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Really E liquid Review – Pineapple & Blueberry

Really E liquid Review – Pineapple & Blueberry

there are guys welcome back to the mobile station reviews and I’ve got a juice review for you from the company really okay i’ll post a link in the description to their website at the moment they’ve got a deal going on there if you use the code really 10 you will get a deal for your key liquids so you’ll be able to get 20 meal of e-liquid which is this size bottle okay for 499 now that’s sir they’re all prices and I think it was 999 there yeah 999 so 499 I mean it’s nearly up his path price so get on there and use your code grab yourself a nice bottle of juice so they sent me a couple of flavors to try and they send me the blueberry and the pineapple I’ve really been enjoying the pineapple as you can see that it’s over half done and yet it’s really nice it’s been actually my old Dave aid for the past couple of days and I’ve been enjoying it a lot so I haven’t had a chance to get round to try the Bluebird yet and so what I’ll do as I will just put some more pineapple on to these wigs and where that’ll gate now talk you through what it tastes like now i’m using my nemesis I with my Zen version 2 dripper so yeah flavors going to be awesome of dizziness now taste really nice pineapple flavor on this one it’s kind of like a cross between your pineapple I cordial drink or juice and a fresh pineapple but doesn’t taste synthetics actually a really nice pineapple flavor this is 8 milligrams of nicotine strength which is a bit bit strong for me because i want to point 3 ohm coil so that’s why i can’t take big drugs on it but the flavor is really really good now if you can see my really eliquid review before i did a few months ago and they’ve got the child safety tops you’ve got your warning signs on their 18s and over all your information on there the website and so for everything covered on that and you’ve got the old has a triangle on the top I mean 499 for 20 mil bottled juices it’s a bargain you’ll be paying half a 10 mil done in here your local brick-and-mortar op so yeah that’s a pineapple really I highly recommend this go and try it out if you haven’t already so what do is I’ll saw these wigs out and then we’ll try the blueberry okay so let’s go with the blueberry hmm no I could taste our blueberry when I was inhaling straightaway a really nice blueberry flavor I’ve tried a lot of blue berry flavors and they’re usually quite bland but this is a really nice sweet blueberry again 8 milligram nicotine you can get I think on the website it’s nor milligrams 8 milligrams 18 and 24 so yeah covers all your strength pretty much hmm it’s really good again it’s a cross between like a blueberry sweet and a fresh blueberry and you know really nice and sweet yeah probably could be an all-day vote for me as well actually and this is the first time I’ve tried this as you see isn’t hardly any take an hour so yeah really good quality juices make sure you go onto the website and use the really ten code and i’ll post a link down in the description where you can go and check it out and yeah that’s it from me go in grab yourself some juice i’ll see you on the next one


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