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The Mona Lisa Eliquid – Premium DIY Recipe [MaxVG. Full Flavor]

The Mona Lisa Eliquid – Premium DIY Recipe [MaxVG. Full Flavor]

Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Im john and today Im back with a very nice new recipe. This is a fruity eliquid with a good taste and a good balance of flavors. So this is the mona lisa eliquid. I have been working for a very long time on this recipe and finally I have a version that I feel confided sharing.

My goal originally was to make something that I will always have a bottle on hand. A recipe that I can make 100ml of it and I wont be feeling like Im wasting my ingredients. Also I wanted to create something familiar, something that I will always know how it should taste like, so when I buy new devices or when my coil is getting older I could recognize it immediately by the taste.

This eliquid is made out of 4 main ingredients that work together very well and provide a nice cocktail of flavor. To get the exact flavor intended you will need to use these ingredients since I can’t guarantee it will taste as well with other flavors.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it too. SO here is the full recipe. The combination of watermelon, dragonfruit, jackfruit and strawberry works really well inside an eliquid. The main pairs here are the dragonfruit together with the strawberry for a little bit of acidic sweetness, then the watermelon for some fresh fruit flavor and last the jackfruit for some pulp taste and extra mouthfeel.

There is optional sweetener which is recommended but not necessary if you don’t like your eliquids too sweet. Also smooth would help here to take out the edge a little from the fruits but again not exactly necessary.

If you use all the recommended flavors this recipe is sitting at 12.5% of total flavor and it can work nicely from Mouth to lung low watt devices all the way up to high watt RDAs. It is a nice eliquid that will vape well and can also mask nicotine good.

I have tried it up to 12mg for regular nicotine and 3up to 0mg of nicotine salts and both taste fine with minimal bitterness. For steeping since this is a fruity eliquid I would only recommend 1 day. You could also shake and vape it after all the bubbles have settled.

For long term steeping I wouldn’t; recommend going longer that 3 days because you might even lose some flavor if you wait too long since some of the fruits and especially the strawberry/dragonfruit combo tends to fade rather quickly from some recipes.

All together this is a nice eliquid and something to try when you feel like vaping something really fruity. It is balanced and with enough sweetness and fruity taste that can make a nice all day vape.

If you make this recipe as always feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments here. Hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you again next time.


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