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Review Fr || 571 RDA by IcloudCig

Review Fr || 571 RDA by IcloudCig

hello to all these little jorions are meeting today for the review of the 571 from icloud singh come on let’s go the 571 is a little bit special driver with a characteristic and not the least since it is a reaper with a propeller so the lilies is supposed to bring a whole lot more tata of inconveniences in any case we will we will go that from switzerland is not an insignificant boat i call it a boat because he in fact he is also rock insulting confetti does exactly the same size but it is not something trivial it has an unusual look it’s really you will see it is very particular and in terms of price it is really very affordable because we are of course we are sure between 20 and 30 euros on the shops and on a rate like that so it’s something really not bad we’re going to look at the edit and we speak again just after so the holy samson 11 comes in a box all that is more classic and that it is necessary to find with joints with notices the joints are the same there was no need it is not another model or what I do sometimes there may be little schmilblick there we have an interesting thing that is to say that we have a body I feel it to me that it’s stainless steel so we have an extra body in case we comes to fart the worst ex or simply that we want to use the set outside and we would like to protect it so it’s rather a good point I find what was supplied originally with a nice little logo of submarines and boats and 571 the dry fear in itself is relatively pretty feign me I like a lot you see moreover comparing a substance when I say it is really big c which is really very very big finally for adrie afraid for this kind of for this type of material the dry little pan is just huge so I have not measured but must not be far from the 14 and 16 mm below you look blurry but we will come back to that just after the drift up that we call that I think I’m not sure I’m not safe from the north but it is probably one of the nicest pieces of those from reaper I saw other view in English besides which said exactly the same thing is really a superb workpiece you can see elsewhere which really maybe has a quoted r & d side to research research and development which allows us to have studied this because it is really a superb piece the resident reaper is relatively classic sion sion ignores the church which is just below the plateau is a plateau with by paul positive so it is always good to take especially when you do cross necks you have an absolutely enormous air flow, the same I did not measure but in my opinion we are not far from 3 mm each with a small central cube which makes me think a lot about the same cut as mutation 4 so why not the flo arts are really huge which you really have that effect what I explained a little earlier this kind of vortex facts thanks to the propeller which in theory should not be too hampered besides can see in below the air intake which is also massive contrary to what one might think the sufficient gap between the between flo arts to arrive even on your mode because the air passes quietly including in a somewhat closed mode etc.

fayard there is no problem stuck planned for the level to dismantle the part bass is relatively 5 you have a screw thread at the bottom it is long enough to unscrew the screw thread is rather of good quality so you see going you can go there frankly there’s no problem you see besides that the 510 downstream pin to the positive copper pin is another pyrek samba exactly the same diameter but smaller with the lists you see that there is a plastic propeller but which is posed there is no bearing there is no other like that so technically it is planned for last even if we will see it a little later it sticks a little bit with the doubs this email once to disassemble everything you see that we basically have mourning scares all that is most classic just with a positive pole that is a little longer than the average for the assembly, what I do is take 0.

35 braided cantal on an axis 2 3 and I come to do six laps that allows us not to descend too too too low in resistance that we will be around 05 06 once that I will have redone the glue several times I imagine you have used a hairdresser before so it’s relatively simple I just need me, I like having an extremely clean school and then more and braided cantal so it’s quite particular to work it’s why I take a particularly long time so here I do as you can see two passes so it’s cantal in a hurry, simple turn cn I don’t done at all because after that it gets complicated has really complicated what they try it’s a bit boring then we go too low after good it’s like any classic flu I want to tell you mount mount your glue one in front of the other you have a Phillips screwdriver in advantage of the poles of the double positive pole is that in fact we came to cross the school in fact so the same I like to work clean which I often use the case and theirs while I do this for for trying to do something the straightest is prettier even though overall it would work just as well if it was disgusting years ago okay so there the installation of the second pass such passage can be a little more complicated, finally due to the fact that you do through the body of the other partner so you have to plan your shot it’s not very very complicated it is feasible but hey his request his request may have a little time then good bah always that of the classic you move the small one phase a little bit beauty I want to say our you really come with the with the axis check you glue etc check the short circuits there I am sure electro and you do not see but I got a little short circuit tighten everything properly so that the resistance remains sand finally good do something clean and that will allow steaming more serenely then the arrival of the cotton in me I use the cotton bacon of which I am really fan it’s very very nice work and you shoot mini bad in more more an axis 2 3 is that it really makes you happy with the arrival of cotton so its strength always a little but not too much not that the school moves so here we must we must go there quiet we must not it must remain a little flexible no that I think you already know you will see elsewhere I will take a pliers to pull very lightly the glue does not move masses it is just that it serves the cotton a little bit because it is necessary that the evaporation is done then we will give them a little beauty that cuts hair and I have no real value or advice my general I do like that after you do a bit as you feel I like to have things a little bit symmetrical on the other hand a little trick in anyway what I do is use a flat screwdriver and I don’t moves with an air of flow so small design flaws failures I don’t know what they did but you systematically because of the poles positive shifted you systematically have to float arts in the empty when I do is that with one side of the cotton I have already pointed me to inside the tank simply to collect the avatar juice and make a small reserve and at the same time try as much as possible to block their flow which is empty on which there is no glue on it so that in case of fill his falls as little as possible on the propeller because once again this is one of the big flaws of this funny high school driver but hey the juice when it is filled it very often falls on the lists we oblige it has cleaned so that it works again then what I do is I take the worst with these I pretend I’m editing on a team sky cake make stuff like that that is to say I put the ribs in the air I bring in the worst is that it is then I flatten the cotton all around to try to make a kind of belt which once again always with the objective of 2 to retain the deuce a maximum and that does not come that do not fall on the propeller something that will be quite a shame because hey that’s the trick anyway main the stato and unfortunately it is very easy to block lewis at because of all speaking of youth so I use the flower of the sympathetic lodges for this test which has 12 not end up having few people the only one cash but he’s a ban clown what they all say but who is which is not bad well not really only sympathy slash it’s a strawberry one little juicy who is really hungry really excellent I like a lot the sq one of the peculiarities always in this umpteenth optic of not dropping deuce I’m really going by small doses especially that the cotton bacon more than the other cotton has been extremely hydrophilic but on the first second it rejects a little it is hydrophobic and it takes its first seven seconds that criticize because before they are totally permeated the dews will talk a little bit and it is this micro pearls that will fall on the list is once again blocked she no propeller fava collecting so that’s why I’m really going for the first time by small doses really I rub on the sides I try to at most one liquid baby bottle so that everything goes perfectly and that I am not systematically obliged to dismantle the early to clean the high schools etc.

good then classic phase 1 we test it works it’s nice there is no more only put the top cap or the grip top as you want and we meet for peace so there I went up so like you you could see in 0.59 here is 0 60 euro as we are with always from the river outside europe of sympathy according to Flemish hence what I really like and who I use mainly on rippers who allows to make relatively large clouds well we are going to test then we are 45 watts it was necessary it took a little time that the heating cotton resistance had hot but good in terms of rendering the sands so me it’s something that still very much embarrassed in the streets viau because the tastes and colors are and his own to each was looking for a word a little technical but nonsense specific to each one so tell you that it has a very good rendering of the flavors that you will generally leave you speechless I want to say what I know I can compare is that I tested the flower drakkar it is on my magma which is extremely famous for the flavors on the 4xs mutation so the small version which also work extremely well and with 7.

7 at rate I had those from rivers say again I have no difference so I feel good the strawberry I can feel the side a little bit fresh juicy strawberry etc so i will try 60 times u see if that again a little more fishing good do not forget that it remains only 40 60 that is to say that in terms of steam production it may not seem like much but in it’s already huge for those who count 60 so this is more than enough maybe I should have tried with blood to sang vg the group I want to say that distorts them a little calculations because even almost on a threshold that made everything steamy and japan then commit a first time because after you take in paris one contained agree on that but hey in absolute terms I know I’m not sympathy sloche it doesn’t change it’s relatively good the turbine the turbine as you can hear she makes a little noise I tried to call me meaning then I did not do what must be disassembled agrees a little etc I try to dismantle endless steam without I find that indeed it missing a little something is it my brain is it these things what I think is that the turbine instead of functioning as a turbocharger i.

e. as on a car used gas exhaust to facilitate the admission I think that on the contrary the turbine is used to create what we call a little overused but we call a vortex, that is to say a kind of vortex inside and you have the shapes in the top 4 finally in the how we calls it the top dribble which allows precisely once again to accentuate this tourbillon side so did this tourbillon make it that bahia a better rendering of flavors than if there was just a stupid venturi effect honestly I don’t know what I know is that the led reaper works very well I’m happy it’s basically made for fun we agree it’s a church it’s funny so time to move on to the plus and minus part for a little bit explained white seems to summarize all this a bit for the most I find that he has a good face I think he has a great face I find high school students more also because I find it funny it’s really to triumph it’s me will come back to the conclusion but if you don’t have any other comments don’t buy this one because it’s not the reaper of the year we agree but it’s funny to me it also really made me feel art flavors which is rather not bad the jeep top which allows to take the game in a whirlwind like that my casually prevents you from having drops of water in the mouth which is still rather a very good point you have I believe the bullet it seems to me that there is also a small grid that is pierced and that allows you to avoid having precisely when you hit too much to have as soon as it tastes fresh water which are projected so that it is rather a good point I know that in practice you can pour the juice directly like that and it will flow on the school that that going to be one of the least I find that I find that unfortunately we are very often found with 12 in the lists and that that’s why in the video the close-up I like it pre pre pre Mongolian myth because precisely the problem is that the juice falls from a floor and when it falls then the lists do not move so that’s enough radical it is enough that they have a thin film of fresh water on the step and it’s over so that’s a bit of a disadvantage I also find that it must then it’s just a joint you arrive you fill it is not a problem but the tunes floor are so huge and since there is no pub below finally in any case there should have been a fireplace enter so that we can pour the liquid directly to the bottom there problem is that they really did everything in direct inspiration so we end up with this little game problem but suddenly that’s it then flip the lists like i showed you is not mounted on a screw thread so a wipe and it starts again director if there is no problem the noise it’s a bit festive it’s a bit special so there are some who love some who don’t like me I find it funny I haven’t had the opportunity yet in a year aperitif and it will not be long I think I have a lot of fun with it otherwise there is no waiting for that because casually it is clean it is rather class me I like very much once again I like very much the days a black and seraph on mayenne 80 I think he really has a good face so I am relatively happy there is no the price is affordable So here it is because I really wanted to say in the conclusion this is if you don’t have a reaper and you are really looking to have fun turns out to spend the days on it like me for example I’m going permanence on my magma it’s not beautiful dribble clearly says it it will be more for those who have a little geek side because it is necessary not to lying about the presence of a propeller does not add anything concrete except maybe a little full little more but in absolute terms it is really made for here are the people coi nelly if necessary here is me that’s what I said to myself games here if you have if you are a collector of two rippers if you have if you are a little playful if you are a little tease he is a dribbler he is cheap he works well he makes big clouds it works very very well I’m very happy but you absolutely must know to see these things in mind for the publicity I bought them at e-cigarettes montpellier rue l’Aiguillerie I thank one more once Cecile he had the good taste to take it from me it was really it was very well found really much appreciated and also what you saw in the video the cureau anger also that she sells all this and it is therefore rather a very practical if you did not have it I I recommend it to you, see you soon, I have others little unforeseen things in mind here I know that with each note each end of video I tell you I come back quickly and then I put three months for this video but lots of little things right now I’m focusing I have a next tutorial that will arrive on making homemade boxing because there are many things that are on the net and I would like to bring my stone to the building so here I tell you, see you next time and above all is not going well


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