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SMOK AL85 Mod KIT | Product Spotlight [Vape Review and Tutorial]

SMOK AL85 Mod KIT | Product Spotlight [Vape Review and Tutorial]

Hey guys Joe here with Mt Baker vapor! Bringing you another great product spotlight video and today we’re gonna be taking an up-close look at the Smok AL 85. Let’s go ahead and dive down unbox it and see what comes inside And here’s our up-close look at the Smok AL 85 kit Let’s go ahead and unbox it It’s got this nice little sleeve that comes on the outside Standard black Smok box and inside we have an instruction booklet Battery safety card and a warranty card from Smok Here is the mod itself This one is the gold and red edition.

It’s got kind of a little hotrod feel to it You just pull this guy out and underneath all sorts of goodies a USB cable spare parts The tank itself a vape band, and if you can get to it down there in it’s little cubby hole an additional coil.

Has a 0.4 ohm V8q2 coil installed and it also comes with 0.6 ohm coil Let’s go ahead and throw a battery inside of it. Take one of my handy-dandy ohm tech batteries, and you’re just gonna unscrew this top.

You’ll see if you look at the bottom of the cap, the negative sign And deep down inside the battery well, there is a big red positive. So we’re going to take the button and positive side down and slide that in and screw our cap back on.

Tank itself is a top fill tank. Has a hinge on the door. Sometimes you’ll notice you might need to push it down and push it together in order for it to lock into place. Let’s go ahead and juice up our coil! You always want to make sure that you prime your coil before you fill it and vape it.

You really don’t want burnt cotton, doesn’t make for a very pleasant vape. I’ve got some Hawk Sauce 3 milligram handy. Just gonna put a few drops here on the outside where the wicking holes are. You don’t need a whole lot.

Then inside you can see the cotton. We’re just gonna put a little bit on that cotton, get it nice primed and ready to go. Coil reattaches to the chimney, and you just screw that right on. We can go ahead and throw our tank on our mod now! This tank is the baby beast.

This is the mini edition of the TFV8. And you’re gonna want to fill it from the top right through this kidney shaped hole and the rubber ring. Add a little bit of juice in there. Really juice it up! There we go.

Push down and turn and kind of fill it click into place. To turn this mod on, five clicks. Like the Smok alien, the side of the mod itself is the fire button. See it fire up all your readouts. It’s in wattage mode, so you’ll see wattage see your battery life; volts, ohms, amps, puffs.

There’s a few shortcuts and an appendix in the back the instruction book that’ll give you navigations between holding the power button up or down and holding the fire button on the side. That’ll take you to a few shortcuts for adjustments.

If you want to get to the main menu section you give the fire button three clicks! It’s asking us is this a new coil. This is a new coil. Three clicks takes you into the main menu; mode temp, memory, watt.

When you want to select the menu that you’ve scrolled to, the sub menu, you’re going to let’s say strength normal, hold down the fire button and it takes you back to the main screen. So we know this coil is 0.

4 ohms. Smok recommends 40 to 80 watts. Best 55 to 65 watts. So, we using the up and down buttons will make the adjustments to our wattage. Up, down, let’s crank it up to 55 and moves pretty fast! And you can dial it back.

Perfect! We’ve already adjusted our strengths, back to the menu mode. You can cycle through puffs, settings, power and that well if you hold your fire button down on the power that’ll turn it off. Hold down on mode; wattage normal strength and we’re back to the main menu! Air flow control right here on the bottom, adjust that as needed.

More restrictive less air flow is going to give you a little more flavor a little less vapor Wide open a more Airy vape. And that’s about all there is to it! Let’s go ahead and head back up and talk about it.

That wraps up our look at the Al85! A great single battery mod from Smok! Sure to please beginner, intermediate and advanced vapors. Pick one up for yourself today at Mtbakervapor.com. As always, thanks for joining us! Make sure to subscribe and like our channel, and we’ll see you next time!


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