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Rude Oil – Truck Slop E juice Review – Apple Sour E liquid Review Video

Rude Oil  – Truck Slop E juice Review – Apple Sour E liquid Review Video

hey there guys one for brand new juice review video in today’s video we’re taking a look at truck slop by rude oil so guys back with another e juice review video today where taking a look at juice that I picked up again down at vape expo which is a by Rude oil and called truck slop now coming out care about this I think it was one of the three juices it was place within sort of the yet kind of free back what you get so we’re going to do a little bit of a sort of teach review for you guys tell you what we think of it now look at the packaging to begin with it’s kind of like greenish bottle on stupid of brewed oil on it we then got to have all the information around the side and some of the 10 ml bottle TP doing everything all the instructions etc etc and as someone I did come across which was quite and cool it’s just it’s a lot of pretty 10 milliliters but then and get a comment focus it goes exactly how much studies in gallons summary folks very well that’s all folks Lee but yet it still gives us the other side in gallon so it’s not point naught naught to two gallons and which is always quite cool would have been caught on so you have runo so it’s really with a let’s give it a bit of a smell test and I am on sod not milligram for there and so yes let’s get a little bit of smoke let’s get into the bowl Oh straight away I’m being kind of like a citrus and I like Apple never smell very nice it kind of stitch it’s got kind of a kind of like a sour apple type smell like the sour apple pie candies yeah dude smell and very very ugly and this is going to be a little bit of a blind places they’ll actually say really on the board exactly what to expect but I want to say Apple so let’s rip it I’m going to stick it on to my eyes always my and my dripper nada absolutely floor freshly whipped as always and we learn see houses the overall gripped up and ready to go so let’s give it a go so straight away I’m getting a kind of Apple type sort of aniseed and really threw me it kind of got a bit of a sort of sour hint to it clouds are like really creamy yeah it’s a little bit like a police’s it’s like sour apple laces and we really good flavor massive blast a sort of Apple on the inhale and then more of a kind of risque ginger as well but kind of ginger and aniseed on this sort of exhale there and you’re left with a a really good flavor sort of in your mouth it does create very very like sweet sweet taste like sort of sour apple this is in my opinion and it is really really nice quite impressed with it didn’t really know what this is going to be all kind of took a guess would be the kind of green and obviously from the smell that it was going to be Apple but it’s very much a kind of sour sweet like Apple like like lip sell Apple this is like things yeah definitely will you I stood it is too much of it but okay yes bitterly definitely lack of a little bit and really good flavor really it’s not cleansing really sort of sweet so yeah that was the root oil so that was the rook flop by root oil obviously today I’m on not milligrams everybody comes in three and six and yeah really nice juice so I suggest you guys give it a try that something that would appeal to you if you guys do enjoy the videos and please make sure to drop it alike obviously today I’ll try a little bit of different technique with a camera and trying to actually record what I found today to see if I get a little bit better quality for you guys so drop me a comment below to tell me whether you think the videos quality is better in this one complex previous videos and then sort of moving on forwards for the channel I’ll start doing stuff err using the user my phone rather than using a GoPro well yep that was the video I hope you guys enjoyed it like I said drop the like you’re not subscribed to channel already then please make sure to subscribe and as always guys thanks for watching the video and see you on the very next day 95 video


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