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Rolled Cake Hazelnut Praline DIY EJuice Recipe

Rolled Cake Hazelnut Praline DIY EJuice Recipe

Welcome again to the channel of YouTube in this occasion we have another recipe type cake but that cake, is a cupcake what we were looking for is to make the cupcakes these that there is of… in Mercadona and places this way, good in supermarkets of here of Spain that are a roll of.

.. yes, among… cookie, almond… a roll of… as of coiled cupcake with chocolate, looking for that type of flavor then, looking for that type of flavor, we find very guessed right using Cinnamon Roll, this then, we use, Cinnamon Roll We use, as has already been on other occasions Hazelnut Praline that is good us very well for the chocolates we use the Vanilla Thaity that also combines very well we use Sweet Cream, we use Graham Cracker and we also use Cheesecake Graham Crust that it is a mixture of Cheesecake with Graham Craker and leaves a very special flavor, the mixture it is good of Cheesecake Graham Crust gives us very good flavors we use it a lot and we believe that this very well, when mixes with other flavors good, we go to the recipe.

.. of Cinnamon Roll uses a 8% 8% is here, 0,8 ml for 10 total ml as you see, it is the flavor that will prevail in this recipe we add, Hazelnut Praline that is the chocolate that we will use of Hazelnut Praline, we add 4%, therefore, 0,4 ml on 10 total ml of the vanilla Tahití of this.

.. of this we use 2%, therefore, 0,2 ml for 10 total ml it is here 0,2 ml this vanilla contributes an incredible flavor if you ask… can I change this vanilla? of course, you can change it for the one that you prefer but any will give you this flavor.

.. but as happens in other recipes, if you do not have this flavor … and you have the rest of flavors… adds any other one… under my point of view it is very simple… bad the recipe won’t come out for not having the same flavor exactly of Sweet Cream also adds a 2% 2%, it is same, to 0,2 ml I have said it in many recipes, we use what we have and to the one that he doesn’t like.

.. doesn’t have to be important… we have to make the recipes with the flavors that we have it is necessary to manage with what one has, I show new or different recipes, but if you lack a flavor… it is substituted and you ends up.

.. Graham Cracker Clear, of this, we use a 1% 1% is here, 0,1 ml 0,1 ml, practically anything… and lastly of Cheesecake Graham Crust that it is the one that contributes us that cupcake flavor it reinforces the flavor of Cinnamon Roll, because that flavor looks for to be a coiled cupcake it is a roll of cinnamon and with the other flavors we develop him and with Cheesecake Graham Crust, we have just tinged it.

.. we add a 3% 3% is here a little bit less… here 3% is 0,3 ml for 10 total ml and with this we tinge but our flavor and I say the same thing again, if it lacks some ingredient if it lacks some ingredient.

.. the recipe is made without that… that is used that have… but if you lack all… alone you have that you look at the recipes of the channel and for sure there is some that you can make… and we will continue ascending of new.

.. many more will go up … we are preparing many recipes and it begins to have a lot of people that contributes recipes that it contributes ideas and they leave making and they leave making, you will have recipes with any flavors that you buy.

.. that it is the idea that is pursued, to have a lot of variety… to have an assortment of recipes but some recipes of quality… not to make, for example, Sweet Cream with Graham Cracker, no, not to make that.

.. if not, make recipes with 4 or 5 flavors or even 10 or 12, but that they are complex but with good quality what we look for is to make alchemy, to make those us, but without having envy of any commercial eliquid.

.. to end up preparing eliquids like these that are in the bottom of the image… of these… of the I continue fighting for that… but it is complicated… very complicated… Shaman Juice, has many but knowledge of those that I have it is still very complicated to make that.

.. to make this eliquid that there is here… the same thing… very complicated… speaking with friends that request to make you… I can not… to those recipes I don’t still arrive… I try to do like that, at the moment.

.. they don’t look like each other in anything… I not yet arrive at that level… I lack it a lot to arrive at that level… it is as everything… they are years of experience… me that experience doesn’t have it.

.. some same day I arrive at that level, at the moment, I don’t have it… let us continue with the recipe… has 20% of flavor in total, they are 2 less ml 5ml of propylene glycol, they are 3 ml that it is necessary to add we have to add of propylene glycol 3 ml here 3 ml pardon to play the cable of the camera.

.. we close… we move… and it is already… and now we add glycerine… and of glycerine we add… 5 ml practically I don’t have glycerine, I will have to open another bottle… 5 ml… we lift the tube so that it lowers the spare one and don’t stain this way anything.

.. and we add the glycerine… it squirts it stops inside… and our made recipe is already… we put the plug… we close it well… we cover and we close strong… we move… and we already have our made recipe.

.. I think that all are but or less similar of complex… the stocking would be in about 5 or 6 flavors… some have 10 flavors… but almost all are on the 5 or 6 flavors… and the level of quality, little by little we go him ascending.

.. offering recipes but elaborated, with but you tinge, for palates but demanding… looking for to satisfy to but people… that we have but variety… if every week we go up 3 or 5 recipes… that of those, at least a most of the friends of the channel of YouTube like it.

.. and always looking for to please all… as we have added tobacco recipes, to add recipes but complex… of chocolates and similar but with but you tinge… good… this is everything… and anything but.

.. we see each other in the following one… see you later…


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