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Shake and Vape [Strawberry] – 2 Fresh DIY Eliquid Recipes

Shake and Vape [Strawberry] – 2 Fresh DIY Eliquid Recipes

Hello and welcome back to diy eliquid recipes. Im john and today’s I have to show you 2 very nice strawberry shake and vape recipes. The idea behind both eliquids was to create something that will taste best when vaped fresh.

Strawberry in general is a flavor that faints rather quickly. If you mix it with heavier flavors like creams it will hold up a little better during steeping, but a fruit only strawberry eliquid will start to get weak and loose flavor with time.

So to get something that is full of flavor and will vape consistently with the same taste for at least the first week I decided on the 2 following recipes. The first one is called strawberry rush with the backbone of the mix being dragonfruit.

And the second recipe is called strawberry fresh which is a different and lighter approach to the flavor similar to a shisha strawberry. Here is the first recipe, it is a combination of flavorwests bright strawberry flavor mixed with the very realist flavourart strawberry.

And in the end there is 3% of dragonfruit from the flavor apprentice to add extra depth to fruits and make them taste a little brighter. This is a full flavor eliquid with a lot of strawberry taste that will vape very nicely.

The propylene glycol is a little higher than usual at 35% but this will help with better flavor delivery and also prolong the life of the strawberry taste for a little longer inside the eliquid. Since this is a shake and vape, just mix it up, then shake it, wait for all the bubbles to settle and enjoy.

It should have the same taste for about 1 week. Next is the strawberry fresh eliquid. Here is again the full recipe. This one is made with the traditional combination of capella sweet strawberry and tfa strawberry ripe.

Both are very nice flavors and I have a video that I compared them to each other too. But when used in combination they create a very nice and fresh tasting strawberry flavor. Again as a helper at the end there is fuji at 1% which will not add much of flavor.

You will not taste it pretty much at all. But what will it do is add extra fruit like taste to the eliquid and make them taste even more realistic. You will taste a combination of fresh strawberry flavor with a touch of some candy like strawberry taste too.

All together this will taste like a fresh strawberry juice with a lot of bright notes and mild sweetness. Both eliquids are already sweet enough but if you want to add more sweetener I recommend adding a sucralose or stevia based sweetener since there is already a lot of ethyl Maltol included from the other flavors.

At the end the idea of this video is to create 2 simple shake and vape recipes that can be made quickly on the go when you are looking for something new to vape or if you just run out of eliquid. Also You can use either recipe with some additional cream and give them a long steep to create your own strawberry milk.

Either way alone or not both recipes will vape nicely and with a lot of strawberry flavor as intended. If you make any of the 2 recipes or if you have anything to share, as always leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I know I have only been making 1 video a week recently. And this is because Im working on something big to come out soon for the channel. But in 2 weeks I should be done, and I will come out with a new more frequent schedule with weekly reviews and top5s and of course more recipes.

AS always thank you for your support and Ill see you again next time.


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