like Rocchi oh there we go ok so first a couple things about the bottle first thing I noticed the packaging comes in a box kind of cool there’s a little sticker on the back plus a sticker on the side that lets you know what it is there’s a sticker that comes on the bottle as well the bad thing about the sticker on the bottom is it falls off and there’s no more sticker on here oh wait I like it’s on the bottom I stuck it on the bottom it was on the side so I guess I stuck it on the bottom to keep it there alright so there you go and okay first thing I notice childproof safety cap which I love because I have a kid so that is a positive second thing I notice about the bottle is that little drippy tip thing it’s really small so it’s easier to fill my stuff it’s smaller drips so I like that about it all right now a couple things on why I chose to go with this number one is it’s manufactured in you the United States right here in Florida where I am number two I I buy this from the actual shop there’s a total totally wicked e-liquid shop local shop and Tampa that I go to and for every bottle they sell a portion of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project I’m a former former soldier so that really impressed me if you buy it off of their site it goes to one of three charities one of them’s make-a-wish charity let me look at their site real quick see where it says it I think it’s on the totally wicked e-liquid let me look see if I can find it there it is all right so the make-a-wish Foundation feeding America and safe ride it is it goes to one of those three charities is they say it’s split up between the three on on the sales so that’s pretty darn impressive for me so orange tic tac home has quickly become my favorite second favorite I’m sorry second favorite flavor so far no probably third favorite it’s it ranks up there high is what I’m trying to say it’s very good it’s a orange tic tac taste I mean if you’ve ever had a tic-tac an orange tic tac tastes just like it um and it’s uh it’s menthol you though it has a very menthol feel to it which I’m kind of liking in my vapes so works out kind of well but let’s see how this vapes um what I have this on is the ego twist set at 4.

2 volts now this is a dual dual coil cartomizer tank however the car mines are inside of it is a single coil cartomizer at 3 ohms so single coil 3 ohm cartomizers what’s inside here so this set 4.2 volts let’s take a vape and see how it’s like okay so the first thing you notice when you inhale and exhale is it’s very mint Folley um it has that cooling really really cooling feel to it however and when you first put it in your mouth you feel the cooling when you blow it out you feel the cooling but when you blow it out it’s like you just blew out an orange tic tac it’s kind of crazy the vapor production is really good I don’t know the mix on here next time I go into the store I’m gonna ask him I looked on the website it didn’t say however it says it’s a propylene glycol glycerin mix they did not give the percentages though so I’m vaping six milligrams nicotine so at six milligrams nicotine you just you really don’t get a throat hit and but for me like I said totally it’s not a big deal so all my reviews I’m really not gonna be able to tell you about throw hit because I go with such low nicotine levels however the taste is there the vapor is there and it is a juice I really enjoy and like I said when you purchase it it goes part of the proceeds go to help a good cause which is always awesome it’s manufactured right here in the United States which is always good and it’s also manufactured in a clean lab which is another amazing thing so overall I like the juice could definitely recommend it again taste is subjective you know you might hate it and say you shocked Shannon but I like it and it’s it’s one of my all day vape sigh I have been rotating between this and vape the rainbow and sweet tart so all in all good stuff my friends very good stuff alright my name’s Shannon if this helped you out help me out hit that like button if you could subscribe I’m going to be doing a lot of videos in the near future with different views –is juices products I’m going to think it’s called vape con or what is it called let me look vape stop 2012 we’re gonna have some video of that as well so lots of fun stuff coming on the channel I really appreciate all the kind comments that you guys have given me um and all that good stuff so keep on vaping my friends vape on um I think keep on vaping I think that’s what uh I just seen this guy grim green he’s a pretty good reviewer as well um I’m like I say vape on he says keep on vaping it’s like I’m copy him but I didn’t didn’t even know him when I said vape on but anyway people keep on keeping on I don’t know it’s a now I’m like got to find something to say cuz I feel like I’m copying the dude when I say vape on so keep on doing what you’re doing my friends don’t smoke cigarettes and I’ll talk to you later


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