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Simple Fuji Apple Juice DIY Eliquid Recipe 60VG[Crisp,bright and sweet apple ejuice recipe]

Simple Fuji Apple Juice DIY Eliquid Recipe 60VG[Crisp,bright and sweet apple ejuice recipe]

Hello and welcome to diy eliquid recipes, I’m john and today I have a nice new recipe to show you. So this is Fuji apple juice. I have been playing around with flavourarts fuji recently and since its fall I wanted to make a nice apple juice eliquid.

I tried looking for other simple aplle juice recipes online but almost everything uses fuji either in an apple pie or in a tobacco recipe. I couldn’t find any clean and simple apple eliquid recipes that I liked.

So I decided to start from scratch. First I mixed fuji at 3% and steeped it for 1 week. After trying it I found that the ratio was ok but the apple taste had faded a little with time so I boosted it up to 3.

25% Next I wanted to add some extra sweetness and for that I used a little bit of pear from flavourart again together with some sweetener. And at the end I used a little bit of smooth for a touch of triacetin to help the taste.

All together mixed at 60vg and 40%pg and steeped for 1 week. This recipe is a very nice and crisp apple juice eliquid that will vape clean and its full of apple flavor. Its fruity, bright and sweet enough to make for a very nice all day vape.

After vaping on this eliquid for a few days I decided to make an advanced version that has a much deeper taste but also uses a lot more ingredients. I wont go over each flavor together again so here are both recipes in a better picture.

As you can see for the seconds recipe there is also the 2 apples flavor from inawera included here which adds an extra boost to the whole apple taste and makes it a little more realistic. Also in this recipe there is a small amount of acetyl Pyrazine used to give some extra mouthfeel to the apples.

. This recipe is more of a premium style of apple juice eliquid with a much stronger flavor than the first one. It is not better it just has a lot more flavor. If you are looking for something light and simple or if you want to mix up a quick shake and vape, then the first recipe is always what I would go for.

If you want a rich and full apple juice eliquid that you will let steep for a while and you also have all the extra flavors then the second recipe would be a better option for you. Either one you make leave me your thoughts in the comments about the recipes or the fuji apple flavor and how you like to use it.

Thank you again for watching and Ill see you next time.


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