Home DIY E-Liquids Raspberry Sweet TFA Review & Lemonade Recipe (TPA DIY eliquid flavor)

Raspberry Sweet TFA Review & Lemonade Recipe (TPA DIY eliquid flavor)

Raspberry Sweet TFA Review & Lemonade Recipe (TPA DIY eliquid flavor)

Hello and Welcome Im john from DIY eliquid recipes and today we have a review of a very nice and fruity flavor. This is TFAs Raspberry sweet. This is the first review of a raspberry flavor so we might as well start with one of the best raspberries first.

If you are a little familiar with tfa you might know that they also have another flavor named just raspberry which is the original one. The sweet raspberry Im talking about today is a variation of the very good original flavor.

The difference between them other than the obvious one is mainly that the raspberry sweet is a little lighter as a flavor and that’s a property that makes it ideal for eliquids. As a general summary Ill say that the raspberry sweet is very realistic, blends well with other flavors and especially well with creams and has a natural brightness as a flavor that can help out other fruits inside recipes.

I made a solo batch at 6% with 50vg and 50pg steeped for 4 days. When I tried it on the inhale I could taste just a very faint sweetness with minimal fruit taste and on the exhale is where all the raspberry flavor comes out tasting very smooth and sweet just exactly you would expect it.

It is not overpowering as a flavor and the tartness of the original raspberry taste is being nicely contrasted with the additional sweetness creating a very pleasant and fruity vape. So this flavor would make a fine eliquid by itself too, it might not be the fullest flavor that you will ever taste but still it can work great alone.

For solo use it from 5-8% and from 2-5% as a side profile and from 0.5 up to 1% as an fruit accent to brighten up fruit recipes. Now I would like to show you a quick recipe with this flavor so you can get an idea of how to use it if you don’t have anything else to make with this yet.

This is a raspberry summer lemonade eliquid. First start with 5% of raspberry sweet, then 4% Juicy Lemon Capella, 2% Blueberry Cotton Candy FW or if you don’t have that then just 1% Cotton Candy TFA mixed at 70VG and 30PG.

Let this recipe steep only for a few hours or couple days if you can wait. This eliquid will taste very similar to a raspberry lemonade that you can get from a fair. It is light, fruity and sweet, and makes for a great all day vape that doesn’t cause flavor fatigue and also smells very good so other people will like what you vape around them.

Now hopefully this recipe gives you an idea of all the great mixes that can be made with this flavor. And you don’t have to only make fruit recipes this flavor, it can also work great inside a cheesake cake recipe to substitute or help other strawberry flavors.

If you never tried a raspberry flavor before then this one here or the original raspberry are both excellent first choices. Its not the only one someone should have in their collection but its definitely worth trying it if you like this kind of flavors.

If you have this flavor or you have a different favorite raspberry flavor that you like better then leave a comment below with your opinion, Id like to see what you like to use instead. As always thank you for being here once more and Ill see you again next time.


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