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hey Facebook you suspended my account what the hell unfortunately I went on yesterday to log on in my Facebook account and it’s suspended it’s no longer active I can’t get on there so for all you friends all you friends that friended me up this is my new Facebook account right here I’ll have a link in description and it’s also changed on my youtube channel page that leaves me to two other topics one YouTube comments a lot of people comment on my posts every day that I don’t ever see for some reason the way Google+ is set up or redone the comments section in YouTube it sucks I’m not able to see 3/4 of the comments that are coming through so if you’re commenting and I’m not responding that’s on Google but I’ve heard that they’re working on it to fix it to make it the way it used to be and hopefully they do that way I can see a lot of these comments and reply to a lot of you guys topic number two back to Facebook with my other Facebook account I was receiving hundreds of messages every day people asking for help this that and the other I wish I can answer those questions unfortunately I just don’t have the time to do it I run two businesses during the day I’ve got bait trick and another company that I’m running super swamped at night I’m doing cool bills product reviews just for you guys so if I had the time to answer these Facebook messages I would unfortunately I don’t please understand that now that all that’s been stated let’s get to the good stuff a-hole today’s video oh yes is good one there’s a guy by the name of Brandon cash Brandon if you’re watching us right now brother I appreciate it man there’s so many of you guys out there that are taking different builds and building on those bills making them better so those of you guys out there that are doing that that are innovating Thank You Brandon if you’re watching this this call right here the super Nano coil seconds Jets this thing puts out I posted a video link on my Instagram account two days ago did you guys see how hard that thing was hitting insane I’ve never baked on a setup that hits that hard this dual super nano cool setup I have right now is a point six own setup I’m running this build in the Patriot RDA which is sitting on top of the big nasty one-second poles that’s all you need and you get everything every bit of flavor every bit Vapor the density the warmth three-second hit it is chucking the vapor in the mouth as soon as you hit that fire button it Chuck’s more vapor than the Nano dragon but at the same time you’re also getting great flavor and you’re getting a dense flavor it is chucking it you see it it’s a dense vapor I’ve got a 50/50 blend in here I’m getting full on flavor just go ahead dive down I’ll show you guys how to rebuild it and you see for yourself how about that let’s get to it all right so the first thing you’re gonna need for your super nano coil is two pieces of six to eight inches of 28 gauge Kanthal you’re also going to want to need three inches of 28 gauge Kanthal we’re gonna go ahead we’re going to do 12 wraps with the six to eight inches of 28 gauge Kanthal over this three inches of 28 gauge Kanthal okay so I’ll wrap it just like that and then I’m going to take my fingernail and clamp it down in between those two wraps on my index finger now once I’ve done that I’m gonna go straight over top and it’s all about momentum and I’m gonna go 12 wraps starting with this wrap right here that you guys see so once I’ve got all my raps as evenly and close together as possible all I’m gonna do is back track this lead right here because this is my first rap well I call it the knot where I had my fingernail in between this rap and this rap right here to give me leverage to give me support so I could do these clean raps right here okay so all I’m gonna do is backtrack those wraps until I get to this first rap right here where I first started I’m gonna go one more I’m gonna backtrack a little more and those are my raps right there that right there is clean clean clean for a cool this size and you’ll figure it out wrap it on this 28 gauge Kanthal is a [ __ ] but I’ll tell you what the results are freakin superb target these up try to get them as close together as possible you do not want these coils overlapping once you’ve gotten these coils tidied up what I like to do is make a loop on the end okay just like that I’ll take my pliers clamp down that loop click the end right here get rid of some of this Kanthal and I’m going to do while keeping tension on this loop with my pliers just pulled the supernal coil off okay boom just like that now once we have our first super nettle all we’re going to do is repeat the exact same process I just showed you guys so now I’ve got two super nano micro coils now I’m going to show you guys how to install them in your RDA and when I clip these leads I like to make sure that one lead is a little bit longer than the other for guidance so the our today I’m going to be using today is the Patriot it’s sitting on this big nasty first super nano coil these super nano coils they’re not the prettiest walls in the world so if your coil is not pretty it doesn’t look like your normal micro coil don’t worry because it’s really hard to make these things look pretty it’s really hard to make everything look even and nice and neat let me go ahead and clip the leads all right so we got one super new coil installed now the second one next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to tighten down the connections this lead that lead all I’m gonna do is slide a cotton cloud underneath each coil the cotton to slide right underneath just like that right underneath the coil you do not want it hugging it too much because what happens is is when this cotton cloud soaks up all that illiquid it’s going to expand same thing on the other side slide right underneath it put some juice on that bad boy holy crap so that is how to build a super nano coil again got to give credit to Brandon cash Brandon great innovation give it a two thumbs up this bill is the tits this is ripped rippers and remember smoking is dead vaping is the future in the futures now


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