Home Product Reviews Propaganda E-Liquid Review! 4 Flavors!

Propaganda E-Liquid Review! 4 Flavors!

Propaganda E-Liquid Review! 4 Flavors!

hello youtube and welcome to another episode of the cloudy vague in this video we’re going to be talking about propaganda e-liquid I received this juice from propaganda for review so let’s check it out first thoughts let’s start with the bottle so with the bottle we have an amber-colored bottle it has your markings on it basically it says what flavor it is it is Widowmaker it also says propaganda it also has a website propaganda eliquid com it shows your nicotine strength that says not for sale to minors keep keep away from children & pets contains nicotine USP grade p gb g natural and artificial ingredients may also contain traces of nuts do not drink or eat keep away from pets it also has a child safety top right here and it actually works pretty well as far as bottle size goes they offer 15 mil 30 ml 120 ml and you have the choice of 0 to 18 milligrams nicotine as far as ratio goes I don’t see anything on the website or on the bottles I could be blind so please forgive me if I’m just not seeing it but I would have to say this is a 50-50 blend just from the viscosity maybe it could be a little bit higher maybe like a 60 B G but it definitely is a thinner juice so I’m going to say it’s probably anywhere from fifty fifty sixty 47 is already but i would say closer to like a fifty-fifty the first juice we’re going to talk about is called Widowmaker it’s a bavarian cream infused with blueberry so let’s have a little vape now i can’t say i’ve had bavarian cream recently but it definitely has a nice creamy flavor I wouldn’t really pinpoint exactly bavarian cream but it definitely has you know that nice cream flavor so on the inhale the majority the flavor is a blueberry and on the exhale you get that bavarian cream kind of cream undertones just a nice flavor with the undertones of the blueberry and that’s what I’m tasting the majority of this flavor is very smooth very delicious has a nice sweet undertone to it and it’s just smooth through and through very nice dessert flavor and this is probably one of my favorite flavors so far I’m not so much a candy flavor and a few of their other ones candy fruit flavors but this one I would have to put there as my favorite from propaganda so far so let’s let’s check out the next one this next one we’re going to talk about is called wildfire kind of looks like Smokey the Bear on here so wildfire is a toasted almond with mezzaluna cookie so it’s just this nice sweet vanilla nut flavor kind of so let’s have a little vague going back to the bavarian cream I have an atom as a luna cookie in a long time but it’s kind of just a nut cookie little vanilla little flour in it and it’s just a nice you know savoury type cookie it’s not over sweet but it’s very nice so it does have like pecans almonds I guess it depends on how you make it but this is definitely definitely a nice mixture of nut flavors you have a pecan you have almonds they have that toasted almond going on and then you get a nice undertone of a vanilla sweet vanilla and it’s just a very smooth dessert flavor the inhale the majority the flavor your get is going to be that nice undertones of the of the vanilla and then you get a little bit of that almond and then on the exhale you just get that nice cookie flavor kind of a mixture of nut flavors and then also that vanilla undertone again and it’s just a very smooth smooth delicious flavor this is definitely my second favorite it’s up there with the Widowmaker these two I guess I’m just into dessert type flavors so I’m really enjoying this one and I’m enjoying the Widowmaker so let’s check out the rest so this next Labor we’re going to talk about it’s called subliminal slip subliminal I can’t say it but it’s a sweet and sour razzmatazz candy so this is very much a candy flavor now not fruit not deserve just really sweet candy flavor and let’s go ahead and have a vape on it this is very much a candy flavor very sweet very distinctive I guess you would call it very sweet flavor and it’s just nice Berri sour flavor you don’t get too intense of a sour because you have so much sweetness going on and you don’t get too much sweetness because you have a nice sour kick to it it kind of reminds me of a sour warhead without the so much sour it’s kind of after you get all the sour off of it kind of that flavor or it kind of has a kind of like a blue pixie stick but a little bit more sour on it just has a nice flavor on the inhale you get that nice sour sweet sour flavor with a nice kind of blue raspberry berry mixture I can’t really put my finger on what exact bury it is but it’s like strawberry blueberry raspberry mixer type thing and then the exhale you did get that sweet sour and that candy flavor the inhale the exhale about the same not much you know not much change up going on between the inhaling exhale but it’s just a very nice candy flavor I wouldn’t say I like it as much as the others only because I’m really into dessert type flavors but for just a nice basic candy flavor this definitely does it so if you’re into candy flavors definitely check this out so this next flavor we’re going to be talking about is called Illuminati it has a little Luminati eye on it kind of upside down triangle going on I don’t know I’m just rambling on now so let’s just have a vape on it and talk about a little bit more this flavor is very nice I was afraid it was going to be a little bit too citrusy because you got pineapple and orange going on the strawberry is very nice but I was just really afraid that you know it’d be too citrusy and I’m not really into citrus type flavors but this definitely does it it’s a very very nice citrus flavor the majority of the inhale you’re going to get that orange and the strawberry and on the exhale you get a nice pineapple undertone with the orange and the strawberry but it’s just a nice fruit mixture very realistic it’s not so much candy flavor very realistic the strawberry is so powerful in it that it kind of just blends well with the pineapple and the orange the orange in the pineapple are prominent flavors it’s just kind of mixed in there but you definitely get a good strawberry flavor you don’t get too much of the pineapple or too much of the the citrus and the orange you just get that nice orange nice pineapple the majority of flavor is going to be the strawberry it’s just a nice fruit flavor I guess that’s what I’m trying to say very good flavors across the board all four of these very good and unique flavors you have kind of a creamy bavarian cream going on you have a you know like a cookie flavor you got a candy flavor and you also got a fruit flavor so they did a good job kind of mixing up the profiles but after vaping all four of them I would have to say widow-makers my favorite and then wildfire and then I would have to put Illuminati next and then my least favorite would be subliminal slip liminal subliminal I can’t say it subliminal so I want to give a big shout-out to propaganda for sending these out to me for review there are very very great flavors super tasty but you know I’m just enjoying them they’re very good flavors so if you’re interested in these definitely look in the description box below I’ll put a link to their website and if you have any more questions about these flavors or what I’ve been vamping on just go ahead and leave a comment or email me at cloudy vape at gmail com this video if you liked it please like it if you like my videos in general please subscribe and as always stay classy to keep a pen


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