Home Product Reviews Thor Juice Exotic Tropic E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

Thor Juice Exotic Tropic E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

Thor Juice Exotic Tropic E-Liquid Review (Soulvapes Reviews)

hello and welcome back to salvage reviews not sure how this is going to go as you see this is another thought used eliquid review exotic tropic ok Cece did not leave enough in the bottle for me to review or I’ve got the tiniest amount in the bottom of this mini protank 3 so it’s just enough to do review our nightmare ah ok so Thor juice has got sent to me from the vapor room online co uk obviously said I’m free for the purposes of a review this is the second one I’ve done for Ford used direct exotic tropic it’s giving it a bit of a blur just up your life with the exotic tropic a mixture of tropical island fruit flavors guaranteed to take your breath away okay and this these are our 70 PT 30 VG with these sources though I don’t know how they do but the vapor is really thick it comes out of them it may not be with this because there’s not a huge part juice than the barn is Kara biter we’ll see how it goes and see ya exotic tropic this at let’s give it a fake Oh before we go as normal it’s been tested in my drippers depend on which ones outgoing also been testing kangal products with both hang up stock dual coil heads and with unique oils as well ok so 70 30 this is a 4.

2 4.3 volts let’s take a vapor stack the paper this this has got a whole lot going on and I can’t pick single flavors up this whatsoever CC is the same she’s fake the entire [ __ ] ball before he would like to tell us a reviewer she liked it that much but she said the same is just so much going on you can’t actually kind of pick a flavor out mango mango mima get a bit of mango maybe attack I didn’t leave strawberry I know I know I was still real being exotic topic but maybe a touch of melon there as well maybe a meany mounted its kind of if there’s just so many fruits that are popping up up inhale exhale on the way to it it’s just so much going on yeah maybe a touch of melon mango but it’s so hard to pin down because there is so much going on so what’s going on it is it’s very nice eliquid not one I could personally vape all day there is a very complex anyway that’s kind of my brain can I can’t cope without kind of likes simple vapes for debate but the fact that see Cesar leaves the entire bottle before I could review it kind of says it all most you could still Lil piggie CCS and found a vapor and type all I like it’s got to be pretty good add one last fight might be able to squeeze one last paypal this time maybe a touch of orange I don’t know the idlest honestly there is so much going on is just like deep and fruit juice like a whole like a it’s more like you know you get these tropical fruit juices their kind of law orangi flavor than anything else this is this this is kind of its just wow that’s just I don’t know how to explain it there’s just so many favorites just bumbling about in your mouth is closed i could says it’s like vaping tropical fruit juice but with less orange that makes sense of you guys or try yet it’s quite a complex juice that I can’t I can’t really know anything down one hundred percent it’s really good though it is really good right this is Thor juice from the vapor room online doctor no you came these are four pounds for ten mil i’m going to buy 10 mils but if you buy three flavor you can get three excuse me three bottles for 999 okay they go in six milligrams 12 milligrams and 18 milligrams 70 pg-13 VG I’m completely made in the UK US and UK ingredients you know is the full works that you know these guys are make some seriously good juice some seriously good juice and so there we go exotic tropic it’s like drinking tropical fruit juice but we’ve left less orange and there’s some extra stuff and now as well that’s just it is kind of like boom in your mouth film and it is yeah it there’s a lot going on but it is really nice that all the flavors go worrying really well together really well there’s nothing that you think oh that shouldn’t be and that did not mean yeah so we’ll wrap that up there i will put the link in the description to the vapor room online dot curl UK and to the exotic tropic just i will also put the link in description to the AAA easy for a while floating about most the time and to all my other stuff as well Facebook Google Twitter Instagram my blog go to a mosey go and have a nosey peeps all right we’ll wrap that up there cover up eight minutes which is my limit or not limit but run around about for the juice for rule so yes peeps enjoy a weekend bye bye for now


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