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Parallel Coil auf dem Kayfun Lite Plus

Parallel Coil auf dem Kayfun Lite Plus

we come to my whole channel ingo stampfer keller this is my first youtube video and today i want to make dickel video namely about the circle of life plus but there I find a parallel one tree and the rest in a detailed view and then we turn to the rector and welcome back we need a battery penetrate i use my xbox with two sony corps because in the winding that we are today that i show today We in the area and the most important thing in it is the battery safety and so nicole your vw t4 we are definitely on the safe side of the battery safety is always important with such winders, then we need wire for the development i use a pre 2a wire 0 3 mm thick we wait for our vaporizer piece i use michibata the screwdriver a drill, tweezers, liquid measuring device and scissors then i have already prepared two pieces of wire here as you can see here seeing 20 30 that you get the bid is a very simple trick relaxed insert a piece of wire into the cordless screwdriver and hold the other side with the pliers and let it run for ten seconds through it you mean all the vortex in the wire go out and the is really straight ahead is ideal if you want to be able to do so parallel then let’s start take our 3 mm, put the wire on it, look that both end up lying next to each other and then we start to wrap nice and tight together because we just want to make micro call 12 34 what happened here, too, that the wire rolls over here Guilt was so intimate, that’s how it looks.

Now we want the beetle slightly apart the dearest to the base screw we rest time taking a short circuit the base is wonderful and then you need to add the expensive development I always do it like this, the winding is on top of the wires to the sides and then push the wire it around the pole screw and then screw that tight one side then I take the other side angle which is why you do that nice and tight back to solve again the has then still a little Already looks good then we just end up cutting ourselves off that we don’t need and then we need the whole thing directly on marco carrier on rügen take it once and straighten it with the tweezers and the drill pull the tweezers together Polish again in the middle must blossom beautifully from the inside out that’s what makes me take it off the battery carrier again and again the people also like to forget and stimulates to lure others that always gives nice brandings, extra loud winding simple 20 34 and now we cut our piece I had wound the 3 mm I always cut cotton wool a little wider 3 mm wrap I cut more and more like this strip in front of the mosque debate from 31 to 32 mm from the end of what I always do tapering to a point looks like this and that’s what I want with it a little better correct how specific the weapon was by apologizing then I will always put the waiting Pull up again with the tweezers then screw the damned ones on it to have I pull the cotton out of here again what they survive a bit and cut away excess that is just under 9 centimeters above the evaporator comma is then I fold the gun back and push the ends or push Carefully take it down to the left scanner while grabbing it fold down nicely slide down do not press firmly because pressed wait a very low capella skills and then the whole thing is already named with liquid then look and then we are now at 0 30 very nice value already cold from sorry very beautiful and very tasteful it is only then that attracts something like that makes my little sample steamer comes up again something that’s already very nice so now we put the fireplace back on it thanks, we screw on it then I write them off again and screwed the fear then I have this beautiful area the tip fits in there nicely beautiful at first look not quite full so that a little air remains we again to screw up the idea again with e-books and then we’ll see each other in a moment the total back there we are back again here it is wrapped and now the vapor barrier follows absolutely but nicely flash nice taste he even sees growing offspring popular towards basic not determined if you do this weighting on the iphone that is not draining at all, there is a lot of water in it the criticism then also stops that was not able to expire so is one top winding and in this sense websafe and have fun with the neighbors


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