Welcome back to the YouTube channel, in this occasion we will prepare a cookie As the thousands that there are on the Internet, but we are going to Make a cookie We will make cookies with many different flavors and This in particular will be with strawberries Strawberries are here in front A mixture of this This Strawberry, Strawberry, of This and of That If we mix many strawberries we get a taste More real than strawberries and what we do with the cookies Is equal A combination of cookies, which are those of there and A combination of creams to give them A better tone,.

.. Bring the small details that serves to refine The recipes This recipe has a total of 17 flavors, it may seem Much But honestly, the difference is very large We can make the recipe using only one type of 1 Cookies Yes, but it is much more poor the result It is like everything else, use a lot of flavors but In its just dose Makes the prescription is much more Real, that the final flavor, that the flavor that i left in the Mouth more real In this new phase, as you can see we add many Different manufacturers But we have seen that mixing many flavors Mix many types of flavors we provide these Nuances that make us special our Recipes.

.. We are going to prepare 30 ml We are going to continue to prepare the recipes with a single Hand because the other is not operational I have everything ready for you to do so only with A hand And this will be the first cookie recipe With strawberries, but the biscuits with fruits of the Forest, with chocolate.

.. A mix of tropical fruits Cookies with vanilla and caramel, all you can Imagine of types of cookies It will always have that combination of cookie, that This made for these strawberries But for example with chocolates does not carry the same or When we add almonds nor takes that Composition Or with dried fruits, with that kind of Ringtones, do not use this combination because it does not reach the Desired flavor, with the cookies for chocolates, Do not use that You will see that they are very similar but not the same, there are Small nuances They are the ones who enrich the final flavor In this type of recipes, as all of the new Season are 30% 70% propylene glycol and glycerin.

And This recipe uses a 24% of the total flavor And the name of the recipe is ” Strawberry Cookies ” lol… On that recipes are based… There are many manufacturers who have completed cookies Strawberry, Lemon.

.. Five Pawns i think that he made one of Biscuits with lemon scrape Having tried all that I have been taking the nuances of each of them, Try to do… try to always do something better What I find that manufacturers have stopped Add, look to add it, for that is really what He says the label There are many manufacturers who say.

.. Cookies strawberry or chocolate chip cookies And where is the chocolate or where the crackers… Look to have that flavor… if it is a strawberry cookie, You need to know to cookie and strawberry has to know If it is a lemon cookie, you need to know to cookie and You need to know to lemon.

.. some manufacturers that i have Tested lemon biscuits Lacked Lemon Or you had to imagine it or where was the cookie… i I have not found… some that we will also see Type ” Muffins ” The Same Where are these flavors.

.. Are the other flavors But the muffins As we did with the donuts, we are going to Try to do this type of versions On eliquids known, but adding what We believe that they lack To those recipes Then This recipe is a biscuit with strawberry.

.. i was Thinking… In Spain there are some cookies of the brand LU And van filled with strawberry jam and i was looking for. To obtain this type of softness This cookie but at the same time, there is a point quite High strawberry If you see how is this mounted Is separated into three areas.

.. one by here, another on this side and the other down I have here a 10% of flavor to the cookie, a 6% of flavor to the cream, the sweetness… The mixture to obtain an earth friendly and then i have a 8% on the fruit to be used, in this case the strawberry and the total gives me A 24% and the order you see better, because when a prescription is better Structure the different parts.

.. leaving a % for the cookie, other % to make smoothness, sweetness, etc… And other % to make the fruit is easier to get the right recipe That does not, put all the ingredients without separating I always separate in 3 blocks to get best result Having said that we had to prepare the recipe, we begin.

.. Here The Cupcake Batter, i do not know how it is pronounced, lol… this we use a 2% I pulled the plug A 30 ml 2% to total 0.6 ml This happens when using only one hand The Biscuit, of Inawera, that what we have here prepared, we use a 1 per cent to 30 ml in total is equivalent to 0.

3 ml Of the Nones Cake Flavor, Art, we use a Also a 2% to total 0.6 ml 30 ml The Pancake of Real Flavors we use a 30 ml 1% to total 0.3 ml As you can see It is a mixture of different types of cookies To look to find that cookie more special and more enriched.

.. FW we use cookies Butter And we use Of this we use little, only a 0.5% A 0.5% If I find where the hole I do n’t see it Standing Crust We also use a 0.5% to 30 ml in total are 0.15 ml Cookies and Cream Flavor, West, we use a 3% That part was just the cookie, now embarked on the part of the creaminess or sweetness or soft Because if the area of the cookie is very dry, even using the cookies of FW would still be lacking soft tones Not providing creamy and sweet flavors, encounter, that are very dry cookies I find that the taste.

Something is missing Add a little bit of Merengue of the Actual Flavors, these are 100% in Besides that puts 100% natural and 100% pure, are in glycerine, if I had more flavors of this brand, could make recipes A 100% of glycerine And this is a 1% Merengue 1% This mark, if I remember correctly, the manufacturer recommends use between 8% and 12% used individually To be 100% glycerin need more amount of % of flavor The Croussant Flavor Art, as in many other occasions we use a 1% We use to increase the creaminess The Vienna Cream Flavor Art We used a 1% also We use a little bit of Sweet Cream that what we have here, we also use a 1% And finally to round up even more, we use the Vanilla Cupcake And Vanilla Cupcake we use a 2% A 30 ml 2% for total Is 0.

6 ml With this we have a total of 16 per cent of taste and we have the cookie and cream perfect for this type of fruits But remember that it is not, however, depends on what you prepare use this type of combination To serve, serve, but with the other types of cookies, you will see.

.. it is better Provide some tones that are appreciated We are going to the combination of strawberries We use strawberries, Strawberry Ripe, that what we have here Strawberry Ripe We use a 1% We use if you do not throw it, lol.

.. i have already thrown 2 times… It is very difficult for my use only one hand 1 and in addition that my right hand is not the master We use the Inawera concentrate, which brings the powerful acid tone We use more strawberries because if only we use is the taste is not real, I don’t like to A 1% also I do not like to use the single but i like to use it On the whole a set if I like the taste that leaves We use strawberry and used a 2% I have the camera too close, with the tripod in front and don’t see it To have a plane more closely But in that way, I don’t see what you recorded We use also Sweet Strawbery of Capella, which gives us a strawberry more smooth and creamy Because the others are Much more intense, we also use a 2% Forgiveness, a 2% that are 0.

6 ml in total And finally we use the Favorah strawberry strawberry, which is a very successful and pleasant But if you mix it with more strawberries is much more pleasant and real About this, some colleagues have asked me where to buy.

.. I think that for the time being in Spain are not sold, but if they are sold in the rest of the world If someone can’t buy it here close But as the videos these are for the whole world, in the UK sold Flavorah, in Portugal too In the States, sold Flavorah.

. and you will see many recipes with this manufacturer Quite good and have flavors that other companies do not have And have flavors that thanks to them you can make good recipes With this manufacturer i have made recipes that i can’t do without them A 2% for 30 ml in total.

.. Sorry I can’t go wrong For 30 ml total It is difficult to use one hand You are going With this we already have The taste all mixed up To see if the camera is… I don’t see the camera… I see that is seen as murky as having the aromas with glycerine Move a little It is quite well And this is what we need to add the propylene glycol, Propylene glycol, as we have used a 24% of overall flavor, for the total 30 ml 6% propylene glycol, why? Because we have said that the recipe would be 30% propylene glycol And 70% of glycerine, worth it.

.. if it is a 30/70 we will have to put We have to put 9 ml between the propylene glycol and the flavors And 21 ml of glycerine The propylene glycol what we have here already prepared The propylene glycol would be 1.

8 ml… Sorry, the medication sometimes i do that… The camera has moved, now i’ve seen Forgiveness Propylene glycol is 6 ml, IS A MISTAKE, are 1.8 only For Within And glycerin, which we have to this other side Glycerin we have 21 milli liter We close well Move As always And now if you notice more density because it’s all glycerin eliquid If you notice more dense With much more glycerine Another issue more.

.. what do i do with the eliquid, move it every day or I do… no… I, when I began to make recipes i during 6 months The same recipe move it every four hours with alarms placed on telephone and Then compare with a recipe that I left it forgotten in a drawer without absolutely nothing And you arrive at the same point, therefore, for that you need to move it if you are going to get the same The want to move.

.. that the move… but you will arrive at the same destination If the move very much the wait time is less? No… It doesn’t change anything… Don’t you get absolutely nothing You want to move it, move the.

.. But there are no more secrets… Having said that nothing more It would be a recipe for strawberry cookies and nothing more I find that the taste obtained is more real and it looks more like a cookie filled with strawberry The cookies that told us of the LU And I find that reminds me more of that flavor that other crackers that i have tried Both with strawberry, as with chocolate from different manufacturers that there is In my point of view, lack flavor of cookie and lack taste of strawberry, they are all very very soft And this is a flavor enhancer As all the recipes of this channel that are more intense flavors I like to chew a stick of gum if you continue with the taste 30 minutes.

.. not as some eliquids that after a stall know nothing Not that the duration of taste in mouth 30 minutes, but if at least 30 seconds But if the taste last longer… well that said, here we have cookies strawberry And, as we shall see in the next Come, until then.


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