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The Vape Hoodie…Bad Idea?

The Vape Hoodie…Bad Idea?

guys you can vape from the hoodie hey what’s up T fam it’s t daddy here and while ago I made this video on an iPhone case that beeps it’s insane it’s so awesome that my mom flew to LA as in voicecrack there she flew to LA took the phone and case away from me she just wants me to be safe so I promised her I would never make from a phone again I got this vape OD here and it’s freaking awesome let’s check it out so this right here’s of a pudding it is freakin insane and I’ll see guys I don’t even know what to say the last vape phone video it got like a hundred thousand likes you guys crushed it so I want to shoot for another hundred thousand likes I know it’s a huge goal T fam but if we had a hundred thousand likes I will enter myself into a fake competition that’s right I’m going balls to the wall I’ll bring the hoodie the vape iPhone and the vape the og vape phone and we’re gonna win it I know it’s a big goal but if you really want me there you’ll make it happen yeah this is the bay buddy it’s pretty cheap if you guys don’t check it out a link down below it’s ridiculously cheap and what do you get is the hoodie um I got this one the colors look cool if you know what these colors mean let me know in the comments I just like birds a lot so I don’t really know it also has like tags on the side like I don’t I don’t know what these words mean Roja stuff Rastus I don’t know let me know the comps do you know what it means it’s been confusing me forever so what you get is the hoodie and a bunch of other stuff for the price guys like this hoodie is so cheap it’s like legit the regular cost of a standard hoodie and he gets some stuff so you get this little kit here I got a more souped-up kit um I don’t really know what any of this stuff means I just know about vaping so apparently with the kit that I got you can do oil wax and herbs so I got some oil some wax and then I went to the grocery and got cinnamon and paprika I think I did it right let me know in the comments if I’m not but I’m gonna try all this out on snapchat just follow me on snapchat and this should be lit alright so let me show you how this works because I this is actually really cool and you could do some smuggling things if you want I didn’t tell you that though do not tell on me I will come find you so basically how this works is the vape part goes around the drawstring of a hoodie this is new terminology for your boy Keaton so it goes around like the top part here so it looks really normal and then there are these two cutouts which you kind of stick the vape stick and the top in my mind’s all over the place but basically you got your vape pen here you can unscrew it charge the battery unscrew this and then that’s where you put the juice the wax the herbs and the paprika the the juice the wax the oil all that funds have you put it in here then you have like this nozzle the top which you can actually just use as a regular vape if you want so that’s really cool they legit set you up for life here okay so I’m gonna go ahead and fill this up with the new juice um they know me at the local vape shop now low-key guys I have been offered five vape sponsorships like serious sponsorships just like vape and like juiced up on a regular basis so thank you guys so much for making that happen um maybe one day I will take them I got this new juice it’s called election eliquid let’s hope the juice tastes better than the actual election because right now it kind of sucks is it going in the right hole oh my god is it going oh it’s coming out the hole oh geez I over fold I over filled the hole oh that’s a tight fit that’s gonna be though that was a real time oh oh it’s all over my fingers oh it’s so wet ah my fingers are all wet now you know okay alright let’s screw it on BAM and then in this part here this is where you like you suck out of and you you know you do the vapor cloud stuff you know oh they tricks honest words you take your vape stick here with your juice oil wax whatever you want to put in there you stick it in this pocket so it’s super discreet and then this is where the nozzle is okay I’m gonna take I don’t want a coffee I always coffin I do this don’t coffee don’t pop don’t golf what’s good guys Trix oh I hope we have a hundred thousand likes guys I really actually want to go to this competition I think I could take gold for my contantly alright guys this vape OD it’s got my mind feeling all over the place so I need me a pick-me-up I love you t fab what happened my mother is gonna kill me alright guys that’s pretty [ __ ] for this video if you guys Nate’s the end and want me to do the vape competition drop a double like on this video I really want to go let me know in the comments what those colors mean and subscribe as you guys are new around here I upload almost every single day you can just click the button or wherever it is check out my favorite video here I got stunned peas


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