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Twisted Alien

all right I’m going to show you how I’d wrap my aliens I’m using a swivel I gotta slow down at the other end and I’m getting this set up right now doing a twisted 40 gauge alien get that inserted get that started and then I use a hair barrette and once I get it started I get this in place and it puts my wires parallel and then starts rapping and it’s just pretty I mean it’s just really easy if you guide the wire you’re ahead of the rap just a little bit and what I do is I hold tension you can’t see my other hand if down here and I’m about two inches away from the core and I keep tension on the wire when I stop don’t let go and then I take this and I’ll move this down about an inch and then a couple turns and I watch it just to make sure that it’s rapping like it should this is about how fast I go I might get a little impatient speed it up to suppose but all I’m doing is just watching the wire wrap and I’m watching it stay just just ahead of the wire you don’t want it and completely 90 degrees from the core like you would a Clapton and also too with a Clapton you want to keep it maybe a little less than 90 the other direction towards the drill to ensure it wrap nice and tight right up against each other but with an alien you want to stay just a little ahead of the wrath you want to be a little bit past 90 degrees the other direction and then once I get up close to that barrette I move it down about an inch or so or a little less maybe 3/4 of an inch but this is a three times 49 chrome 80 twisted alien the cores is three twenty-eight Kanthal and I’ll put this on a two point four millimeter screwdriver now get five wraps out of it and to make this twisted wire to begin with I just pull out three pieces of 40 gauge as far as I can reach which is going to be about four feet maybe five feet and then I twist it up and then I clamped on that on 28 gauge and I clapped in that and counterclockwise because whenever you do an alien as you know you need to reverse the drill and I like my aliens to go over the top so I can watch it wrap I see a lot of people do it the other direction I guess it’s because it’s easier for them to clap and clockwise it’s kind of harder for them to I could do it counterclockwise and I’m getting towards the end of this wire that’s it so that’s how I did hope you liked it thanks


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