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Sweet Lychee Capella Review + Recipe [CAP Lychee Juice DIY E-liquid Recipe]

Sweet Lychee Capella Review + Recipe [CAP Lychee Juice DIY E-liquid Recipe]

Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john and today I have a new review video about a very floral concentrate. So this is capellas sweet Lychee. Lychee in general is probably one of the brightest and most floral flavors available for vaping.

It has this unique taste that will linger around on your coils even after switching to another eliquid. It has a strong and pungent flavor that translates very nicely to vapor. Now I know that Lychee has very polarizing opinions as a flavor, with some people loving it and others say that it tastes very artificial or like soap.

Personally I also find it to be a very strong almost chemical tasting as a flavor and that is why I find capellas sweet Lychee as a good introduction to the flavor but without the dryness that other Lychee flavors usually have.

The capella Lychee is a very mild flavor that you will need to use a little more than usual to get the flavor out but that property also makes it very flexible as a flavor since you can use it either as the main flavor by using a lot or just use a touch of it to make other fruits brighter.

Now I tried this solo at various ratios and here are my recommendations if you are planning on using it alone or as your main flavor. So for a mild Lychee eliquid use it from 6 up to 9%. If you like Lychee and you want to make something bold then use it solo from 12 up to 15%.

Now next if you want to make some fruit cocktails with this flavor then bellow are my starting recommendations. For a primary Lychee eliquid but that also contains some other fruits too use it from 5 up to 10% depending on what you are making.

To use Lychee as an accent flavor or to boost other fruits you can use it from 1 up to 3%. Now the way this flavor tastes is really unique and I cant compare it with anything else. So if you never tried a Lychee flavored desert or eliquid you can’t really understand what it tastes like just by reading a description.

But I would say that it tastes like a combination of flavourart white peach and tfa jackfruit. It is a fruity flavor with a lot of mouthfeel that feels almost like fruit pulp in your mouth. Its a thick, pungent and floral fruit that can stand alone as a flavor very well.

Now next I prepared a quick recipe to show you with this flavor, just in case you are thinking of getting it in the future or if you already have it and want to try something new with it. So this will be a pure Lychee juice eliquid.

I tried to make it as pure and close to real Lychee juice just as possible. So here is the full recipe. As you can see there is also pear and fuji apple in here but they are only used to enhance individual profiles and not so much for their taste.

The fuji will add some extra light fruity flavor to help mellow out the lychees pungent aroma. And the pear is used to add some extra candy like sweetness to the vapor but without using too much additional sweetener.

At the end there is also a 0.5% of sweetener but this is optional in this recipe since it is already sweet enough naturally . But if you make this eliquid and you feel like it tastes a little flat then 0.

5% of sucralose should help to add some extra mouth feel to it. All together it’s a nice Lychee eliquid that it pretty much just tastes like that. Like a sweet Lychee juice but with a more fruity and full taste.

Because of how pungent this eliquid is you should taste it on the inhale also. But when exhaling you will get the full Lychee taste that will linger in your mouth after for a lot longer than other fruits.

It’s a strong flavor and If you a fan of Lychee you will definitely like this concentrate and it’s probably also the best flavor to get into Lychee too if you are not a fan of the real fruit. If you have this concentrate in your collection or if you make this recipe, as always leave us your thoughts in a comment below.

Once more, thank you for watching and Ill see you again next time.


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