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protank micro coil build


How to rebuild a Kanger single coil head with kanthal and cotton. I used Kanthal A1 30 gauge wire around a 5/64th” screwdriver, 10 wraps and it ended up being 1.9 ohms.


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  1. I can't wait to make my own. I hate spending money on coils for these little guys. Good way to start building too. Just got my very first rda and mech mod. Need to practice building. Learned how to wrap a Clapton. Good videos man! Love them all.

  2. These types of clearo tanks are still widely used by some folks who are content with these devices they have…I still dabble in rebuilding evod coils for them just to be neighborly but use silica wick for it's dry burn ability.

  3. I was doing this a couple years ago. So much better than the stock coils. I was also doing double coils (side by side) in this head also. A real PIA but a good vape from these little heads. So glad things have come a long way since these devices. Love your vids.

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