Home Product Reviews Pineapple Express|Supreme Vape Cartridge|Is it REAL?|THC Vape Review|Episode 1|Elegant Aware

Pineapple Express|Supreme Vape Cartridge|Is it REAL?|THC Vape Review|Episode 1|Elegant Aware

Pineapple Express|Supreme Vape Cartridge|Is it REAL?|THC Vape Review|Episode 1|Elegant Aware

it’s so cool hey guys thanks for joining us on the first episode of the THC vape review my name is Bruce and I’m Veeks and this has been a long time coming We like thank our friends at Elegant Aware for making this possible The reason why we made this show is we wanted a show where we could talk about the THC vaping industry and to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions that are out there we also wanted people to know the differences between the different companies the different strains the different brands and the different flavors that are out there first off we would like to say this is an opinion show we are not to know-it-all guys this is just our opinion so that being said if you try to sing strain or flavor ly comments below we would like to start a channel where friends can come together learn and discuss different brands and flavors of the THC vein cartridges we also wanted to address some fakes now if you either have them in the industry you have seen them somebody’s bought them or you got burned by one so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna help try to spot a fake and also to alleviate some of the different things in the industry where they’re talking about that why people are getting poison why there and why people aren’t feeling good and this is a major concern for people we see it all over the news so what we’d like to do is also go out on the street we’re gonna find these cartridges and we’re gonna try them ourselves and we’re gonna let you guys know just why we feel about them and in addition to reviewing the vape arches we’re also working on other videos that shows you how to make CV oils THC oils edibles and more so hit the subscribe button below and the bell will notify you on our next episode of the THC babe review comes out thanks guys this week on the bakery – pineapple Express from the branch supreme the package as we can see is a red cardboard rectangle with small dots supreme is written in large white letters over the red background which is the supreme logo colors which they chose to be very distinct and stands out very well like a red light it even has the Louis Vuitton logo you can see one mil cartridge is in prison between hat classic clamshells that is glued to the cardboard backing I like this approach because you can’t open it and mess with it and close it again points on safety and tampering here let’s take a look at the backside supreme is written on the backside which is a smart marketing technique all red with white letters it says supreme vape oil highest potency oil from co2 extraction and our advanced distillation process there is a sticker with writing on it that shows the flavor and strength of the cartridge this strain is pineapple Express it says hybrid so it is a mix of indica and sativa solvent-free on the back it shows that has an 89.

4% d98 cd9 means delta 9 this is the part of the plant that gets you high there is a THC a which is not psychoactive 1.2% CBD under the sticker it also has instructions it is best used with a push-button battery set between 2 point 6 volts and 4.

2 volts and it also says to preheat the battery if it’s under 75 degrees cold fusion has a preheating function the instructions are very key am I had to move the voltage up on my battery to the blue setting just to do what they were asking so we are gonna put it on to the 2.

8 blue setting on our elegant aware cold fusion pen since there is a sticker we can constantly assume that these factors are just mass produced for all flavors and then the sticker is used to differentiate the strings thanks Bruce my question is is this the same supreme as the street wear clothing company supreme the fashion streetwear brand was started in 1994 by James J bhaiyya owned by the carlyle group and as a market cap about 1 billion u.

s. dollars I did reach out to the company and we’re gonna let you know how that turned out at the end of the show all right guys this was a weird one we took a look at the cartridge and it looks like an NX c2 but with one problem they never made an NX e2 and plastics check out our YouTube videos to tell the difference between classic and glass also the center bar is a little thicker than the original our closest guess is that it’s a plastic knockoff of the NXT to oil color sealed from the factory I see no air bubble that’s a good sign it isn’t as clear as the golden real light color has a slight tinge sir there’s a myth out there that says that if the oil isn’t clear and super light in color that it isn’t strong or it isn’t good and we’re gonna talk more about that in episode 3 I would say that the oil color is a light amber pineapple Express is a mix of train wreck and Hawaiians trey eric is an indica sativa hundred hawaiian is a sativa pineapple Express is the sativa dominant hybrid hey guys it’s the fun part of the day where we’re gonna do the actual testing and the actual vaping Bruce here is gonna show you guys exactly how we use it so that way weeks uniform to all of our different vaping experiences we’re doing the same thing all right first off it for our criteria we’re gonna use a cold fusion elegant wear pen reason why we do this is because it has the lowest voltage ships on the market never burn it will never burn your cartridges and that has three settings and on this vape cartridge review we’re gonna use the blue setting because on the back of the box it shows to use it at least at a 2.

2 or 2.6 percent voltage 2.6 so that’s one we’re gonna use the blue because the greens just a little bit too low at on point two right so the cold fusion pen has our le gonna wear a cold fusion that has the locomotor one where it’s not the core it’s not the cold fusion alright so first we’re gonna take the pepper cartridge out of the box yep and this is the minimalist packaging so we do know that supreme has some other box packaging but today this is what we found on the street so that’s why we’re going over the minimalist style packaging and that’s what we’re doing on now somebody out there says hey you know what they have better packaging they do but just we are doing this one today so just so that you guys realize so this is what it looks like when it comes out of the package it has the rubber stopper on top on the bottle so we got to take that rubber stopper off which it’s good to have it on if you don’t have it connected to your battery because it keeps all the dirt and stuff I’m into the holes yeah nothing gets inside of that little area where the where the heating connection points get together if that thing gets clogged or if there’s oil in there it’s always gonna give you a not a good connection which was not gonna have a good hit in Parkers for the criteria of us testing first and foremost there’s nothing in our systems no we’re gonna give this a full try and see how it works I’ve gotta be sober yes you have to be sober I want to see if this is actually does for me exactly what the box is supposed to say absolutely second I take two full heads when the light blinks that means you took oh cool it takes you’re usually around eight seconds so once I do that I’m gonna keep the smoke in and when the first inhale inhale again and then after the second one then exhale that’s how I’m gonna do it so here we go alright so pineapple express supreme vape cartridge company now pineapple Express is not an indica so it’s not going to be heavy so I’m not expecting that going in so some indica strains that are really heavy pineapple express even though they had a movie about it it’s not necessarily as strong as they said in a sense of its gonna put you in the couch you know pineapple Express that one is a heavy sativa and so it’s gonna have that sativa feel it’s more of an uplifting type type of buzz alright take your hit my turn alright what does it taste like solo arms I would wait just a second because you can tell right here that’s a little once again you can always burn a cartridge if you keep reheating it yeah okay this definitely had a really good flavor you can definitely taste the pineapple in it I can already feel a little had changed on my eyes which is which is a good start it’s a good sign okay definitely gonna depend brings up the flavor so good on that yes I definitely taste some pineapple pineapple flavor it’s on the sweeter side like I said there was a tropical feel I don’t know exactly what that feels like I think that this would be this yeah alright guys well we’re gonna take a couple minutes let a couple more hits and we’re gonna take couple more heads let this affect us and we’ll try and come back and give you the review alright so watch this a little short by elegant aware meditation moment you alright guys for this weekend review we got the summary here and we’re gonna go over it and then we’re going to give it a rating this week was pineapple express supreme vape cartridge what did you think about the packaging number one on the packaging was good because it was completely sealed so I know there’s no tampering with there that I like so if you it was tampered with you could definitely tell so I would buy the cartridge in most amberwood one thing I did not like though was on the back ahead of silver sticker that shows what brand name horrible flavor the strain is yeah it was kind of hard for me to read because I don’t have very good eyes yeah and it was I noticed that it was the the ink had rubbed off of the packaging and you could just kind of barely read it but I did like the fact that it was sealed that’s important guys when whenever you have a sealer cartridge if somebody tries to tamper with it you know you could you can see it by its open so that’s probably the one of the best even though it didn’t have the best or biggest or brightest package I liked the fact that it was sealed on down okay number two cartridge specs what did we say I thought it was an NX c2 was what we decided yeah that’s where it looked like it looked closest to but it did have a plastic body though and the annex C 2 has a glass body so it would have to be either a generic annex C 2 we’re gonna look further into it but that’s about as close as we can get right now right now annex C 2 okay number three oil color it’s a little bit on the darker side on the darker amber gonna start a change to it um so for me close like we’ve already said we’re not to know at all guys definitely not I would probably be a little turned off from it but I’ve actually heard that darker oil is good too from other people but if I know because I don’t know it all I would I would be a little hesitant in that first yeah actually we’re gonna cover that um the color of the oil because that’s another myth and misconception among industries it’s if it’s darker color does that mean that it’s it’s burnt or it’s less of a flavor and so in episode number three that’s coming up soon we’re gonna go over why the oil color if it does matter or if it doesn’t matter as far as the strength or flavor also okay so oil color I would say is maybe a amber light amber I would say a dark Yeah right so middle amber right okay but it was very clean though it was very clean consistent okay strange specs now it was a pineapple express how do you feel about that what did it did it match what it said that it tastes like like like pineapple to you or I think it was almost dead on or what it said because it’s just like a stronger sativa because it’s or the train wreck and the pineapple powdery so it’s not very strong and knocked me out so which is a very good day hi like a day going on and that’s what I was gonna get into next is high it was it was like you know uplifting if you have something to do in a day time I think it’s like a daytime bar over everything yeah so if you got stuff to do and you just want to get a slight buzz on I think pineapple express might be up your way yeah okay and number seven the thickness of the oil how thick did you think it was its comparative to other oils that you’ve seen out there I would say it’s on the medium side it’s not running where it’s where it’s like even definitely tell it’s running in the cartridge but it’s also it does move away so I’ve seen thicker I’m saying I have seen thicker so I would say that’s about the medium medium probably like medium and medium on the thick side okay so that covers up so if I was to ask you Bruce on a scale of one to ten what would you be your rating on it the whole thing from the package to the caller to everything anyone yep I would say will probably be around a six it didn’t knock me off my off my bike but it was definitely sealed so I can definitely know it wasn’t tampered with so I would have to give it a six yeah it was great it was sealed from the factory there was no air bubbles inside so we’re pretty sure that that whoever filled it up was the one who actually so it came directly to us after that um the one thing that I did like about it is it actually did everything that it said it wasn’t the highest potency at when I when it comes to THC but as far as flavor it tasted like pineapple it was it wasn’t a like a heavy stone or high like you would get from us from an indica but like like I said it to me I’m gonna give it a 6.

5 just because like I said there was nothing wrong with the cartridge it tasted good like I said it tasted like pineapple it did everything it says so I’ll give it a 6.5 okay all right thanks guys for joining us on the first episode of the THC vapor view join us next week when we jump into the dank tank and it’s gonna be sour apple so stay tuned for that guys do not forget to hit the subscribe button in the Bell so that you guys get notified when that episode comes out next week see you guys have a great one on my three


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