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Welcome again to the channel of, YouTube in this occasion we have another recipe, we have another version concretely it is a version with multiple upgrades until finding the point of the balance I believe that reasonable or with but resemblance to the name of the recipe that you see here below, in the titles regarding this, the other day he/she spoke with with a partner, it is worth I wondered if it proves everything.

.. and the answer is if, but what I don’t make is to pay me all the originals, this for example in this they sent me many mili liters but receiving some few ones one can make in that way without buying everything, you can prove and one has enough eliquid like to make approximate recipes there are partners that X requests it prescribes, they send me some milis and with it is developed it, like you see this bottle he/she even has eliquid and the tests have made them looking for the resemblance to this as in the rest of liquids I don’t buy myself everything, but there are partners that buy some I liquidate they like it then what you/they want to make is a version of that I eliquid they send me some mili liters and with that versions are made as it is the case of this recipe, the name of the recipe you have it in the animation that you this reproducing right now and it is not anything complicated we go with her we need Double Kiwi concretely 4%, 0,4 ml for 10 total ml here we need Marshmallow, it follows me Marshmallow of FA they like this time I use 3%, here I use Whipped Cream 3% also here we use Sweet Cream 3% also here and we also use molecules, in general, they are not used until after the macerated recipe being and once macerated they are added, although this time if they are added from the beginning in the process I have not seen significant differences if I add the molecules 2 months after creating the recipe good, this in fact slow less than 2 months in being macerated in some if it is necessary to add the molecules after being macerated the flavors and in this concretely it is not necessary of Vainillin he/she tells me that he/she adds a 2% a 2% 02 ml as we are making 10 total ml, it is equal to 0,2 ml a 2% and finally he tells me add Sour, which gives effect to this recipe I believe that Sour is the molecule that applies him/her a special effect to this recipe, this same I have spoken to it with many partners he/she leaves you a strange flavor the recipe, he/she doesn’t taste like Kiwi, he/she doesn’t taste like Marshmallow he/she doesn’t taste like the mixture of creams with Vainillin, but rather he/she leaves a strange flavor and you have just taken out him/her It is a kind of it is a very strange flavor, then, making tests because you finish adding some molecules to see like the recipes evolve for not knowing as finding that strange or peculiar flavor he/she had just found that it is that used mixture because with Sour he/she makes that strange effect and it is the one that contributes that peculiar flavor to the mixture of all the flavors we take out the one plug that is already very little flavor of Sour and he/she tells us that we add him/her 1%, little quantity 0,1 ml is little bit but it is enough for so that he/she makes the change it is strange that he/she makes this recipe and that he/she leaves you a strange effect that you don’t wait, that effect we do it with this molecule he/she gives the effect this strange one Sour and he/she leaves a flavor that you don’t hope to obtain it is different from what hoped to find and for that reason me cost but you don’t assimilate it total quantity of flavor in this recipe, we have a 16% if we are making 10 total ml, sixteen, pardon 1,6 mili liters of flavor minus 5 mili liters of propilenglicol is similar to 3,4 mili liters to add, we already have it prepared here, 3,4 mili liters there is that am spilled a little of the bottle for inside and the glycerine that we also have it prepared that this here, 5 mili liters as I have not even added the glycerine, I will move it first I prefer to move it and to mix the flavors with the propilenglicol and now I add him/her the glycerine and this it is the version of this liquid or it is the version that we understand that he/she looks like each other but to that I liquidate under our point of view this it is our recipe this it is our point of view on this eliquid and it is as us we see it, pardon as our palate he/she understands that it is but guessed right or he/she looks like each other but to to the maker this good this is everything and anything, we see each other in the following one, see you later.


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