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The Schwartz E-liquid Review

The Schwartz E-liquid Review

we’re bringing you the Schwartz today guys we’re gonna check it out we’re gonna bake it I’m gonna tell you what it tastes like aunt Amy where to buy it how much it is if your local I can tell you a story and go to get it right now right up to these subliminal messages what’s up guys Diller have a funky town vapor we’re coming at you with some knowledge we got another review for you for some juice this one is the Schwartz at a Torrance California they got three flavors all infused with yogurt we’re gonna check them all out actually I’ve already a baked on this one comb the desert you guys have ever tried any of these flavors or if you try maybe one you’ll get to hear about the other two for me and it’s just all preference it’s all subjective what I taste might not be what you taste but uh just knowing that these guys infuse yogurt instead of like a custard kind of puts them in a different genre of juices comb the desert is bomb guys I believe it’s like a peanut butter what is it it’s a peanut butter frozen yogurt crush hazelnut I’m actually I gonna open this one I’m gonna use it for giveaway so one of you lucky guys out there will be getting this bottle right here and also want to point out that our Facebook page is actually down right now so that being said give us a few days hopefully not more than a week it’ll be back up you guys ever seen the movie Spaceballs little history lesson here so if you ever watch spaceballs a movie you can tell that their labeling looks really similar to space balls and the upside the downside or kind of some stuff that happens in the movie comb the desert is a really funny reference to you space balls um I just thought that was really cool when I seen the bottle I actually know who this company and I was like hey that smells good give me this i bought it went home baked it and I was like oh my god I’m losing my mind looked it up online look like your information about that I was like I got to review this guy’s juice fans cuz this is amazing so that’s what happened um I just got it in two day shipping got delayed I’m gonna be using a point 27 build it’s a single coil nothing fancy guys just something I use looking every day I’m gonna throw this on my 80 watt uh lotus that i got from nate blast because we’re at bait blast you guys already know it was amazing it was great hopes here comes back and does it again extraordinary the sauce boss was there just throwing stuff man it was crazy I just wake this baby and I’ll just trying out somebody’s pieces deflate blast man I got so much stuff guys it was crazy and then that is she posted i think sunday night that San Antonio is coming up August 14 15 16 and I’m gonna trying to make it we’re gonna go my wife actually would like to go out there and see everyone see what San Antonio has to offer i’m gonna hit up all the bait shops out there and see what i can do out there it’s gonna be crazy our journey so far has been started small and then he got big and now it has escalated guys it is tremendous um now i was at a point when I had first started doing videos that you know hey I don’t think cut out for this but I actually kind of like it I enjoy doing this user you guys and I hope whoever’s watching these videos that like watching my videos keep watching because we keep coming guys oh man this smells amazing guys oh my god guys what words how did you put that in a bottle oh my god probably sitting about 50 watts right now then that is good guys that is good so it Hell’s like a buttery yogurt I say that cuz like I can almost as like a hick of butter on the inhale yeah only XO bang and blue ears guys dude that is so good guys good job like crap guys as insane yeah man but it says it’s a Greek that’s a tart I don’t really get it part but it is a bang and blueberry yogurt that’s exactly what that is good good holy crap all right this stuff’s still in there so I’m going to paper on this for a little bit okay so that was a downside banging blueberries holy crap gotta get it guys you guys got to go out there and get that um so if you guys are in a local area be waiting for more texts or lives in Texas and watches my videos violet vapor carries this violet vapor carries the Schwartz um now I know the location off of 183 has this in stock right now because that is where about coma dozen so the next one I’m trying is the upside that’s a shift in flavors right there so we got the downside blueberry bang and yogurt holy crap it’s good and we’re about to do this do this upside right now yeah they really stick out because of the whole yogurt situation that they’re doing um this is crazy like I’ve tried some custards and do there are some amazing custards out there is mind-blowing how good these flavors are but i gotta say i think the yoga is the new custard my god are you kidding me guys I swear it’s like they have Heisenberg working for them or something this is amazing oh my god so on the inhale again I get a buttery yogurt on the exhales when you taste the fruit so good strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberry I strawberries cream yogurt but it’s like a banging banging strawberries it’s not just like a normal strawberry flavor it’s a very intense strawberry flavor it’s real creamy to like a creamy you get the yogurt and the inhale and then the exhale mixes with the strawberry cream and it’s just like bones guys guys go by this juice right now go buy right now go buy it online put down the storm by by right now oh my god so if you’re out there and you’re watching this and you’re like yeah I really want to try something use were you thinking about trying to me juice and you see this video go buy it okay don’t hold back just try it just buy one if you like any fruit flavors by the upside over the downside you got the strawberry and you get your blueberry and it’s nothing like you’ll ever baked before this is a peanut butter hazelnut I’m already tried it in so it’s quite tasty it tastes like a buttery toffee almost but you do get the peanut butter on the XL so alright guys that’s gonna be the end of the Schwartz review juice so you guys can pick up all of these juices on leave a clear calm for 12 bucks for these and then going ram they got three six and 12 milligram nicotine’s they also sell on ebay career com the 120 mill so you 520 members is baby and I might actually do that to the downside for this stuff is amazing so the downside hundred 20 meld 79 bucks it’s a steal considering how much it tastes like blueberry yogurt so um I actually probably want to buy it because it says outstanding Wow okay so you guys aren’t following them on Instagram or Facebook you can get on the sports liquid on facebook or the Scorch eat liquid on Instagram go follow him go check them out they got a lot of other reviewers that have done reviews on the juice also which is cool you go check those guys out grace l did a review the Florida vapors review the Schwartz ejuice he really liked the upside yeah he really liked the up side which is the strawberries and cream he thought it was amazing um so you watch these reviews and you know listen to us but again it is subjective it is whatever I taste you might not taste that but i can tell you I’ve never had a blueberry that place like this the blueberries that I had I’ve had organic blueberries I’ve had and so calls like three or let’s say a berry cobbler from a company it’s really really good i’ll get blueberry from it I get a berry flavor it’s like a like a mixed berry flavor but I’m gonna get blueberry if you want blueberries this is your juice you guys want strawberries real strawberry cream flavor this is your juice but again this is yogurt not a custard this is yogurt but you guys gotta open up your mind you gotta check out the yoga okay you guys can go try them out go buy the shoes go check it out guys uh that being said you guys have a good night I’m gonna have a good night cuz I’m gonna be vaping on the Schwartz on my Lotus so you’re keeping the faith in your hands you know you you


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