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Twisp Edge X Vape Review

Twisp Edge X Vape Review

Hello, hello, hello fellow YouTubers today I am going to talk to you about the Twisp Edge X. This is the 11th generation of the Twisp devices and it features a variable power output system. You can adjust this output system here so you can determine the amount of vape you want.

So this device is available in black, it’s available in white. It is also features a host of upgraded including an integrated atomizer and the Twisp smart button. This right here is the Twisp smart button, if you press it once it shows you the charge level of the battery.

These are huge improvements that were put on the 11th generation of this device, the previous generations did not have a battery level indicator, this also shows you if there are any errors or faults on the actual device, as it will flash different combinations to indicate the nature of the problem.

So the device, it contains an Edge X mouth piece, Edge X atomizer tank where you fill the liquid, two atomizer heads that come in the box for you start vaping and it comes with a much bigger battery than the previous version.

This is a 650mh battery. It also comes with a AC/USB adaptor. So you can charge quickly, the device itself does charge quickly and holds charge for the better part of a day depending on how often you vaping.

Sometimes I get two or three days of the one battery charge. If you are looking for something, to generate huge amounts of vape than this device is not for you. This device generates a reasonable amount of vape, but you certainly can’t do vape tricks with it and you certainly shouldn’t buy it if you are looking to make vape clouds.

This is primarily for those who are wanting to give up smoking cigarettes, this is a good alternative but one caution, please make sure that you don’t end up smoking this as much as you would have smoked a cigarete or more.

The temptation is great because you can smoke this virtually anywhere, you can smoke it in doors, you can smoke it in closed areas. Some people even chance smoking it in malls and in airports. So there is always the temptation to smoke more than what you would have otherwise smoked if you would have smoked a cigarette.

Overall it is a good device, great build quality, the only down side is its price. The price you pay for this you can get a host of other vaping devices with double the capacity, double the tank size, double the battery, double the atomizing power.

So the one downside is its cost and as a result of that I would rate this a 6 out of 10. A lot more could have been done for this device to improve and increase the vaping capacity to produce much greater density vape that it does produce but overall it is a great looking device, it works well, got a good build quality, you can adjust your power output at the bottom.

So this is the Twisp Edge X and that’s my review of the device. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please like if you did and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you can get notifications of my next video.


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