Home Product Reviews Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from Vaporfi and Cosmic Fog E-Liquid Review

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from Vaporfi and Cosmic Fog E-Liquid Review

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from Vaporfi and Cosmic Fog E-Liquid Review

what’s up guys rugged babes coming at you with another elite with review so today we’re going to be ruining something a little special this is a collaboration between vaporfi and cosmic fog it is called strawberry shortcake ice cream I’ve got about 30 to 40 liquid lines that I need to be reviewing we got a big big list and more on the way it’s getting overwhelming how fast they’re coming in but I am gonna admit I jumped this one ahead quite a bit I got this like two days ago three days ago and they are jumping to the head of the line real quick we’ve got a couple more exciting ones coming up as well but uh I’m just super stoked to see big companies working together I know some people are like oh they’re gonna kill our industry I like it I think that they they have the resources to make some really really dank flavors and some companies are doing that um a couple things well first off let’s show you the box this is vaporfi cosmic 5 strawberry shortcake ice cream it’s a pretty cool box a lot of companies are going to boxes but it gives them the room to put the warnings and all the info on their UPC I’m sure that’s tied to the lock which is pretty cool but bottles a little simpler it’s just got the name of the two logos vapor fine and cosmic fog but still has everything that’s needed and pretty awesome it says made in the USA mostly look with we use are made in the USA but pretty cool it’s just a strawberry shortcake ice cream um pretty simple flavored but I’ve got a word of warning for you guys well first off the first thing that surprised me is a box this big a co-op this big I was almost certain this would be a 60 ml bottle it is not is it it is a 30ml bottle which is okay my liquid line still in 30 mils so I’m not a big dog on that but I just thought with collab this big and a specialized flavor like this that it would be released in a 60 ml so that was a little boom but not too bummed because it is a great flavor made by two companies but I do want to preface this all right so we’re vaping it on the hexohm 3.

0 with mini buddha obviously as you guys have seen from the videos this is like my favorite setup right now so it’s just what I’ve been using love the guy’s a heck some love the guys in just the tip they made this drip tip for the mini Buddha I’ve also got amount of Cleophas that you see in all the videos but super stoked at that but one thing I want to preface this video Strawberry Shortcake ice cream there is a heavy shortcake taste in this flavor and the reason I want to stress that is because when I first tried this I popped it out of the box the other day I was at a business partner he owns a shop here in town mr.

Vanessa’s a porn it and I was down there and I tried this liquid for the first time on some fresh cotton and I was just like man this is not my thing I didn’t figure out what it was but that’s why I’m really glad this wasn’t a first look video because I continue to vape it I didn’t want to slam something a company of this big I knew they put a lot of work into this flavor and I’m really really really glad I took the time because the more I vape this some more I’ve had the opportunity to completely fall in love with strawberry shortcake ice cream I’m glad they sent me two usually I passed one off and I might still do that but I’m absolutely loving this and it did take me a while I was vaping it out of this setup and I was just like I don’t know so I threw in a cleat oh I’m like okay wait wait and it started to remind me of like buying the Shortcake bread from the store putting some strawberries and whipped cream on it and then the ice cream is just a hint of pulling it together I would more describe this as the dessert itself the shortcake bread the strawberries on there and some whipped cream with a little cool of vape at the end which might be that ice cream but uh the more I vape did the more it really leeched onto me and I began to fall in love with this liquid so I’m really glad this wasn’t a first look review where I baked it for the first time on camera because I don’t think this video would have been the same but 24 hours later actually probably 48 hours later after vaping this out of the tank continuously dripping it now I’m in love with it and it doesn’t surprise because I that Shortcake bread with strawberries and whip and and you know it is one of my all-time favorite desserts I love that I treat myself with it once in a blue moon because if I had it around the house all the time I needed all day long so I am really stoked that I did come around to this flavor because I love the actual food I wanted to love the vape and the more I vape it the more I loved it so on the inhale I get a lot more than strawberry and some of that ice cream night and then on the exhale I just get that shortcake that shortbread cake that is just amazing it’s pretty cool I love that I gave this the time I love that I actually played with it for a couple days I’m super super stoked I did big props I will have in the comments below a link to where you can purchase this I believe it’s $19.

99 for a 30ml off their website I do not know anyone that locally carries it yet but it is brand new I’m sure this is a flavor that’s gonna be picked up a lot of stores especially because that collab with cosmic fog they’re still in so many stores so I’m sure you’ll start seeing this around but if you don’t want to wait I encourage you to give them a try right now head on over the website and check out a 30ml bottle I think it’ll be worth your while surprisingly a couple days ago I would not have said that so I’m glad I took the time to fall in love with it again as always guys thanks for the support I love how busy the comment section has been I love it when you guys leave a note even if you’re telling me I’m a jackass I’m used to it it’s all gravy baby if you like what you heard hit the thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down you ain’t gonna yank my chain I’m alright man so as always if you love what I’m doing I love what I’m doing please please please please hit the subscribe button and watching future videos guys as always thanks for the support and vape on


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