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The Lotus Vape | Vape Review & First Session

The Lotus Vape | Vape Review & First Session

Good day guys Matt from VapeFuse.com here. Back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and content. Now, I just like to start off this video by saying Congratulations to Canada and all Canadians out there for being the first Western Country to legalize cannabis for great use.

Now, we will still a little bit behind in the rest of the world, I’m hoping that this big transition from the sovereign country, will help us make that transition to the legal cannabis stage here, as well.

So today, to celebrate that, I haven’t really got anything Canadian, but I’m gonna be breaking down a vape that Sneaky Pete, one of my favorite vaporizer reviews, brought to me a couple of weeks back.

So this is called the Lotus Vape and it’s from Mendocino County in America. So. if you know anything about portable vaporizers, you know, that some of the best vapes in the world are coming from countries like Germany, America, Canada with a standard of labor, it’s just that it’s little bit higher.

So this vape, is a manual vaporizer. So manual vapes are probably my favorite of all devices because they call for no batteries, no external power, just usually a lighter or some other substance like butane or something like that to heat up the chamber on the inside.

So, with the Lotus Vape, the traditional stem that comes with it, it’s just this aluminum alloy stem, but the awesome thing about this vape, which is just how customizable it is, you just take off this little vapor cap at the top and if you pair that with this 14 mil adapter, it comes with the dual stem kit, you can enjoy your vapor blend through your traditional stem, through a 14 mil glass water pipe and also through this Gravlabs made glass j-hook.

So this j-hook really is the pinnacle of vaping with this device. If you’re gonna use this and you’re a flavor connoisser, so something that’s really into good tasting vapor, you have to get the j-hook and the 14 mil attachment, because while the traditional alloy hook, alloys stem is flavoursome and it’s super portable obviously a lot more than a glass hook would be tasting this for the first time, was like style and I was just insane it was like opening a big bag of herb, sticking your nose in and those flavors just transferring through into your palate, it was amazing.

So, I’m gonna try this out a couple of ways for you guys today. I’ve got some ? ? still packed into this 14 adapter. So to show you what this thing is all about, to show you that through the water pipe to start with and then we’ll break down the other two stems.

So realistically, all you need is the 14 the adapter and this Lotus cap at the top, so from that with any 14 mil water pipe or 18 / 14 adapter, you can get your vape on. So, really I’m looking at this from the perspective of an Aussie for people that love using water pipes, anyone over here that’s looking to make that switch to vaping but doesn’t think that they’ll be able to get rid of their precious bong, something like this is really gonna help ease the transition process into having a healthier life.

So, with the stop of the Lotus vape here, it’s pretty similar to a DynaVap, only it doesn’t have that temperature recognition, so It won’t click to notify your most recent temperature. So the DynaVap M, obviously you pack your herb, into the top of the chamber here, at the end of this condenser and you put your little Vap cap on top and in turn when you hit that with the butane lighter and it clicks the indicate that is hit a certain temperature, so it’s ready to be toked, this one does not do that.

So, it’s definitely a little bit of trial and error when you first start out using the Lotus. I’m gonna show you guys now how it works through the water pipe, it’s pretty simple you want to forget everything you know about packing the vape’s chamber though when you first start dealing with this one, you don’t want to over pack it and you don’t want to tamp it down.

So, realistically if you’re putting 1/2 to 3/4 of a herb chamber in and lightly temping it, but you really shouldn’t be packing it down because this device obviously a manual device, no temperature regulation, it really needs that airflow to maintain a consistent stream of vapor and so it’s not gonna combust on you like it did to me.

I actually did an Instagram live video last week and the combusted on me, so it did trash the whole 15 minute video, because I sit there and had a coffin fit but really with these ones as long as you take it slow, really just be mellow with it, you’re not gonna have any issues.

So you heat this one up from the get-go, you sort of can start to toke it a bit more like an on-demand vape, once this plate is warmed up and getting sort of consistent in convection current through. But, if you’re going from stone cold, stone cold or you basically do, is you’re gonna want to hit it with the lighter and the Center plate vertically, with 4 seconds before starting your inhale and you’re in how it should not be like a just traditional pipe, you’re gonna want to do a lot more of a slower draw, a bit more drawn out, like.

.. as opposed to… So, with this one now, a bit of herb packed in there. As I said adjusting the flame to start with, is gonna be your best bet for getting a consistent stream of vapor. So, they tell you that in between each one of these petals on the Vap cap, there’s a distance of almost an inch, so that’s how long the interior flame of your jet ladder should be.

So, if you’re lighting the flame you see that blue flame on the interior, you level that up and you can see so my flames actually have to be turned up a little bit. So, I open this up at the base. This is the cool little Jobon jet light, that comes included with the Lotus kit, if you got the Dual stem kit.

Obviously came empty to me over here but I’ll turn that one up a little bit, you can see that now that interior flame is just a little bit longer, so it’s just touching from one petal over to the other side.

So, this one I said already loaded up. The herbs are a little bit spin so you should get a pretty consistent cloud with this one. Once you’ve chucked it in the water pipe and you’ve got your flame sitting at the right length from cool, just chuck it vertically on top and make sure that outside edge is just touching so we got a pretty decent cloud with that one.

One thing I was actually going to mention about this device, is it’s not the biggest one for blowing big cloud, there’s a lot more centric on sort of terpenes and flavonoids and stuff like that. So, it’s a connoisseur great vape in terms of flavor, but when you’re comparing it to something like a Dyna Vap or a Sticky Brick Lab, it’s not gonna be blown there’s massive cloud that you may be used to.

I like to compare this one a little bit more to the Vap Man, which is one of the oldest manual vapes. that we’ve been able to come across. This is actually from Switzerland. It’s Swiss made, only a little two-piece vape like this, it’s got sort of a gold plate on the bottom, you just pack your little herb into this tiny tiny chamber, there’s a lot more of a micro dosing vape I’d say, but the flavor is up there, it’s just that fantastic connoisseur grade flavor there’s some of these manual vapes are really making the name for themselves about.

With this one, as well as I said from Mendocino County having the most flavorsome weed in the world and it’s only fitting that it’s such a connoisseur place would be the home of a vape of this connoisseur nature.

So, now we’re gonna try it out with the traditional stem. So, you’re just looking at this alloy stem here, it’s basically just like a normal pipe, it’s filled a screen in the base and stainless steel around the bow, aluminum alloy, as I said.

So, if you wanted to, you can pretty much just use this as a traditional pipe. So all that lacking this little Lotus cap on the top is doing, is just creating a vapor instead, so it’s obviously creating a convection vaporizer it’s not causing actual contact between the herb and the heating thing.

It’s got all of these little pins, on the inside where you can see it’s a got like an air intake, so as you’re drawing through and taking air through all of these pockets, it’s circling in the chamber, rubbing off the hot plate and that’s what’s caused the new vapor.

So what’s cool about the Lotus vape as well, it has an inbuilt stone tool. So, if you’re looking to stir your bowl mid-session, which you should do maybe after every one or two little tokes and you’re going to be getting a lot more even vapor, no hot spots no combustion.

So, with this cap now as I said I can still feel the heat radiating off that a little bit. So, after taking your first toke, you don’t really have to do the full second waiting thing anymore you can pretty much just heat it and heat it.

So, I find that to be pretty awesome of this device. I use it mostly in the morning or at lunchtime definitely not for an end of the day, I’m looking for a big session to rounded up a lot more of just a micro dose experience, you’re sitting at the desk writing something or whatever but yeah it’s kind of a relaxing experience using it.

It’s similar to a pipe which someone like me that was the smoker for years, obviously helps that transition a bit but so if I was just going to use this one, I pack it out with some ground herb into the base.

So, I’ll remove this Lotus cap, put this one back out here for now, just use my GrindeROO, obviously got that nice sort of medium grind. You don’t want anything too fine with this vape. The screen a little bit coarser, so anything too fine, you’re gonna be pulling little bits of herb particles through.

But with some chuck up here into the base of this one. You can see how the alloy stem works, so that alloy stem, I find to be a little bit warmer as well, as opposed to GravLab glass stem.So, when you’re using the glass stem, it’s a little bit longer so it’s gonna just help with that cooling power a little bit more as well.

So, you can see I’ve packed into the base there’s and definitely not a full chamber and it’s about halfway and then I just use my pinky just to pack it down the tiniest bit sort of tamping it in there.

Another thing with this device that’s interesting is that the AVB that comes out it’s not necessarily super charred, it can be quite yellow, especially after a few chokes but with this, I wouldn’t use it to the end of the session as soon as you start getting a little bit of that burned toasty flavor, I would probably move on to the next bowl, because you don’t want to risk that combustion happening.

So, now I’ve got this one loaded up, we’re gonna see how it works through the alloy stem, so that alloy stem, I think is perfect if you’re looking to use this device on the go. So, if you want a little vaporizer you can take out on the boat or fishing or just somewhere that you don’t want to have to worry about running out of charge, when you’ve got your vape and not having a session, but the glass stem obviously, for that connoisseur flavor most of the time I do for myself reaching for the j-hook.

So, now with the alloy stem you just hit it the edge of the flame, so definitely is a sense thing as well, with the spate. So you can see for a first hit, most people that you’re dealing with convection vaporizers will know it takes a few hits to draw that initial cloud through.

With this one off the bat really, you got a phenomenal cloud, but looking at that you can see the AVB, it’s a tiny little bit of brownness to it, but realistically looking to get between 6 to 10 hits of this one before you even have to think about cashing you well.

So with the j-hook as well, super easy to clean and maintain. This one here clean obviously everything you just chuck it in a little bit of alcohol with the j-hook similar situation, just going to pour in a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and sort of move it back and forth a bit of rock salt or something would help of course as well if you’re looking to keep this one clean, but another one of the advantages, I see out of this one and it helps if you keep it clean as you can see the vapor coming through, so it’s a lot more simple to get an accurate impression of the size of the hit you’re going to be taking.

But this one you sort of just have to tell by temperature was. So if you’re using this one and you feel that in your mouth the vapor the temperature is a little bit hotter, I’d ease up on the light up, because you very much it might be near to combust in your vape.

So with this one obviously you’ll see the thickness most of the time it looks like a mild thickness, you see a fleeting few little hints of vapor running through, but when I combusted it at the day it was like a bomb here it was like a massive cloud of milk so obviously as soon as that little bit of wispy vapor starts to turn to something a bit more sinister, at ease up with a lighter and slow right down with the draw.

So guys this device in terms of flavor, I can’t get over it. Even using it through this aluminum alloys stem which I guess is the less connoisseur greater to choose. It was phenomenal tasting vapor, better than anything almost that I’ve come across in a portable vape.

So with this j-hook is well it just takes it to a whole another level. So if you’re big on flavor like I am looking for a vaporizer that’s really gonna do your herb justice, check out the Lotus vape from Mendocino County.

Thanks for watching guys, remember to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and tech.


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