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Soho Flavourart Review + Recipe (A very good Medium/Bold Flavor for DIY) FA TOBACCO

Soho Flavourart Review + Recipe (A very good Medium/Bold Flavor for DIY) FA TOBACCO

Goodday and Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. I’m john im a flavor compounder and today I have a quick review of a very nice tobacco flavor. This is Soho by flavourart. Starting I want to say that this flavor would be best explained as a smooth and aromatic tobacco that leans a little to the bold side.

Its similar to a combination of RY4 mixed together with another darker tobacco. It is floral, earthy and sweet.So in the end all these different profiles mixed Together are creating a very realistic and rich tobacco flavor .

This will sound like a bold statement but soho might be one of the better tobacco flavors available. if you like other tobaccos like ry4,555 or desert ship then soho its definitely a good next step. It is slightly stronger but the flavor is still smooth and with a lot of taste.

I tried a batch at 7% with 50 propylene glycol and glycerin steeped for 10 days. The flavors I could taste were, some caramel, sugar or brown sugar notes, and a nice earthy aftertaste most likely coming from roasted nuts or maybe from a wood flavor.

All together is a nice rich and full of flavor vape. Even solo it will make a decent eliquid and my only recommendation would be some extra sweetener maybe 0.5 or 1% on top. So if you want to use it solo I would recommend using it from 5% up to 10%max.

This is a complex and deep flavor that is a little tricky to pair with other flavors properly. The best profiles that would work almost always are other tobaccos, a very small amount of chocolate or hazelnut and maybe a cream but nothing to thick or rich just something plain to help with the vapefeel.

Actually probably marshmallow would be the best pair for soho. It will add some non dairy cream and a touch of sweetness that benefits the whole taste. Now if have this flavor already and want to try it in a recipe Ill give you quickly a nice eliquid that you can make with it.

Will start with 4% of Soho, 2% of RY4 from TFA, 1% of meringue from FA, 0.5% of chocolate clear from TFA and 0.5% of Acetyl Pyrazine from TFA, mixed at 70% of Vegetable glycerin and 30% Propylene glycol.

This recipe for a fast steep it will need 7 days and about 3 weeks for a normal steep. This recipe will taste similar to a cigarillo, it will be sweet and soft but with some extra mouth and throat feel similar to the bolder taste of full leaf tobacco.

On the inhale it will taste smooth and slightly sweet and on the exhale you will get a full taste of a variety of different earthy and floral flavors creating a nice sweet tobacco taste. As a summary I want to say that if this type of flavors are the kind you like and use often then soho its definitely something worth trying.

It offers a different take to the medium bold tobacco flavors and works great solo or when used as a tobacco booster. If you have tried this flavors let me know how you find it too. Thank you for staying all the way through this review.

And as always ill see you again on the next video.


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