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The Earl Attitude Vape Review – CUCUMBER EJUICE FLAVOUR!! – E juice Review

The Earl Attitude Vape Review – CUCUMBER EJUICE FLAVOUR!! – E juice Review

The Earl Attitude Vape Review – CUCUMBER EJUICE FLAVOUR!! – Ejuice Review hey there goes onto a brand new juice review video in today’s video we’re looking at the Earl by attitude vapor CEO guys today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at the Earl by attitude vape now just to give you some idea about who attitude vape are there a company that I actually met myself a mythology down at and babe Expo and so this is what they sort of come in logo looks like and they’re available on instagram under attitude vape that vape story and the same for Facebook and in their website is www.

pevs.com now they do a a range of flavors as you can sort of see here but the one we’re going to be concentrating on today is the Earl now this is a really really interesting flavor now what I was down in sort of a factual as I sort of said we were going on various different vendors looking at their juices and this is what this juice was it was one that really really confused me and for a kind of funny reason so we were trying lots of different beauties there from attitude bakes and he asked us to try the early so it was you know really good flavor you know to give it try see what we think of it now instantly as soon as applying it you asked what does that place all this and over 20 min exactly what this has gotten in I could shave certain thing psychosis like grapefruit but then there was a stronger flavor in there and the only thing that hit me was this taste like salad but I thought I can’t turn around to this vendor and say you’ve give it to some salad because I think it’s obviously something else it’s like having of something else but I’m getting salad from it but it’s not this is actually a cucumber and a grapefruit vape now there’s the first time that I’m trying to get after x4 but from what I can remember it was really really nice even though it sounds strange with its cucumber and great through it actually was quite nice so we’re going to give it a go they do this sort of fresh review because I vlog explodes in my mouth down at Expo so let’s have a look at the packaging sort of the comes in a sort of cardboard packaging there with the obviously PPD requirement of the nicotine so we get the information on the side so I am on a three milligrams a day I’ve a 70/30 mix and your greeting to the top and more one information on the back and there’s our social media at the bottom there so let’s get it out the other box so now I’m seeing our box as well oh the balls are crap look what let’s do the plan exactly so before we move on to the bottle there’s like a little urn help information leaflet type thing in with it no we don’t need that though so yeah this is what the bottle comes it stays ten milliliter neck yeah and it looks bigger than a standard 10 mil bottle but yeah that is the bottles as they come in and then kind of never went out under the lovers that’sthat’s the sort of board of the coin but it’s quite chunky it’s kind of like it looks like it looks like a mini a gorilla bottle and kind of thing like the heads of the top it does signal stretch well yes so that’s the other packaging let’s get it open anyway and just give it a try that’s it I get past the child protection lock right so finally going to these got really really good there child protection on it even I care for it and right let’s get through so there goes a little so I’m just going to add do a basic smell test again replay yourself lasers complete straightaway now stay where you get the the grapefruit and yeah you can sort of smell that again it sounds really weird me saying this but it smells a little bit like lettuce a little while I don’t know why I find that so funny go it does smell like I mean just weird to think of the salad type a juice but yet in some breaks and then you can smell the things lettuce cucumber right so I’m gonna drip it now especially wakes obviously and we will air see see how it goes okay so we’re all gripped up now and let’s give it a little Bluffs and let’s tell you exactly what the flavors like so yeah you are getting that cucumber with grapefruit and it’s got kind of a hint hob I want a sec tonic the cucumber is the main flavor there it is definitely the main flavor then salt on the exhale you are getting that sort of grapefruit but we’re like a hit I want to say tonic a microphone which I got a real real small hint of tolerant to it there now we’ve enough even though it sounds really funny that it’s cucumber and it’s like kind of out there it’s actually fantastic actually really good really interesting flavor this is something that I could imagine you would sort of bake on a hot summer’s day and was like pins or something for example really really nice cloud production as you can see absolutely fantastic yes it works it actually works a cucumber and grapefruit and as I’m going to say a hint of type yeah generally does work as it was strangely sound because even even I kiss and it no it was alright and then obviously doing this review video cucumber of a liquid sounds really strange but it’s not it’s actually really really like it works really well and in it so I could be upon all day no not because I don’t not because it’s like there’s anything wrong with it it’s just a flavor for me would be something I’d be interested to drift and stuff but I don’t think it would be something that I could evade form like constantly all day long and I like my fruity flavors I like my the sort dessert flavors and possibly and I might become a fan of solid flavors but yeah it is really nice so yeah if you guys are interested in trying this and pick up a bowl it’s called and the Earl by actually vape and make sure to check out their social media on Facebook Instagram and obviously their website address if you did enjoy this video and I have a job site and we drop down there social media something Mia description below to get description below and but yeah you enjoyed this video mention a dropper to like and also make sure to subscribe to channel if you’ve not already and if you want to like us on Facebook we’re also on the beta 935 thank you guys for watching and see you on our next video bye


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