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Ripe Strawberry Vs Sweet Strawberry – Taste Test & Review of TFA and Capella DIY Strawberry Flavors

Ripe Strawberry Vs Sweet Strawberry – Taste Test & Review of TFA and Capella DIY Strawberry Flavors

welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john im a flavor compounder and Today I have a quick video comparing the same flavor profile but from 2 different companies. This is Ripe strawberry from The flavor apprentice vs sweet strawberry from capella.

Today these are 2 of the most popular and most often used diy flavors. There are recipes from cheesecake, to milk and even tobacco that use one of these 2 strawberries as their main flavor. So since both are so well known I decide to try and find out how each one tastes and what it does best.

To do that I made 2 mixes, the first one with 5% of capella sweet strawberry mixed at and even 50/50 vg and pg ratio and then another mix with the same 5% ratio for the strawberry ripe. I let them steep for a week and these are the results.

At the same 5% ratio the strawberry ripe tasted a lot stronger, so I find a better ratio would be around 3%. The capella sweet strawberry on the other hand tasted fine at 5% and I could see it even used at 6 or 7% too.

So TFA is the most potent out of the 2. Next is taste, the strawberry ripe had the most realistic taste out the 2 similar to a strawberry juice, the capella had more of an artificial strawberry taste but not in a bad way, it was a familiar strawberry taste usually found in ice creams or gummy bears.

So it’s a little bit more flat that the strawberry ripe but still it has its own special place in different style of recipes. So for taste the Strawberry ripe tasted more realistic with a slightly green aftertaste similar to a real strawberry and the capella sweet strawberry tasted more artificially sweet similar to a strawberry candy.

Now after comparing them I want to say that if you combine them together you can create a very nice and rich strawberry flavor. If you want to make a sweet strawberry of flavor use them in 2 to 1 ratio with the capella sweet strawberry as the leader, and if you want a more realistic and slightly sweet strawberry use them at 1 to 1 ratio something like 2 or 3% for each.

If you had to only buy one then decide which one would fit better in your style of mixing, in a short summary I will say that the strawberry ripe is the best all around strawberry flavor and it will fit in almost any type of recipe.

And the capella sweet strawberry has any equally realistic fruity taste but with a more neutral not so overpowering flavor that has a little less depth but it is also that property that makes it an especially good concentrate for making candy and desert type of eliquids.

I don’t have a favorite one out of the two personally and I think they are both good in their own ways but If I had to only buy one it would probably be the strawberry ripe. Now leave me your comment about these 2 flavors, I know they are very commonly used in many collections so I would like to also hear your thoughts about them.

Again thank you for being here for another review and I will see you next time.


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