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Strawberries and Cream Capella – Review & Recipe

Strawberries and Cream Capella – Review & Recipe

Welcome back to a new review video. I’m john I’m a flavor compounder and in this week’s video we are looking at capellas strawberries and cream flavor. Even though because of its name it might be expected that this is a popular flavor its actually kinda the opposite and you will very rarely see this flavor in a regular recipe or discussed online.

There are few forum posts talking about how badly it blends with other flavors but usually there is not a clear answer if this flavor is a good one or not. Now I have this flavor for many years now and only recently I thought of doing a review.

Now having tried it recently for this video at 3% and 6% with 5 days steeping I have to say that it doesn’t taste exactly like strawberries and cream but its on a good path. The mix I made had 20% propylene glycol in it so the 3% sample tasted fine but If you are going to make this just with vegetable glycerin then you will need at least 6% of flavor to make it come through enough.

Now the taste I can describe it as very light and thin cream with a stronger strawberry aftertaste. It has a slight alcohol aftertaste too which goes away with steeping. Now this flavor is not too bad since I could see it work ok just solo with a little bit of sweetener but if you are looking for a richer strawberries and cream flavor then you would probably have to mix something from scratch.

Personally, I don’t regret buying it since I only bought 30ml and I already used close to half of it for this video, but I will probably not use it again for a while. Next, I also have prepared a recipe with this flavor but let me quickly show you the ratios of use before moving to the recipe last.

If you want to try this flavor alone then for a mild eliquid use it from 2 up to 4% and for a stronger solo eliquid use it from 6 up to maybe 9 or even 10%. Now for diy recipes I have concluded at the following ratios.

To use it as a base for your mix use it from 4 up to 7%, this is a good range with enough taste and still room for other flavors. To use it as an accent to other recipes then usually 1 or 2% seems to be enough when I use it as a flavor booster.

Next lets go to my eliquid. Now I think this is a flavor that is very hard to work around and create a recipe with. It will overpower almost every other weaker flavor and leave a weird alcoholic aftertaste to most eliquids unless steeped for a week or more.

So I found a way to work around that by boosting instead the strawberry and cream flavor itself rather than introducing new flavors to blend it with. So here is the recipe in it’s final form. The strawberries and cream is used at a medium 4% together with 3% of the silverline meringue and a touch of tfa dragonfruit to help the strawberry taste.

The meringue from capella is slightly different to the meringue from flavourart. The silverline meringue is a more milky or kinda creamy flavor with a very minimal taste. Which here works very well since the cream inside the strawberries and cream is kinda weak and missing that milky mouthfeel which gets boosted when introducing the meringue.

The dragonfruit is here as I mentioned as a booster which could be also achieved using another strawberry but with the dragonfruit we also get the old and good emulsifying properties it has too so why not use it if you have it.

All and all this is a good tasting recipe and a little different than the usual strawberry cheesecakes or other similar strawberry and cream recipes. For steeping you would want to go at least 1 week to 10 days for all the flavors to blend better.

Now if you have this flavor too leave your thoughts about it in the comments since it’s very rare to talk with someone else that has also tried capellas strawberries and cream. In any case I hope you found the information useful.

Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I will see you again soon with something new and interesting.


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