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Rincoe Manto X Revision Completa en Español!

Rincoe Manto X Revision Completa en Español!

Hello, dudes and dudettes, all you vapers. I’m Vape Cooper and this is Vape Cooper Reviews. Today we are going to present you one of the last mods that we have received from Rincoe. No more and no less than the Manto X Here it is.

As you can see it is a pretty cool mod. This is the red one, although we have four different colours that go from the black silver red and blue one. Either because our new year’s purpose to quit smoking and start vaping or because you want to give free rein to your most hedonistic side and make yourself a gift for yourselves stay with us and maybe we give you some idea: LET’S ROCK! i i as always tell you that although corner has sent us this kit with reason for this revision will not affect for nothing our criteria and we are going to give our sincere and honest opinion about of this product let’s go we’re not going to see not a hard as always corner mantle x with the metis mix tank 228 watt mod dual battery Made of zinc alloy and some parts in hard plastic a construction quite robust and that feels very well in the hand I’ve actually heard out there they say it’s the mod of two batteries smallest of the market although for be sincere I’ve heard of several brands who say the same thing about one of their motorcycles so I do not have it either very clear in any case yes that is pretty small indeed I have here to compare the older brother who is the mantle s as you can see is a little smaller the mantle x although the truth is that apart from the construction and what you see are quite identical in fact the electronic inside is exactly the same tanks we can see that they are exactly the same mix and for the rest the operation menus etc.

exactly the same so this is already going a bit for tastes in this case we see that the tank is 6 milliliters of bubble type and the resistance that it carries inside is of type month screen pretty bright oled that I’ll show you later on the puff button up here very big both of selection in the USB port menus or micro usb in this case bottom battery door on the back because nothing a magnet of what they come to be footprints and good to great traits this would be what comes to be the let’s see the technical data in screen as remarkable data so I called the attention right away is that well it’s pretty powerful as we can see for its size apart also the construction is quite then quite Clean is a design that and to have either or to sin to be too recharged because it has its details as you can see air tickets and ventilation well some some engraving and the truth is that it does not weigh nothing that is not very solid but yes that it is true that it is finished could be prone to scratching some kind of the damages that could arise because example if we fall or if we let’s get in to the best possesses in your pocket in a bag with some keys or something like that though yes it is covered with a special paint according to says the manufacturer that is the find and this type of damage the screen as you can see is pretty bright though with the little screen this with the cover dark because it darkens a little at the time to see the information about everything I imagine in an environment something more illuminated that even so it is quite easy to read it has quite large numbers the very clear information other data remarkable because it has fast loading to the amps and a lot of menus and custom settings for those who they like to give it a little more personality to the price batting mode we do not have many details yet looking a little like that for some pages pre-sale websites etc.

it does not seem that it’s going to be very expensive but now this as the mantle s are going to have a very tight price for benefits that you offer us you can have a look from your website official that I’m going to leave in the description of the video we are going to talk about now the tank the met is mix tank as we said before it’s type bubble in this case although I imagine that the European version already when it comes to the sale will be the pp of 2 milliliters as you already know was I imagine that more straight as we have seen in other tanks of other brands like smoke or steam that and we see that it has then two lower air intakes quite broad that can be adjusted spinning The appointment date comes with a drip of 810 of resin that is pretty cool as you can see the finish and it’s quite broad it’s a bit noisy maybe but not neither too much does not bother much there are a couple of things that I do they annoy this tank first I thought it was from a specific unit that had had me wrong but we see that this wheel You can also extract quite easily has like a kind of I do not know if what you see here It seems that you are going to see it then good as it is a detail that I do not I do not find it very good to be sincere I would prefer it to be embedded that you could not get a better place to clean them an advantage I do not know, but from the start, I do not know it seemed good otherwise than good to me personally though again this already It depends for tastes for me I do not like it A lot is the filling system that Well, it’s from these that unscrew now up as we can see and we have two slots that look pretty good wide then there are some some whistles rivers of fluids that do not fit very well and good in short that without being horrible it’s not the best systems I’ve viewed but well anyway is not very disaster in any case things that yes that I like like that in the first place first view logically the aspect that has is very cool called the attention a very clean design with lines how good are they aesthetically enough attractive the piece of tank that has with the hook drift and how it feels in the hand fits perfectly I have relatively large hands but in any any hand really goes to feel very comfortable with this mod in any case and now we are going to take a drag see how it works as you can see the production of steam it’s quite pretty good in terms of taste without being the best I’ve tried either the worst is a little bit in between I have not told you we’re hitting with the resistance that is installed that is the only one that comes by the way already 69 variable salvage watt we have we have wanted to complicate too much and the liquid is the dense ferry line so it’s good after these first impressions we are going to throw a look more closely in the plane detailed let’s go there Well here we have the mantle corner x with the metis mix tank and resistance 228 watts month as we can see is a quite sober presentation although the little pictures are like bright the bottom that is more satin type I like how it presents corners products also because it’s pretty minimalist we see that it’s made with recycled materials and neither is exceeds a lot in getting too much material etcetera with which it is a plus for least for us here in bake upper reviews here in all the details if you want take a closer look you can pause the video and see everything carries and we’re going to open the box and we’re going to see what it takes inside Well, we have the certificate card quality card of precautions of the battery a little notebook of the parts that has the tank how to fill it and so on a guarantee card a small card with other products of rim here we have some spots here we have the rest of mods that have taken lately mini cloak that comes with a rda as we can see this we are also going to do a review shortly mantle that is also very similar to mantto x which is what we have today in revision and that also we will then remove an own revision within very little bit, although we already told you that it is very similar but completely identical to this mantle x in terms of electronics and functionalities refers we also have manual in English and in Chinese the and and finally we have the mod here we have finished quite quite cool very minimalist very simple but Well, a design line quite pretty attractive to me so least it seems to me because the lines are very soft rounded edges very comfortable then at the time of catching with the hand very small very light by this material that zinc alloy has been used very solid and good the truth is that I like it I like it quite in general despite some details that now indicate then we have also the tank that we take out in this version comes the tank in color silver or stainless steel we see here inside the goals mix resistance month in simple the super wide trip and the finish good as well as with silver vents or white it’s resin worth the two air inlets that can be regular turning this the turn is fine it’s pretty good although what we’ve already said the issue of dismantling this from a pretty easy way because we do not convinces a lot we have some data below single 5 10 tilting or floating Y and finally we have this other box that comes to the side it is neither more nor less Replacement rubbers and if I’m not wrong it’s the usb cable it seems pretty long, by the way and nothing else what do we miss from the start? we miss another entrance another resistance for good to have one of replacement and step to be able try one of the other options that we gives corner for these tanks that are double triple and quadruple month unfortunately we do not understand very well why this decision have decided not only then give us a unique resistance but also does not come no comes asks is from spare we do not know very well if with the theme this minimalism or they have gone a little bit hands but I think that to this day it’s something for me indispensable that resistance comes spare and a crystal that this good I still have wood, I have not been broken none but good you break and not come on, you have to go buy one and clear until you get it because no you can use the courts is one is a pity we see here some details of the resistance 15 ohms between 40 and 70 watts and kantar measurement well nothing again we have here the mod and we’re going to take a closer look at close to start at the front we see that has this plastic that is where comes the screen is fine integrated voucher is not like a little window it’s just like that is also ready after what is the rest of the button design of shot with a good click I think you can listen and the others two from below that are like little arrows up and down selection also as click microusb port over here we see two of two ventilation slots on each side and from behind it is a plastic sparkly black that have no function at better they could have put it some type of rubber type material or something that be a bit more anti-slip and apart that this for good the dedazos the I do not know if you see it but there are still pretty marked then up we have port 510 with the floating pin and it does not have a stainless steel ring what’s up with this, how good is I suppose you can appreciate that It starts to feel some scratch and this do not use it either too much or I have it for literally two days is using it these days and we already see that grated we would have liked more a ring stainless steel so to avoid this kind of problems or damage then already down we have battery cap what happens with this tapita that to us then we do not passionate let’s look at why only being closed we see that it Wiggle a little and good and the truth is not cool once opened we can see that effectively the cap is not very well assembled and this makes us think that late or early even with a use quite careful is likely to be end up breaking we have to buy a new replacing the or doing any invention does not seem the best truth system I’m not a big fan of this this system to one still we see that the polarities of the bacteria are indicated in the background and then here even though I do not know sees so well because it’s black on black we see that it is positive or negative then we are indicated enough ok let’s put in the batteries let’s see another one of the problems that we have seen with this system we put it down and you have to press a lot so that the latch is hooked opening to us the truth we like the lid system with rear capita magnets or something for the style with magnets is much simpler to change the battery and much safer and nothing then it’s pretty cool because when you get the mark animated and the screen with all the details logically because they have no atomizer but we’re going to fix that right away here we have the data of the metis mix of corner again this and we will use the silver better to be able to teach you the details we have already said that the slot you know, it closes it has there as you see it has here as the hairline and a Huesca and this is what headquarters does limit for where you can rotate this total that to change the resistance what only thing we have to do is unscrew this side from here taking Be careful not to remove the ring or if we take it for good we leave it aside but it’s basically unscrewing to be we look for resistance and change it out there on the other hand trip 810 very wide one of this is that you can put programs of which we have we fit pretty well always have rings here gomà so they fit well We can use our own if we have one that we like more but this the truth is that it works very well and more stuff stuff stuffed the topic of Well stuffed again from the 2 camos the cap of above we remove the lid and we have here the filling slots on both sides This is good because we can see what is occupy practically 90 percent of the circumference but actually the slot is not so wide then keep in mind that it is also the resistance a little bit in between some these whistles of liquids do not enter very well and you have to be careful so that it does not overflow when we’re not to go filling with joy and good it just overflows but it’s not better problem the same having discovered this part of the resistance but there can always be an accident that you got a little liquid out there ok we’re not very fans of this kind of of filling system but on the side positive we have to say that it is pretty airtight at least around here above unfortunately what we have been able to to experience is that there is enough dripping that goes out a little bit below I do not know if it’s because of the type of resistance it’s better that we had not screwed it very good but yes that throws a little Melilla is worth down here depending also on the type of liquid that you may have a little there is nothing too important but well there is the detail betis mix very cool I like it that has 6 milliliters of capacity is very wide we see that they opt for a resistance type elongated to fit more content and nothing now we are going to screw the act in the mod here since we have is variable massage we see the ability to the batteries up here the power that we can adjust with this goes by the decimals or if we keep it already pressed when it freezes units is going pretty fast as you can see it goes from one watt at its maximum 228 watts of power as the resistance that we have then is of month type that we have seen that is maximum 70 watts with us we are going to put good let’s put to sixty-something seventy to the maximum then down here we see that we have last puff in seconds it was a kitten the shoulders of the resistance the voltage that in this case being in variable battle the voltage is also is adjusting what are we using the speed shooting is pretty good we see that it reacts pretty soon I do not know exactly how much is numbers but it feels very fast to take it out as soon as you press the shutter button Well, you can already feel that now to enter the modes we give three presses to the shutter button and we see that it starts to blink we see the tcr oxidizable bypass and again to the variable wattage we for the moment we always use this way but good if you want to use any of the other options as it is always well because you can adjust already to taste of each one we have here is in degrees fahrenheit the selection to press once and we have selected we can change the grades we have to when it arrives minimum of degrees fahrenheit changes to centigrade down and again when it reaches the minimum it gives again that it already reaches the fahrenheit they go from five to five in fahrenheit and from one in one at zero new last puff in seconds with tenths of second we have the envelopes of the resistance and in this case the watts down here no no no no no other configuration functions because we started the little buttons we see what we are blocking the buttons selection we press the two again at the same time and unlock our ways then nothing in the selection of the tc or control of temperature apart from selecting with the little buttons up and down the temperature that we want we can also to focus we are going to select the bat ag by pressing the button below with the of shot we have pressed and we go that already starts to blink with this we can select what wattage we want to use simple before when we want select click and we have it this works the same with any another selection of temperature control the tcr mode because it’s a little bit the same we can adjust the temperature if you we give the little button below and already shot we entered the watts setting and we can also give the opposite to little button above the shot and we see here we have more adjustments do for this this modality is that nothing is that we can see that it has enough enough options or good at least you can choose some some options depending on which are your tastes but it’s not excessively complicated which in our opinion is an advantage there will be people who do throw minus maybe the power to adjust the temperature or wattage curvature or a variable voltage mode that already for tastes for our opinion we do not need it we like it quite as it is so we’re not going to hit anything more caladita and we conclude the video and scores so let’s start with the presentation that we are going to give you an 8 over 10 since the presentation does not is not bad is very minimalist but We especially like it to be everything recycled ergonomics we are going to give you a 7 out of 10 is very well fits well in any hand and is comfortable to use little button very great benefits then again 8 over 10 because we believe it includes the most used modes to be able personalize the mapping experience without being too complicated 7 performance over 10 the battery lasts long enough to be a as powerful as aesthetics is new 7 out of 10 because we believe that it’s a mod that you can like quite people logically this already goes for likes although I could have a selection a little wider colors cost then although we still do not have definitive data We think it’s going to be a very cheap kit and affordable so we’re going to give you a 9 the experience of use has been very good we are going to give you an 8 out of 10 about everything for the simplicity of use at the same time possibility of personalization and the trip width that is very convenient to use total than the final average score we are left in seven and a half in order friends this is a way that deserves a lot worth considering all that presumably gives us the good price that will have many thanks friends for having seen this video and as always I will thank you if you like the video and you subscribe to the channel this has been cooper reviews see you next time see you later


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