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Safe Alternatives to Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol PG VG Vaping Substitutes

Safe Alternatives to Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol PG VG Vaping Substitutes

In short, yes There is an alternative to propylene glycol, but there is NO safe alternative to Vegetable glycerin, Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes, Im john im a flavor compounder and today in this quick video I will talk to you about the 2 ingredients that we compounders and all other diyers out there use and talk about everyday.

I will start with vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin doesn’t have, at least not yet another safe alternative out there that can be used for vaping. There is atleast 1 safe alternative for propylene glycol,which I will talk about.

But for vaping, Vegetable glycerin is the only glycerin you should be using. For cooking you could substitute vg with Vegetable oil if you need it just for the texture and without sweetness, and corn syrup to get both the texture and the sweetness.

Here though we are not cooking but vaping and inhaling it so stay with Vegetable glycerin until there is something new and tested. Now what Vegetable glycerin you should use? You can use any brand or from anywhere as long as it is USP grade or EP grade or pharmaceutical grade.

Usp stands for United States Pharmacopeia and means its approved and tested by someone certified. Ep stands for European Pharmacopoeia. Here Ill show you 3 different glycerins, they both taste and feel the same.

This one is the most expensive of the 3. Then this one is from the pharmacy, and the last one in from a 5liter jug I have.Two of them are from a generic brand and the other one is a premium brand. And there is No difference in quality what so ever.

Now about propylene glycol. If you want to try something different and apparently smoother give a try to PEG-400. Now I say apparently smoother because that is the main selling point, people claim its smoother and more pure thus better.

I have tried peg400 from atleast 3 different companies and I actually find it just to be a little more harsh when mixed as substitute to PG at the same ratio. There are some recipes that PEG400 would work a little better, like cookie or milk recipes because of the added throat hit but again if you are buying it to be healthier then just save your money and instead switch to high vg recipes that the pg its just there to carry the flavors and nothing else.

The after eight recipe I have posted before is a high vg you can try to see what I mean. Leave a comment to say hello or if you have any questions. The subreddit is in the description also if you want to check it out.

thats all for today So see you next time again with something awesome


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