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The Hippie Bee Liquid Vape Review & Unboxing | VapeFuse.com

The Hippie Bee Liquid Vape Review & Unboxing | VapeFuse.com

What’s up guys, Matt from VapeFuse here, back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and tech. Now, for today’s video, I’m gonna be bringing you guys one of our latest liquid vapes, the Hippie Bee from Hippie Vape over in the USA.

Now, Hippie Vape’s also the maker of the popular dry herb vape, the Apollo Air Vape X, which we recently reviewed, but this Bee is strictly for liquid. Now, it’s quite ingenious in terms of its style.

It is auto-draw vape. So basically you’re just going to draw air through the inside and that’s going to activate the heating element help vaporize the e-liquid within and deliver huge clouds of vapor.

So this thing really rivals to any box mod vaporizer that I’ve come across and used. It’s a very powerful vaporizer. All you have to do, to fill it, as you pack into this little compartment in here, it can fit up to 2 mils of e- liquid.

Meaning you can easily dose up for a day or two on the go. So it has a pretty simple kit included with the Hippie Bee it’s just this e-liquid injection bottle, which is really handy that comes with this little syringe part on the end it stabs directly into the chamber.

So you’re not having to sort of drip liquid all over the place. I’ve already got some liquid loaded up in there so we can inject that in a sec. As you can see, it’s got this little silicone stopper, to a stop any drops from coming out and also you get this extra little silicone plug which helps to keep the liquid in that little liquid compartment.

Also included in the kit, is a micro USB charging cable, very cute, very compact. It plugs directly into the end of the device. Obviously there, so you can chuck that into any power point sort of, for the USB port or power bank, laptop anything like that and then obviously the Hippie Bee device itself.

Now, it’s got these little buttons on the bottom not button, so little LED indicators in the bottom, just to show when you’re taking a toke, there’s the micro USB charging port, there’s the mouthpiece and it’s about as simple as that.

So once you pull out the bottom of the compartment, you can see, so this is one of the coolest things that I’ve found about this vape. As it has included this little card, said “Bees need our care.Your purchase allows us to donate and build the sanctuary, educate students and create pollinators- friendly lands.

So that the Hippie Bee every Bee, that you buy, they donate a portion of the proceeds to the New York Bee Sanctuary, which is pretty rad. Also included in the bottom, it’s just this little manual, tells you about the bee pod, so basically just how to fill the removable cartridge, everything else about that.

So we’ll put all that info back in the box. I’m gonna show you guys how to fill this one up and then we’re gonna use it. So basically to fill the Bee up, you just remove the pod from the back, you’re gonna want to remove just that silicone screw at the middle and then with the included bottle here, you’re just gonna want to chuck that down and give it a little squirt and you’ll see that e-liquid will just start to dribble out a little bit, I just want to make sure that needle stuck right down into the pod.

So it doesn’t bubble over like, almost like it did. So now just replaced that silicone screw and one very important thing to remember guys before using that liquid pod, you’re gonna want to let it sit five minutes so the wick on the inside can soak up some of that e-liquid.

So we’ll just put that one down and come back to it in a few minutes. Alright guys now that we’ve waited they required five minutes for that pod and the wick to settle. Replacing the pod is as simple as just clicking it back into the body of the bee and obviously as I said this is an auto-draw device, so it’s very simple just chuck the mouthpiece up to your mouth take a long draw.

Very sweet, very dense, very similar to a box one, but in this tiny little package. If you’re looking for a little e-cigarette to take out on the go, use while you’re out and about the Hippie Bee is the perfect device for you.

Keep an eye out for it at the VapeFuse Store guys. Thanks for watching. Remember to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest in vaping news and content. Thank you


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