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Review 7 Cola DIY Flavors for eliquid in a quick summary + Useful Ratios

Review 7 Cola DIY Flavors for eliquid in a quick summary + Useful Ratios

Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. Im John I Am a flavor compounder and today I have a video about Cola flavors. This is a topic I wanted to talk about since I’m making a cola recipe and I’m really impressed of the amount of good flavors in this category.

I have a list of top 5 that I will be talking about, and it is hard to pick a winner so I will talk about what each flavor does best and how to use them in a recipe. The first one I will talk about it’s a very popular cola flavor and this is Cola or USA pleasure by flavourart.

The reason Im talking about this one first is because I really like the taste it brings as solo and also is one of the flavors that goes best when mixed with other ingredients. A good all around cola flavor that is also more concentrated than other ones and can be used from as low of 3% up to 7% for max flavor.

I find this to be a great concentrate and definitely worth trying if you are looking for a cola. The second flavor I will talk about is Cola syrup from TFA. This is another good concentrate that can also be used in a solo recipe.

It is a weaker flavor than the Flavorart and it works better at a ratio of 7% up to 12%. I would say compared to other cola flavors this one tastes a little flat and it might be a normal thing since it seems like they were going for a cola syrop and not the whole drink.

So I found using 1% of Vapewizard or Coolada helps out in solo recipes. Next Is a cola flavor that I actually don’t recommend to by for vaping and this is cola by Lorann oils. This concentrate comes in 2 different sizes and you might also find it in the supermarket in your city but it is not ideal for vaping, same with a lot of other loran flavors.

This one was made to be used mainly as a food additive and the food coloring it contains together with a very high amount of sugar and ingredients like polysorbate might not make it great for inhaling.

Now I made the mistake of vaping loran banana once and it was a really rough and very yellow vape. Next the fourth one I will mention is Cola by flavorwest. This flavor for a long time was the only cola I had in my collection.

I made a mistake and bought 120ml of concentrate thinking I will use it all since I like it so much and I ended up having it around for over a year. The good thing that came out of this is since I had so much and didn’t care wasting some, I mixed it with every flavor possible and some great combinations came out of this.

If you have some already definitely try it with coconut, rum, blueberry, vanilla or a caramel tobacco. For a solo ratio I would recommend starting at 8% up to 16% if you are feeling brave. And the last one I will talk about today is Cola from Capella, another great cola version and really popular online.

It’s a basic cola syrup that it shines in recipes. You can use it solo from 7% up to 12% but it works great mixed in with other flavours especially fruits. It’s a good flavor that can substitute cola syrup from tfa in recipes too.

And two last honorable mentions go to Inawera and Hangsen, I don’t have much experience with them and I have only vaped them in recipes but they are very good approaches to a cola flavor and nice alternatives to have.

I remember just for the hangsen that together with the cola I could taste some floral notes in the vape which is a nice twist to the cola flavor. This video came out a little longer than usual but I hope it gave you a better idea of the available cola flavors out there.

The next video will be a recipe video with 2 or 3 different approaches to a nice cola vape. That’s all I have for today, Thank you for watching and see you next time.


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