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Vaper Baper, welcome back to our Youtube channel, VaperSTUFF Indonesia, The Home For All Vapers. Today, I’m gonna introducing Vaporesso Swag PX80. That’s the style, right? You should do that when announce it.

Today, I’m gonna introducing Vaporesso– It’s right, isn’t it? PX80! (staff) Why it’s like that, bro? No need to mention ‘Swag’. It’s already shown with “Vaporesso (swing hand), PX 80”. Right? Vaporesso Swag PX 80.

And the latest Vaporesso Swag was Vaporesso Swag Two, isn’t it? That was almost a year ago. And today, I’m gonna introduce the new one. And this Vaporesso Swag PX80 was made with purpose as a ‘game changer’.

An AIO, with removable battery, but use a round shape battery, instead of the oval one. At a glance, the design is like, you know it, right? The round one. There’s other that similiar with this. Come on, guess it.

I know, you know it. Come on. (staff) I remember…it’s a senior mod, right? That’s right. But it was so famous that time. Very famous. And, however, that product, the atomizer is replaceable cause it use 510 connector.

While this one, I think it’s not replaceable. Anyway, let’s check it out, Vaporesso. I think it’s green. But this one also green? Color, where is it? Vaporesso Emerald Green and Gunmetal Grey. Okay, I’ll choose Emerald Green.

At the box, we can see the features, such as 80 watts maximum wattage, gtx coil, 18.650 battery, and usb type c with 2 ampere charging current. Okay, guys. At the back, there’s a specification, so no need to check the manual book.

Inside the sales kit, you’ll get 0.2 and 0.3 ohm gtx mesh coil. 4 ml tank capacity, battery capacity, charging current, done explained. Okay, let’s we open it. By the way, in case you need the coil only, this 0.

2 and 0.3 ohm coil also sold separately. My magic is amazing, right? Actually, me and Koko Romedhal were join same academy. (staff) And what was that? Fantasy Indosiar (singing competition). Okay. Inside, as usual, there’s manual book, warranty card, and others.

Oh My God! S***! It’s so f***i** cute, bro! Don’t you agree? See. It’s so cute. (staff) Cute and luxury. That’s right! Cute and luxury. Smaller than Pico, right? (staff) I don’t think it is. Isn’t it? (staff) That one is smaller.

Which one? Pico? (staff) Pico. But Pico also designed like this, right? The difference is this one, the atomizer is changeable cause it use 510 connector. But, somehow, this one looks smaller. Is it because– No, I was right.

This one is smaller. I swear! Seriously. It’s smaller, cuter. More tiny, like…hard to describe… It also similiar with the MTL type, like that time. Do you remember? The one that can use both 18.350 and 18.

650 battery. Well, the design is similiar. But, my first impression when I see this product was like Wow! This tilted line design made this product so– Okay. Let’s continue. These are the 0.2 and 0.3 ohm gtx coils.

And then, type c usb data cable. Okay. Done. Everything’s out. I’ll need to open the other one cause I want to try both coils. Whoa! This is the Gunmetal. Both are cute. Seriously?! The way I say it is so dramatic.

Seriously, guys?! W**! Okay, to be serious, it’s so cute. So cute! Okay. I’ll need two, so I took it from another box. And from where should we start? Let’s start from the atomizer, okay? Okay. Let’s start from the atomizer.

First part is the mouthpiece aka driptip. Is it changeable? How to open it, anyway? There’s a “open/lock” sign on it and it’s already at ‘open’ sign. So, how to open it? (staff) How about check the manual book? Don’t force me.

I’m pro. Do not tell me to see the manual book. Okay. I gave up. Let’s see the manual book. It’s difficult, guys! First is replace the coil. Oh, it need to be rotated? Press, press, rotate, pull out, plug in, rotate.

Oh, I see. So, this is the 0.2 ohm coil, which all of you must be familiar. All gtx coil were mostly shaped like this, use mesh coil as well. I see! After insert the coil, the mouthpiece is going up. See.

So, the mouthpiece also functioned as coil pusher. Once the coil is inserted, the bottom is flat, like this. And to keep it steady, you can rotate the mouthpiece. After you rotated it, even if you push, it keep steady.

It’s locked. It’s cool, guys. They didn’t follow any other brand. Fixed. The technology, the innovation is very good. Unfortunately, the mouthpiece is can not be opened, guys. The driptip– Nothing happen.

I don’t know if it was me who wasn’t clever enough or it cannot be opened for sure. But I think it’s positively cannot be opened. Because this function was integrated to ‘lock/unlock’ system. As you see, this is ‘lock/unlock’.

If you switch to unlock, like this, push the coil, it’ll going out. See. Push it back. Lock. It’s steady. So, the mouthpiece is fixed. The upper side also cannot be opened. And, if the glass is broken, also cannot be opened.

So, if the glass is broken, you need to buy the new cartridge. Fixed. This is still called cartridge. Know why? Because it cannot be opened, guys. See. That’s why, I’m gonna ‘tomato’ it– Wait, ‘tomato’?? I ‘tobat’ it– (staff) Categorize.

Categorize! That’s it. Why became ‘tobat’ and ‘tomato’. I categorized it as cartridge. A cartridge with 4 ml capacity. Okay. It’s locked. Filling hole located at the bottom of cartridge, guys. And what liquid I should use? Any idea, Ris? (staff) The 0.

2 liquid. The 0.2 liquid. Okay. (staff) Try the 0.2 Lakley Lakley. Good idea! Where is it? Where is Bpop? At the back? Lakley Bpop. This is their second series. Second variation. But, to be honest, between Kpop and Bpop, I prefer– (staff) Baperstuff! That’s right! I prefer Baperstuff.

If I need to make a choice. But, since there’s no choice, I’ll use Lakley Bpop. (staff) What’s the flavor this time, guys? Last time was watermelon. This is what I like from Lakley Bpop. Even I use it occasionally and then put it at the back, the “Dawet Sumedang” flavor is never.

..it’s still tasted bold. And I think it was cool. Very typically of “Dawet Sumedang” (drink name). Okay, let’s fill in the liquid. Lakley Bpop! Mr Tonga Lakley’s liquid with “Dawet Sumedang” flavor! Grab it fast at nearest vapestore, cause this liquid is good! Already storage it for quite a long time, but the smell of “dawet sumedang” still strong.

Cool. What? “Dawet Sumedang”? That’s right. Crispy. “Dawet Sumedang”. Usually sold at the highway’s rest area. “Dawet!” And there’s a unique things, guys. As you know, this the lock feature. When I rotate it, with liquid inside, and I pushed it to take out the coil as if it’s burned, it’s not leaking, guys.

The liquid did not leaked. So, the lock feature, beside to push the coil, it also to prevent the liquid from leaking. Okay. Next, I’m gonna insert 0.3 ohm coil to the other cartridge and fill it with same liquid.

I want to test the flavor, guys. Okay. It’s done. Okay. I’ll lock it. Open. When I fill it in like this, I just figured an interesting fact, Ris. (staff) What is it? The more I smell it, I found this “Dawet Sumedang with Serundeng Topping” flavor as well.

(staff) What? “Serundeng”?! The theme is Fusion Food flavor, isn’t it? That’s right. This “Serundeng”, made the theme became Fusion Food. Okay. Now let’s check the mod. I’m not sure if they’ll continue this 510 connector or adaptor or else in the next production, but if they continue it, somehow, I felt it so unfortunate.

Cause it’s already strong point at this product. By the way, maximum wattage is until 80 watts. So, there should be a screen on it, right? But, where is the screen? Bro, there should be a screen on it.

But, where is it, bro? Let’s turn it on… Wait, no response? I forgot! Let’s insert the battery. I insert the 18.650 battery. See. I’ll insert the battery. “plus” at the bottom. Wow! It’s so cool, guys! Let me turn it off first.

The screen is so cool, guys. Ris, come here. You can compliment it later. Guess, is there any screen on it or not? If there is a screen, tell me where is it? (Ris) It’s right here. Where? Yeay! Cool, right? It’s cool, isn’t it? So, there’s a carbon motif on it.

See. Which is, in my opinion, for 3D print carbon, this is quite three dimensional. Quite neat. Pretty Cool. And the coolest thing is this screen, guys. It’s cool, right? I turned it on, Vaporesso. And the screen is at the middle of the carbon! So, when the screen is off, it’s totally black, just like a carbon.

I’ll turn it off again. Please pay attention to the transition. See. It turned off. My God! It’s so cool! It’s very cool, guys. Swear it! In terms of design, do I like it? Of course I do! I got no reason for not like this tiny, sleek design.

And the ‘square’ grip somehow gave you a power when hold it. If the shape is round or small square, it felt strange. But with square this big, it’s like “you got me, bro”. Amazing. Alright. Start from 5 watts.

And this is the display of Vaporesso’s best chip. Maximum wattage until 80 watts. Let’s check what kind of menu it got. Press it three times, one two three, lock. One two three, unlock. ‘plus/minus’, Oh, press ‘plus/minus’ at same time will show optional menu.

‘VW’ is for Variable Watts. Variable Volt. Smart Variable Wattage. Smart menu, so it will autosetting. I’ll try this menu. I’ll choose ‘ON’. And then, let’s see what other menu it got… Puff and theme is adjustable.

I’ll change the theme to green. I love green. I see green. I buy it. Exit. Okay. Now, I’m using Smart Mode. And I’ll use the 0.2 ohm coil cause this one filled first. Wow! Autodetect to 0.2 ohm and autosetup to 55 watts.

It’s like a recommendation from the device itself And I will check is it good or not. I’ll also check the sweet spot to figure out the best setup. Is their setup is the best? Or mine? Before that, let me tell you another unique things.

It’s the airhole. Actually, there are two big airhole. With no controller. But, you see this hole, once you plug it in, it became airflow controller, guys. So, it doesn’t need the switch in here. They maximize the precision.

Let’s try it with fully close position. It’s quite tight, guys. It’s tight. However, since there’s no seals, only depend on the magnetic, it’s normal for air-leaking. But, we could said it’s capable as an airflow controller.

Because, see– It’s tight. Open a bit. See. It’s cool They made it so precision, so it won’t need additional airflow controller button. Just made the cartridge is rotatable. So clever! How strong the magnetic is? Okay.

Quite strong. Alright. Let’s try the 55 watts, 0.2 ohm, airflow fully opened. It’s feels like, tank. The airhole, felt like tank. Well, it’s still different level with RDA, but it felt like tank, like RTA.

The nicotine is at what level? Why it’s so smooth? It’s not bionic, right? No wonder. 3 miligrams. For 3 miligrams, it’s so smooth. How if I half close the airhole. See. Half close. I think it’s better if open full.

I was right. Open full is more flavor, sweeter, and more throat hit. So, if half opened– But, once again. The airhole setup is depend on the liquid and the wattage. If you don’t like high burned, just reduce the wattage and the airhole.

The point is, to find the flavor, you need to balance the burning and the airhole. Like setup the ancient motorcycle’s carburetor. Let’s try at 60 watts. Airhole fully opened. Still the 0.2 ohm coil. It’s getting warm.

But, it’s good enough, bro. Seriously. It’s good enough. The “Dawet Sumedang” and its “Serundeng Topping” tasted so bold. Even tough, to be honest, if I may compare this liquid real flavor, the “Dawet Sumedang” didn’t taste as wow as my setup at RDA, but I admit that this is fine.

Pretty okay. Even it’s not comparable with RDA, but it’s pretty good enough. But the throat hit is slow. Okay, now, I’ll try the 0.3 ohm See, it’s automatically change to 40 watts. I’m gonna firing with this wattage.

Airhole openly full. Need more power. I’ll increase to 50 watts, guys. Better, but still felt less. Okay, guys. Summary, I choose the 0.2 ohm coil one. (staff) Why suddenly said “okay, guys”?! Because I think, it’s difficult to find the same setup, like the 0.

2 ohm, if using this liquid. But, maybe if you change to fruity liquid, it’s gonna be more, well, it depend on you. You’ll get the 0.2 and 0.3 ohm. Then choose, in your liquid, which one gave the best taste.

Once you found it, you’ll need only to buy the coil. Just decided which one do you prefer. As for me, I prefer the 0.2 ohm better. 0.2 ohm coil, with airhole open full, liquid 60:40, right… It’s good.

By the way, the shape is like a cellphone. See. This is the antena. Okay, for you who wants to buy Vappresso’s product, I have a good information. Right now, Vaporesso have a special warranty, like– wait a moment, guys.

I have to take a peek. Cause it’s, I don’t remember. “We release special warranty policy to improve user experience. Please kindly share the following, bla bla, Vaporesso warranty policy”. So, Vaporesso provide 3 months and extra 6 months warranty.

Wow… The warranty is calculate from the purchase date. So, when you buy it at store, you’ll get the invoice. Someday, it’s broken or else, just email the device’s picture and the invoice, but no need to send the device.

Nice, right. And then send it to emailsupport@vaporesso.com. Just check their website directly. That’s the easy way. And this is applicable worldwide. Only need to send picture of the problematic device.

Do not send the dirty picture that you always share with you girlfriend. Watch you manner! Okay, guys. That’s all about Swag PX80 by Vaporesso. If you wondering do I like it or not, yes, I like it, bro! This video will be air for sure.

See you on next video. I’m Vernando Hose Hula Hula. Bye bye! Keep vaping, laughing, and sharing!


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