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Pineapple Inawera – Review & Recipe [Best pineapple flavor?]

Pineapple Inawera – Review & Recipe [Best pineapple flavor?]

Welcome back, Im john from diy eliquid recipes and I hope you are having a good day wherever you are right now. Today we are back with a new review of a very good and realistic flavor. So this is pineapple from Inawera.

This is the original pineapple concentrate, not the pineapple shisha or the raw pineapple. Is just the regular one and definitely the best pineapple at least from the inawera line. Some people and possibly including myself could also argue that this one here, is the best all around pineapple flavor in general.

And for that I would have to say that, yes for about 90% of eliquid recipes out there, the pineapple from inawera would be the best flavor to use with the exception of just a few recipes that would work a little better with the capella version.

So now that we got this out of the way lets quickly go to the review. First I want to say that this a mildly strong flavor. You will rarely use it higher than 8% with the most common ratios around 5 or 6%.

Now As a said earlier, this is a very realistic pineapple flavor. The smell and the taste are spot on, but its not the taste of the juice straight from the pineapple fruit, but more like the syrup you would get in a can.

The raw pineapple from inawera tastes closer to the real fruit but it doesn’t translate well to vapor. This pineapple here because of the candy like notes it tastes more familiar and realistic when vaped.

As a flavor it works really well by itself alone or when its used in cocktails and other fruity eliquids. Also because this is a bright flavor, it can work very nicely when its used to brighten up very dark tobaccos.

As you might know there are some tobacco flavors available that are very dark and almost unusable by themselves. So using around 0.5% or 1% of pineapple together with some extra sweetener you can make most tobaccos a lot milder.

Now I want to show you the recommendations on the ratios for this flavor. If you would like it to use it alone or just try it solo it works best from 4% up to 6%. For recipes with multiple fruits or other flavors like the recipe I have prepare for today, then this flavor works best from 3 up to 5%.

And last, if you would like to use it as an accent or to add a little sweet and sour taste to your eliquids then use it from 1 up to around 2%. Now next I want to quickly show you a nice coconut and pineapple eliquid recipe you can make with this one with just 4 flavors.

So here is the full recipe, the pineapple is paired with flavourarts coconut, a mild creamy flavor with a good body. And then a touch of inawera cactus for a small boost on the fruits and last there is 1% of marshmallow for some additional mouthfeel.

All together it is a smooth recipe with a nice amount of fruits and not too sweet. It vapes easy and with a lot of fresh flavor. Also it will work great as a shake and vape without any steeping required.

As a summary I have to say that pineapple from inawera is an excellent pineapple flavor. It is the most natural tasting and smelling out of most other pineapples and it should be considered one of the best ones out there as of now at least.

If you are in the market for a new pineapple flavor, I will also put here up right the review of capellas golden pineapple that can give you more information on the subject. If you have anything to share with us about this concentrate, please leave it in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this video. And I will see you again, on the next one.


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