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Proof E – Liquid Review

Proof E – Liquid Review

how we do it has bits back for another douche review so today we’ve got two juices from proof e liquids now look at these cool ass Nobles done by Warren port big labels dudes a genius he’s the same dude you desire / has logos so we’ve got two flavors we got pink soda and Cactus Jack and massive thanks to Matt the dude behind the juice now I’m going to be honest smelling Pink’s owner when I was dripping at her oh my god it smells epic and I’m if I’m honest I haven’t actually come across a fruity flavor I’ve been really hyped about for a long time so this one I’m well excited about and Cactus Jack wrong cactus jacks man and crazy smelling a bit like lemon meringue e so yeah let’s go through some info you get ripping on these beasts of all other great Christmas it’s Christmas just past couple of days ago so my first review for a few days but a little bit rusty pen so for prices is 15 mil for a fiver 30 mil for non quit it’s a seventy-thirty slightly heavy on the mix ratio nicotine available is free 6 and 9 milligrams which is a little bit different and well at the moment all orders of via Facebook but the main website is currently in the process of being made and so as soon as fast up and running i’ll put a link in the description and sort of update the information so yeah like I said we’ve got pink sunder and cactus jab so first up we’ve got pink soda I thought we’d ripped straight in on a good one now it really does smell incredible I’m getting such a fruity pungent a real real nice smell from it so let’s get ripped that literally smacks you in the face and I mean you’re getting smacked in the face with a creepy like a real nice fruity creepy is great it’s like I want to say it’s like a pink grape and then I’m getting like a red better luck red berries with it maybe like a strawberry sauce with it and on the exhale I literally get like that do you know when you have a cream soda and now I’m getting like that soda almost like that sugar sweet soda exhale from it absolutely own be evil now it’s a real fresh flavor and it’s not an overpowering flavor but you get smacked in the face by oh it’s real crazy because in still you get that grapey like a real light fruity grape and it is great right in your mouth straight away and then on the exhale it fades straight through to like a mildly spiced maybe like a gently spiced red berries and the cream soda like it but soda for me comes out like a sugar sweet soda and it is like em and it is the sugar sweet cream on the exhale absolutely unbelievable because you get like the the fruitiness that which really gets you salivate believe me this one get your mouth watering and but then that soda like they’re almost gives it a slight fist to it maybe Oh Davy that is a real real nice all day vape flavor and I haven’t come across a fruit flavor which sort of it gets me excited you know I’m looking forward to like tripping up some more and i’m looking forward to each and every rip and let me have to teach you get you get like a real i’m gonna say it’s like you get an upper-class aftertaste of this one I mean it’s not just a conventional fruity flavor and you get the red berries and the grapes in this they’re real they’ve mixed it to a point where they know you’re gonna order all day vape this labor it’s real smooth and like it is a real creamy exhale and but flipped all come together and that shoulder for me on the XL really finishes off nicely at the same time you’re getting a pungent through it’s a subtle fruit if that makes sense unbelievable flavor I better move honest is pretty hazy considering sand a seventy-thirty but she’s boom and clothes and now we’ve got Cactus Jack there we go Cactus Jack now this smells very lemony and lemon curly maybe so let’s get ripping whoa whoa that’s st that’s left gosh like lemon curd but it’s almost like got the peel earn like there’s st-pierre linear cuz it’s quite 20 were that’s a hard one to know I’m not too sure on that one I want to savers time I same as a dash of watermelon in it it’s lemony lemon curd maybe lemons and limes that is a very authentic fresh lemon and I mean a very authentic it’s a gorgeous flavor but I’m not quite sure so it’s almost got like an authentic like an italy taste to it now that’s not bad but it’s got like a real an earthy taste that is the word I’m looking for its got like an earthy let them taste and let’s take another rip on this if i press the button my help derry it’s lemon tart that’s what is it’s like a very rich very just more of a tarty lemonho– rather than a sharp zingy in-your-face lemon it’s like a very that kind of a lemon like a lemon tart and it’s very you someone’s got like a bubble gum eNOS on the XL which saves mad because it’s lemon such a crazy than me I’m going to drip samora but initially i’ll be honest i wasn’t sort of over keen on the lemon taste though is getting but the more you rip will you get like a like a rich tardiness to it mmm say I almost get like a lemony bubble gum on the exhale it spot for my mom doesn’t want to play I’m not pressing it the right angle gorgeous so it is I tell you what it’s almost like a like a lemon marmalade II sort of that sort of a tough I don’t know it’s a wild one this is a row but if you like your lemon flavors and you won’t seven with a bit of a tarty difference Cactus Jack that is going to be the one and see for me as a reviewer i find this it almost the fresh string because i can’t quite know what’s in it i want to say bit of watermelon splash of watermelon lemon tart lemon curly but for me out of the two this pink soda and I Warren the man behind the labels he said to me mate you’ve got to get some of this in for a review it needs to be sort of it needs to be exposed to the vapors I’m this is a serious three flavor massive facts again to matt descend and he’s through absolutely loved reviewed both of them that one called me I that one did catch me out so if you like my reviews keep coming back this has been proven liquid all the links will be in the descriptions keep coming back like share comment subscribe and do have a good stuff and I catch you soon cheers guys


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