Home Product Reviews Ursa Quest Multi Kit by Lost Vape – ENGLISH SUBTITLE

Ursa Quest Multi Kit by Lost Vape – ENGLISH SUBTITLE

Ursa Quest Multi Kit by Lost Vape – ENGLISH SUBTITLE

Ok VaperBaper back again to our youtube Channel vaperstuff Indonesia Still with me Vernando Hose Hula-Hula the home for all vapers channel, Today I just recieve ‘Lost Vape Ursa Quest’ If you know- maybe you not know yet if you curious Quest is one of Lost Vape variant which is- not use DNA Chip or in my experience for introducting Lost Vape product this is like economical section not using DNA chip, or not others brand, and they use their own chip, Ok i’m done I to much speak whatever they named quest, what, sleep, eh why sleep, the important is anything they named and the performance is everything how good it;s performance of Lost Vape Ursa 100 watt, the king of mod pod.

Wow wow wow wow Who are you? hey, who are you abritarily use the king name, oh my God Ok we try, we open huh In the back there’s a content package later I show you in second by the way in the front describe the color, so there you go, the other one is like this so inside must be like this yes yes? oke? yes, yes, Ok let we open it eh why it’s so hard Wow, I don’t know why when I seen the pysical form I feel like Im at somewhere- at, what it is huh? like at the future Wow, usually it’s just plain but here some kind like leather but like- ah we talk more abaout it later we talk about the content packages first right? inside the package you’ve got- what is this? Wow the coil is really big, the coil is really big dude this is UB PRO P1 and this is 0.

15 ohm, must be delicious, should be really good and than there’s manual book,and the additional catridge, this is Ursa Pro Pod tank so what is the pre install? Ursa Pod tank, oh there is Ursa pro Pod Tank and the- here, so you got two catridge, there’ Ursa Pro Pod tank, and the other one Ursa Pod tank, so they- have adapter too on the bottom airhole to stick in to the body and this one is get too, see? eh wrong? eh wrong dude, you still use same adapter but because for diferent coil- if you want to use the stock coil, what coil? UB PRO P1 you must use Ursa Pro Pod tank so there’s must be plugged in like this, and then this thing and this one is for Ursa Pro tank, they must use which one? there is not here? let we see- this we got 510 adapter for make ursa e- Ursa Quest to become mod, the real mod Ok, I hope we got coil for Ursa pro tank, what coil for Ursa pro tank should be? Oh there is it, you got coil for the Ursa Pro Tank so this is 0.

2 coil, UB M4 this is for Ursa Pod tank Ok, there’s no longer anything here, what this is? I think something left inside guys this is batteries adaper, battery adapter if you guys use 18650, but the wattage ability must be decrease so they can’t be that strong, cant be “makberr” so I prefer 21700 here you guys get seals- Ok we put this aside, overall this is what you got bro, so you got two catridge- got two coil, got 510 adapter for make Ursa to become mod, and this is airhole controller ring actually- this is airhole controller for “hook” and this 18650 adapter and type-C USB charger OK, before we talk aout the mod, we used to talk about the catridge first there’s some diferent in size, ursa pro pod is bigger, Ursa pod tank is smaller, because coil diameter is so diferent too in the ohm the diferent is not that far this is 0.

15- where the sign? oh this is 0.2 and this one 0.15, they both mesh coil but the diameter is diferent so the airhole should be diferent we must try both, I install this one first and this one too, before we talk about the mod we fill fill the E-juice first give me the E-juice, Tara, today we use ‘Lakley Bpop’ E-juice which- I don’t know why but if you search on youtube, I suspicious they deliberate to not to introduce or review Lakley Bpop maybe they has problems, or what, Ok I try to investigate, ant find out what problem between ‘Ritonga and big vape youtubers Ok we fill the Ursa pod first, eh we haven’t seen the manual book already, wait a minute, I almost forget the most important thing about the box is the manual book there you go,standard package blablalba, so Ursa pro pod tank capacity is 7ml and the not pro is 6ml there is coils and the kind a stuff and I want to know about the specification, oh we talk about specification when we talk about mod Okwe fill the pro tank, caoacity is 7ml, this is really huge 7ml is like 9 times- oh my God, this e-juice I work out but- hard to open this, really poor to sell but hard to open, endorse not much but hard to open dang it! but the smell is good the smell is good, like there’s something “rujak” yes? Tonga E-juice like there’s “rujak” in it? Not “rujak” what is it? “ketoprak” Oh “ketoprak? Tong! no no no He said the taste like “ketoprak” ya as we know even no youtuber want to review this E-juice that’s it, enough, and this one we still gone use the same E-juice for comparation- so we use the same E-juice so I can tell which one I like, the Ursa Pro or Ursa Pod- with each coil 0.

2 and 0.15 so we must use the same kit whose phone is that? Pone “kill” the man no, the phone Oh the Phone sorry Ok we leave it and now we talk about the Mod, the shape is like starwars stuff there is like- a sharp thing- this is like a spaceships so here the ship there’s a missile the material as far I see it’s alloy, it’s alloy, and the leather is had some plaid I don’t know this is genuine leather or not, I don’t think so, this is some texture like 3D thing like kind of dragon, cool cool cool cool cool coated with stainless steel which- stan- what is this? stainless alloy? what’s is this again? what’s the material huh? approximately the material is alloy, the light stainless stell Ok while we wait let’s read the tehnical specification, the weight is 173 gram without battery quite heavy, even though they use light metal, the alloy but still quite heavy you can use 21700, 20700, and 18650 battery, power range up to 100 watt and curent range up to 35 ampere should powerful enough, so I recommend you to use 21700 to get the real 35 ampere because the ugly battery, the fake one, Is’t give you real ampere and then , Oh zinc alloy, I just find the body material is zinc alloy yes, zinc alloy Ok we turn it on, we put on the battery and see what features in it guys if there some thread- if me is not a big problem because I charge directly in board but some of you- need to replace the battery and it’s take a long time to open, why don’t use slide mechanism, more easy, more good but why they made like this? maybe they chase size efficiency, if like this they can be flat and not take space too much check atomizer, nah this is correct the battery is 99% we find out- Oh this is similar with DNA so the center botton is for select,and this is for direction like DNA, so if you select power, power can ss904, ss316, titanium, nichrome, VPC is like some curve like that and then voltage if you want set up the power based on voltage, there’s ByPass so they can fire depend on battery capacity and there’s power mode, because I’m classic man because in my opinion mod is just like that so I use this this you can switch to mod mode or pod mode, what the diferent? based on wattage is they limit the maximum power? no? still no limitation? still no limit, mod mode too, Oh now we can settings the soft, hard, and normal, this is the pre firing setting pre firing, so if you push the button they give you how much power at the first 1 second Ok after I read this and now I can tell you everithing, I can explain I can explain so if you choose mod mode they gonna be firing like common mod, so they firing like mod If you choose pod mode they will be slightly diferent.

the will decrease, adapt with the coil so, because they know if we use the stock coil, not our own made, so they not give the maximum power, little bit calm and then, oh this is pod mod- and after that mode, there’s memory mode so I save it on first person, see? here, the orange one, this is are memory mode If I choose number one it mean we at memory 1, 2, and 3 so they have 3 memory wow cool there’s soft mode if I choose soft mode, the orange one is soft, an then hard and normal, I’ll choose the normal mode, yes? and settings here is so many thing which you can setting so overall this mod is pretty complete because this is lost vape, who doesn’t know lost vape? they create something is never patchy, cool cool even tough not DNA chip but still-I don’t know the price, how much is the price? the important is even tough the price is not as expensive DNA chip but the feature is similar as DNA, ok this is ready and now I gonna try Ursa Pro Pod tank, oh the other one first maybe? the other first, I install this Ok and then, put on this eh this is stuck, how to install? this is must be tilted like this ok, done, in the body there’s a firing button and on the top there’s a knob for release the atomizer, this one and this one both must be press at the same time so they gonna be off,id you want make this become mod- can’t be? id we can’t only press this? must be force? the shape is really like mod, single 21700 battery mod, Ok Ok now we try with this one, Ok new atomizer new coil, plus there’s no auto detect even in pod mode? Ok in pod mode because the coil is 0.

2 I’ll use 40 watt we use 40, we talk about performance, in my opinion the firing is pretty spontaneus, this coil- the firing is pretty fierce let’s inhale right now very airy, this is wide open and I think this is too airy, and I decrease to half way the sound immeditely- we decrease again- oh this is good enough but I think we used to increase the wattage, right now is 50 watt Ok 50 watt the airhole litttle bit- shall we increase the wattage to 60 watt? Ok dont’t stop before it burnt ok, here honestly it’s started flavorless, little bit to warm flavorless, maybe 50 better 50, Pod mode the cloud is no kidding, right now I switch to Mod mode here, wow from the sound is more powerfull well Wow ‘scary’ my man, ‘scary’ ‘scary’scary, Ok I change first, I give my conclusion latter after I try both- right now I change to Ursa pro Pod tank with 0.

15 coil eh, use this, open the ring Ok this is the bigest, the bigest, I hope the performance is better, the ohm is, 0.2 too? why 0.2 too? should be 0.15 New coil, yes Ok 0.17 it’s already change little bit, 56 sure can, Increase the power agaain, come on 60, Ok and I try change to hard mode so I get the first hit the airhole is really take effect guys even I use 60 watt with airhole like this I got the maximum flavor, because if I- so the wattage must be increase with airhole that big, we try in 75 watt too airy, to big but if you guys like with that big, I just like this big and decrease the wattage so I got the restrict, or try 65? ‘perfecto’ this just right, this is just right Ok, my conclusion, the mod, the mod I like it, from the design I like it because they use 21700 and the feature is good not far with DNA chip I really like, and the firing is really good but it depend on your battery, if you use fake battery, It’s done If we talk about the coil, If I ask to choose, between small and big coil I choose the big one for Ursa pro pod why? because in my opinion it’s more the flavor, the main flavor from the E-juice is I more get it and- the sweetness level is more- not that less sweet like in the small one, in the small one- I don’t know why the sweetness level is not represent the original E-juice sweetness character, so- but the E-juice body is still the same, they both still produce the same flavor, but the sweetness not in my expectation- to the E-juice, the troat hit in my opinion is good from the AiO class the troath hit like this is the standard do I like the catridge? yes I like the Ursa Pro pod tank with 0.

15 because it’s so powerfullthe flavor is good too, Ok- even tough the troat hit just ok not that harsh and the sweetness level is on point, the body is bold, cloud production is good as well and the pro side is the airhole is like RDA feeling even this is more wider than my CSMT RDA the airhole is wider, this is good, this is Ok they give you limitless airhole, you want wide open or small is up to you what ever your set up just ajust with your wattage and airhole you must find your sweetspot, you find- your favorite flavor characteristics here, I like it, overall I like it ok wow time flies the video is too long because this is pretty interesting, pretty interesting pretty interesting because- the feeling is similar with RDA, so that’s all video about Ursa Quest 100 watt by Lost vape, see you on next video Im Vernando Hose Hula-Hula, bye-bye


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