Welcome again to the channel of YouTube, in this occasion, we have again a creamy recipe or type cake but this time, it is rather, a candy it is a candy of… looking for to obtain… entity candy and ice cream the flavor is confused everything, they are flavors to creams, to milk shakes.

.. always looking for the same origins or the same ends all are flavors of that type using the flavors that we have of other recipes in this case, we will use: Strawberries and Cream that we have it here of this concretely, we will use, small shades, now you will understand the because.

.. in other recipes the fruits prevail, in this the vanillas prevail of Strawberries and Cream, tells us that we use 1%, or what is the same 0,1 mili liters because we make 10 mili liters in total 0,1 mili liter is very little of Strawberries and Cream of Sweet Strawberry, not to confuse, those are Strawberry and Cream and these they are Sweet Strawberry of this also requests us 1%, therefore, 0,1 mili liter that is and of strawberries also tells us a 1% that is to say, 0,1 mili liter if someone says.

.. I have a single strawberry… well, then adds 3% of that only strawberry… but… if you prove these three strawberries, they are obtained more you tinge and the strawberry flavor is different it is very different to describe a single strawberry, to mix these three, you obtain a flavor a lot but pleasant.

.. the group of the mixture of these strawberries is a lot more pleasant to the palate that to use an alone one of Candy tells us that we use 3%, to remember that it is Candy ( Original ) this, seems that it doesn’t leave.

.. but yes… of the Original Candy tells us, 3% that is equal to 0,3 mili liter that we have it here to the Original Candy is added the Candy of Milk, to add a different shade on the candy… Still being, a type of candy.

.. as the flavor of both it is different, once blended they leave a very pleasant flavor the Candy of Milk when mixing it with Original Caramel leaves us a flavor, very pleasant brutish it is very rich I am already throwing from behind bottles.

.. new syringe and tells us that of the Candy of Milk, let us use 4% or what is the same 0,4 mili liters for 10 mili liters in total 0,4 mili liters 0,4 mili liters is here, you see it, a 4% 0,4 mili liters to make 10 mili liters in total, if we made more quantity care where I put the syringe and I place the plug again to the bottle closes well and it is placed again.

.. perfect of French Vanilla, tells us that we use a 2% this way 2%, almost you comes out the plug… that is… these needles, as you can see, are thicker than red, which are those that had before ..

. that they are these of here you see like they are these of big… as it is the thickness of the tip and to look like it is this… this it is more finite… I like a lot but the new ones that I have bought to make single 10 mili liters, a lot of difference is not appreciated.

.. but when I prepare quantities of 100 milli liters … when you prepare bottles of 100 ml, takes a long time less with wide needles and it is noticed the difference a lot sincerely they go better… and now for I finish, tells us of Vanilla Custard, 8%, or what is the same thing, 0,8 mili liters I take out the plug.

.. I introduce this way until below the needle… and I have caught air… it is worth, 0,8 are here, you see it… and this bottle already this very wornout one, but I have another new one… I have other but also of 30 mili liters.

.. this… these flavors wear out a lot that flavors have to have in big bottles, for examples, the vanillas, the strawberries, the creams… there are some flavors that wear out in but quantities that the other ones.

.. I usually have in bottles but big, those that but I use and of the other ones I buy alone of 10 mili liters… if needs 3 bottles of 10 mili liters, it is but profitable to buy one of 30 mili liters.

.. choosing some or other, with the time you go acquiring experience to choose that and as buying… Total of flavors of this recipe… 20%, that is to say 2 mili liters that we have added in total minus 5 mili liters, to be at the 50/50.

.. we have to add of propylene glycol 3 mili liters in total… therefore, we add 3 mili liters of propylene glycol 3 mili liters of propylene glycol is here and with this already this the added propylene glycol and we retire the propylene glycol bottle we close and we move our bottle and we add.

.. 5 mili liters but of glycerine glycerine of glycerine 5 mili liters we take out the air… and 5 mili liters this way we place the syringe again in their place and we retire the bottle and with this we already have our carried out recipe to that goes me that is this recipe.

.. knows very rich this is a cream that is very rich… this is always the same thing, they are recipes for sweet-toothed mainly it prevails Vanilla Custard, but with the mixture of the candies and the shades of those.

.. of the strawberries… leaves the very pleasant shades… to remember that alone we have added 1% of each one… Vanilla Custard stuffs us the palate and with the candies we round him and we obtain a very tempting mixture it is a candy taken a bath in Vanilla Custard with shades of strawberries, it is very well.

.. sincerely it is very rich… good… this is everything and we see each other in the following one, see you later.


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