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Welcome back to the YouTube channel, in this Time we have another recipe this recipe Specifically, should have made it in the year 2016 Should have been published in the year 2016 The date of this recipe It is December 2015 December 2015.

. Already have your time… But as in the year 2016 was published recipes to I had an unfortunate accident and shatter a Hand… And then stop making videos, there were many Recorded… And I continued to be published until the end of what he already had Recorded.

.. In this recipe, like many others that were made to At the end of 2015 early 2016 Didn’t work out then in the light and the ire publishing This specifically had another name But talking to friends of Vaper Chemistry of Mexico It is a program that makes a few friends In Mexico and some times, by medication that I don’t have a regular sleep How many mornings I’m awake.

.. sometimes I connect with them And I am the fool… because there is little that I can provide me with You… Then talking about a day with them, told them of the Recipes i have to want that We post any In the group and ask them to people who are in that During the live that they will put a name To the recipe Then they put of name Ron Ka Wei – Pedorron Because they put Ron Ka Wei – Pedorron, Ron.

.. and the rest I don’t know, but I don’t care I ask: what name you want and they chose That… to know this recipe… that i am Vaping again… The hand does not work… The taste is very rare… because.

.. Know It is very difficult to describe, you will note a point of rum, You will note a point of citric but at the same time it is A cream Then, the taste is very very strange… The most rare recipes that I created, this would be in These categories of very rare.

.. Takes cytryna, lima – lemon, rum, leads a Little bit of pineapple, leads a mixture of cream It is made with 70% Glycerin As you can see the vapor density is large enough And the flavor that leaves It is very strange and very difficult to describe I haven’t tried anything similar to this How did the recipe is ? He came on as many Other silly .

.. But it is of the many nonsense that came to do, This was right… Of course , the intention was to publish it And talking to friends of Vaper Chemistry, I request that the publish in your group And I ask you to ask the audience of the program on that day, the name of the recipe and called Ron Ka Wei – Pedorron And that is the name of the recipe So to whom he dedicated this recipe ? We dedicate this recipe is obviously.

.. The Vaper Chemistry group and users who chose the name The people who were currently watching the channel As you can see is a mixture of creams and then add the rare mix citrus fruits with rum And the pineapple and the flavor that is obtained is very peculiar but very nice Of Whipped Cream we use a 2% to make 10 ml total is 0.

2 ml Sweet Cream we use also a 2% … 0.2 ml to 10 ml total Of Dairy Milk, which also use it often for this type of flavors Looking to make a mixture of creams, we also use a 2% A 10 ml 2% for total..

. 0.2 ml We use French Vanilla Deluxe, but we used a 10%… that is to say, 1 ml to 10 ml total Using a 10% which is a considerable amount… And in the recipe is not appreciated the taste of vanilla, feels soft and creamy and this occurs because of the mixture of the other flavors A 10 ml 10% for total is equivalent to 1 ml And we also added to give more creamy New York Cheesecake And of this we also use a 2% A 10 ml 2% for total.

.. 0.2 ml Of Cytryna, which is the lemon that we use… we will add a 2%… 0.2 ml to 10 ml total Lemon Lime, which already have spent I have nothing… as you can see this… Spent all… i have just enough The 0.

2 ml We also use a 2% A 2% of lime Ron also use a 2% … 0.2 ml to 10 ml total I ‘m sorry but i was left-handed and using only the right hand me is very complicated. Already And finally we add pineapple A 0.

5% and what we get is to break the citrus, notice the taste but what we got Remove arrowheads that we left the Cytryna and lime And of this we use only a 0.5 % And with that we already have our recipe made What percentage of flavor we have.

.. we have a 24.5% Remember that the basis which we are going to use in 30% of 70% propylene glycol and glycerin, then, to make 10 ml total add 0.55 ml of propylene glycol What we have here back ready, our 0.

55 ml This if we have to move it before adding the glycerin And what happens with the citrus Perhaps with my hand in front look better… it remains cloudy Think of a detail The one that I have made the 2015 It looks cloudy also and is the 2015 We are in May 2017 almost june This eliquid has approximately 1 year and a half .

.. and after that time Still cloudy Remember that, for example, the Snake Oil, it is cloudy… Has the same color or shape And people are not… because it is cloudy… by mixing creams with citrus The same as we have done now They are our 3 ml total of propylene glycol Total and 7 ml of glycerine make us 10 ml total And with this.

.. if you managed to put in place, sometimes with one hand I’m still too awkward, using only one hand is very complicated, and with this we already have the recipe Now we move and becomes more cloudy than before Move Well And, as I’ve said before And it looks cloudy, it is not transparent at all Good That is the recipe Ron Ka Wei – Pedorron, chose the users who were participating in the program Vaper Chemistry of Mexico The program is on Thursdays at 22:00 hours local time of Mexico but at 05:00 AM in Spain If you don’t like me, that being a person rated Forms of sleep or.

.. Or live like a normal person, I do not If that happens… It may also be that you are working… to those hours there are many people working The Thursday they have the program and if you want to pass by there How many other programs, people talking about what has happened during the week People talking about alchemy.

. It is assumed that if a program is of alchemy, they should talk only of alchemy From my point of view These people says many things of alchemy and when i am operating system The health and leaves me, having to talk to them.

.. Well that said, this recipe is dedicated to The people of Vaper Chemistry And the users that one day they decided to put the name Ron Ka Wei – Pedorron Go name him… but i had to choose the users..

. I hope you like it, it is very strange but the taste it leaves is very special and i haven’t tried anything like that The only thing that I have tasted like, but this is not the case would be the range of witches brew and liquids It would be to what more it would seem this recipe The result is very rare, but at the same time very nice from my point of view Good And having said that, because nothing, we are in the next.

.. until then.


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