Welcome again to the channel of, YouTube, in this occasion has a recipe another version their version of the recipe that you see in the animation that you this showing and this recipe concretely search the flavor of the cereals with a high finish of strawberries then, what we look for or we have at the end it is a cream of milk and we return to the creams that we have carried out in other occasions when we make cream, we look for some combinations of flavors to liven up that mixture as we have said in previous occasions, if alone we use a flavor you cannot get a very effective flavor of that flavor, then, to get a flavor but elaborated that makes it is to add different flavors in this.

… this occasion, I don’t have well placed the flavors because they are many we have a lot of variety of flavors lately the recipes that we look have but you tinge, they are better developed and the resulting final flavor is better if you ask, you use different many flavors, it is that there are recipes with many and you prescribe with less elaboration and less flavors this for example, has 9 flavors and a molecule lately there are many recipes of this style and if the makers make this way them if we look for something similar or that maker’s version, we don’t know as using less ingredients to obtain the same result good, to what we went, this recipe concretely tells us that it takes cream of strawberries 3% = 0,3 mili liters this way, 0,3 mili liters 0,3 mili liters of cream of strawberries of ripe strawberries that we have it here, he/she tells us other 3% 3% is here, 0,3 mili liters of Berry Crunch, tells us that we use a 4% 0,4 mili liters of Creamy Hazelnut we use a 2% 2% = 0,2 mili liters of Marshmallow, we use 1% and we use that of FA and we use 1%, that is to say, 0,1 mili liters 0,1 mili liters of Bavariam Cream uses 1% also 1% is 0,1 mili liters, here 0,1 mili liters for 10 mili total liters of Cheesecake Graham Crust, we also use a 1% 1% is 0,1 mili liters like leave in the image if you remember of previous recipes, the creams are made this same way, of Dairy Milk uses a 2% 0,2 mili liters of Malted Milk also uses 2%, that is to say, 0,2 mili liter, here and lastly, we add him/her a little bit of Sweetener, to give him/her a little but of sweetness that this hardly has and I have to begin another and 0,2 mili liters, you see it, it is here of Sweetener and with this the recipe is already made all has of flavor in total of flavor in total have 21% that or this anything bad as we make it at the 50/50, we have to subtract to 5 mili liters of propylene glycol, 2,1 mili liters of flavor, total he/she gives us 2,9 to add that we have them here prepared and we add them we leave it in their place we move it and we add the 5 mili liters of the glycerine that we also have it prepared five mili liters of glycerine and with this we have our version of this recipe, it is worth that we have looked for in this version, like we have said before, we look for the perfect combination of the strawberries with Berry Crunch, with the cereals these of colors and we look for the mixture of flavor with the milk with the cereals and with the strawberries, we find that one obtains a very pleasant flavor with the version that we have carried out and of recipe that we have obtained of this of our experience of proving this I liquidate, it is this version, good.

.. this is everything and anything… we see each other in the following one, see you later.


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