People who took the biggest L. [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] Okay I can’t really do that in my skirt. You know it’s hard in the world. And you need some friends. But how do you even make friends? This is one of those cars that said to comment on my driving call this number.

And they texted the number “Your driving is fantastic and I love you.” “Hah thank you” “You wanna hang out?” “Not really” Ouch, man that hurt. I’m out here trying to make friends but no one wants to be my friend.

I’ve always been told not to cry after a spray tan. And guess what Alex did? She cried after a spray tan. What do you do after? You cry some more and then like rub it all over your face so the whole tan is gone? Or do you take like nail polish remover and wipe the rest off your face? Or you just stuck with this these lines? I want to know what she was crying so hard for.

Like, come on Alex, this is a good day. You got a spray tan. Life’s good. What happened? Who hurt you? This girl’s just tryin’ to chill, have a good night, wash your face and everything, put on a face mask, and then her dog’s gonna ruin it for her.

Bitch, is gonna snatch it off her face. Like bitch hold up. What you think you’re doing? You better pour me some wet food before you decide to relax for the night. He’s just gonna straight-up snatch it.

“It’s mine now, bitch.” “I turned in my paper to my professor last night. And this morning I realized I forgot to change the title. How’s your day going?” She left the title as “Fuck my life” I wonder if the teacher actually read this like, “wait, what am I reading today? (censored) my life?” Or maybe they take the hint.

This paper is literally ruining my life. You know when you start a paper and you want to write something, anything. Let’s start by how you’re feeling. F** my life! Except you know when you’re done with it, we’re not playing games anymore.

You gotta change it. And this guy. Who instead of his homework, submitted a cat meme. “Holy shit I submitted the wrong file my schoolwork. I submitted the picture (censored) cat.” I like how it’s called Literacy Essay1.

I could see how you got those mixed up. Essay? Well, you want an essay? Do you accept cat memes? “My dog made a huge mess and then had the audacity to just sit and chill while I cleaned it up. I mean look at his little arm.

” So he make this whole mess, broke the crayon, took the crayons out and everything. And then while mommy cleans it up, he gonna sit there chilling like “Yeah, you clean that shit. You clean that shit up real good.

Go get me some dentastix while you at it.” Come on you can’t even be mad. Look how cute he looks. The dog is adorable. Oh my goodness. She congratulated him on his big accomplishment. And he gonna high five her back.

How could you be mad? You can’t even be mad about it. What is he? He’s like a, he’s like a Corgi Husky. He’s beautiful. I love him. Another guy who took a big fat L from his dog. I feel like most of these people have taken Ls from their dog.

Who wants the frisbee? Anybody want the frisbee? Yeah, you better give me that frisbee! Man I ain’t playing around. He knocked him over and everything. Don’t play with your dogs like that. One day they’ll just snap.

That dog, he ain’t messing around. “You gonna throw it? You better throw it. You better throw this shit now. I am done waiting. My tail tired from wagging. You trying to throw it or not? Texting my crush like, “How u doin” “I’ve been better hby” “Happy to hear that.

I’m good. What you up to” “On today’s episode of men pay 0 attention to me lmfao.” He just didn’t even read her message. Like she’s like “I’ve been better hby” “Happy to hear that.” Why are you happy to hear that I’ve been better? Did you even read my text? Get you a mans like this.

This doctor tweeted “Just learned that our 9y/o did an experiment on us. Lost his tooth, told no one for three days, kept his tooth under his pillow. No money. Then he told us he lost the tooth, next night there is money under his pillow.

Then confronted us with his scientific evidence that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real. Bro, this kid is a genius! So he lost his tooth and didn’t tell his parents. So they have no way of knowing that he lost his tooth.

And they don’t know to leave money under his pillow. And then he tells his parents, then he gets money, “Hmm, this shit don’t add up. The Tooth Fairy does not exist. It is my parents.” Or he could have probably googled it, like oh– I wonder if kids actually google this.

Cuz they have internet and iPads now. Oh see it is a thing. “is the tooth fairy your parents” “is the tooth fairy your mom and dad” “is the tooth fairy your mom” Kids have actually asked this. “is the tooth fairy real yes or no” “How much money does the Tooth Fairy leave?” Well some lucky kids find a $20 bill after losing their tooth? Damn what the – I got ripped off my whole childhood.

Who got a $20 bill for their teeth? Justin Bieber? You gotta be like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or somebody. How much did you guys get for your teeth? Comment below. I got a dollar. So there was a video of this girl, Hennessey.

And someone commented “She is annoying trying so hard to be likable like Cardi” And then Cardi B replies “Me and my sister act just alike you dumb bitch” She’s her sister. Of course, she’s gonna act like her.

See, if it was another girl and she was acting exactly like her. Yeah, man, it’d be annoying. But it’s her sister. So it’s like obviously they spend a lot of time together. Damn she took the L from Cardi B.

But I wouldn’t even complain. “I hung out with this guy a couple of times last semester and this morning he tried to snapchat me and a bunch of other girls but accidentally started a huge groupchat and–” Oh, no.

This can only end one way. “–and then the girls all made a group chat” “Kyle probably wanted to send nudes to all of us. But ended up creating a group. “Probably that ^^” “sad” “Truly” “Happens to the best of us” “We should kick him out of the group and just send each other nudes” “Yes^^” “Honestly living for that idea.

” “Imaooo i’m always down for that” “Oh my god I am so down” So I got all these girls conspiring behind Kyle’s back in hopes of getting nudes in return. “Nah we just gonna kick him out of the chat and send nudes to each other” Yeah man that’s like a guy’s worst nightmare.

“And I like girls. So this will be a dream.Thank you.In advance.” “perfect” “yeah I’m here for that gay shit” “Always down” “Girls do it better” “I want to know who y’all is” “it’s true sometimes I wonder why I still date men!! my name is may and I have a really cute dog” “I’m so gay” “HOW R U ALL SO HOT” “wHAT did I just wake up to” “some gay shit welcome to the gay zone” “sTOP I just woke up” “This is amazing are we all gay” “I’m here for it” “I’m gay” “this is such a dream wow” “Okay seriously I actually love girls so if any of you guys wanna–” Whoa, y’all need to chil.

“This is the best thing I could have possibly woken up to” “honestly this is pretty great thanks Kyle” So Kyle set up all these girls together. And now they’re best friends, and gay. “Update: everyone is sending nudes” “Wholesome update– we all send good morning texts in the group chat but most of us don’t wake up before noon so we’re all like “good morning angels” at 2:37 pm” A better love story than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sandi Mann was “recently invited to speak at a conference and was asked which of my two affiliations I prefer to go on my nametag. Probably University of Central Lancashire, I replied. So that’s what they put.

” “Probably University of Central Lancashire.” “Probably” It’s “probably” that University because that’s the name of the University. “Probably the University” Nice! “Can I get a Venti Caramel Macchiato Latte, half sweet with almond milk, and extra caramel syrup? Yeah, my name is Trish.

” And they put “TRASH.” instead of Trish. “Oh my god y’all know me so well!” “Disabled parking should only be valid during business hours 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday. I cannot see any reason why people with genuine disabilities would be out beyond these times.

” “We’re disabled, Daniel, we’re not werewolves.” Wow people with genuine disabilities can’t be out at night! “Why is it when I take off my glasses people ask me “How many fingers am I holding up?” I don’t see this.

I see this. Now that that’s cleared up for all those ignorant people in the world. One time a black girl took off my glasses and said “what color am I” Whenever you’re feeling dumb, people like this exist.

“Wow girl you’re so beautiful” There are 39 other people in this group. “Wow they didn’t send separately. Bye” Oh my god. “Yeah, girl you’re the only one I’m talking to. You’re the only one in my life.

You’re the only one –” I call bullshit. “Did you get my snapchat?? ;)” “What was it?” “My di**” “Oh I thought it was your thumb” Ouch but anyways that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Comment below any time when you took the L. Or if you’ve never taken an L, make sure you hit that like button in the face. And subscribe and join the wolfpack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching.

Bye guys.


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